Singaporeans Try: 72 Hour No Calorie Challenge

Oh my god! What the hell?
Wait, you cheat so much? Hi guys! So in collaboration with the new Pepsi black, which has a bolder cola taste with no calories, we’re going to be doing the “No Calorie Challenge”. Hi guys!
Hi! So, what is your current diet like? Fitness side start first.
Fitness side, fitness side! Fitspo!
This one, this one! I’m doing intermittent fasting. I basically eat within 8 hours a day, then I eat whatever I want-
His whatever he wants right, is… BROCCOLI!
Yeah, broccoli. I used to be on intermittent fasting, but I haven’t done it for about a month. Okay, currently right, currently I’m trying this diet, like meal replacement kind of thing.
Wa! So every morning and evening right, I don’t eat breakfast or dinner lo, I just eat… No, I drink the chocolate shake. I’m trying to be on intermittent. So, do you know how calories affect your body? I remember I read it somewhere, calorie is actually the amount of energy you need to burn it off. So, you have a base, that means like even if you’re lying down not doing anything right, you still burn a certain amount of calories. So, in this episode of Singaporeans Try, you will be trying the “No Calorie Challenge” for 72 hours. Oh… No calorie?
Maybe, I will just go with that game plan right there, just lie down. No calorie for 72 hours.
No calorie! So, does anyone know what no calorie food stands for? Air. No la, joking. It’s basically food that actually takes more energy to burn than it’s actual calories. So you can just whack one item la?
You can try that la, for the next 3 days. Your broccoli for the 72 hours.
My strategy for that, yeah. No, but then like how can you cook the broccoli?
Like blanch it? What is blanch? I don’t know what is blanch!
Like cook in water la! Oh, just boil la! Boil
That’s all ah, like cannot put anything inside. Boil, boil.
Blanch. Morning guys, today is Day 1 of the “No Calorie Challenge”, and right now is 5.30 a.m. The other guys are like, “Let’s do this fitspo” and stuff, so they decided to go to Yoda… Er, Yoda? So we’re like done with our fitness class and like, now right, we need to find things that are 0 calorie.
0 calorie. So, the first thing we saw is actually apples.
Apples, alright. We might have to survive on this, for the next 3 days?
3 days! Ok fun fact, I hate vegetables right, but then I really love lady fingers. Lady fingar? Lady finger? Lady’s fingers? Yeah. Yen, are you hungry? Oh my god. I’m quite hungry, I just ate an apple for breakfast, so… Wa, I think I work until not hungry sia, but… See, I told you! She like robot leh, she never eat one. You know, I keep imagining that like, aiyo, I will like, “12 o’clock! I’m going to like, get some solid food.” And then I realised right, oh my goodness, I’m on the challenge. So we are preparing our lunch. We have mushroom, broccoli, konnyaku! I feel like we are in a cooking show eh.
Hi! Hi! If Yen can cook, so can you! Oh yeah!
Carbs! Carbs but calorie free! Let’s eat lunch! Let’s eat lunch! Actually honestly right, I’m damn surprised that we got carbs eh. Hor?
Yeah. Let me try some.
Yeah, we got carbs! Ok, so I was just chatting with Yen, Jess and Adria on the chat right. Because we have a chat together to make sure that we don’t relapse, and we are really like, craving for something sweet. And, actually I bought Pepsi black for me to like, cheat. You know? Because like it’s sweet drinks ma, but it’s no calories. Oh my god! Yes I need something sweet. Wa shit, too excited already. This is 0 calorie! So I’m just done with my workout. Actually it feels pretty much the same, maybe it’s just day 1. But actually I today, I also a bit play cheat la. I didn’t do the usual workout, I kind of like cut it by 20%. I’m out with my friend over here, his name is Joe, and he got me… he is very sweet by the way. He got me… what is this?
Cinnamon rolls… sorry! So I’m just done with bar, and I’m starving, and I’m at Takashimaya finding food. And all these? I cannot eat! So I called myself ‘Hungry Jess’. Actually I should change it to ‘Hangry Jess’. Hi guys, so it’s Day 2 of this “No Calorie Challenge”, and I’m a bit more energized this morning. It’s pretty easy in the morning, like right before lunch, because… I don’t feel hungry in the morning generally, so it’s pretty okay. Day 2, and we’re gonna cook… I’m going to prepare the enoki mushroom salad, so I hope it’s 0 calorie enough. And I’m going to prepare the cauliflower rice. Okay, so I’m very tempted to break this no calorie thing, because this is my favourite sweet eh. Oh no! No! No, no, no! Stay strong. Stay strong! Shoo, no!
Ooh, it’s an aeroplane! Okay, so I’m filming Coffee Break, and who are the talents for coffee break? It’s my dear buddy, Adria over there…
Stop it hor! And she is shamelessly eating sia. This is for work! If you were in her position would you have not eaten this? I will… just smell.
LIAR! Liar, liar, pants on fire! So apparently, it’s counted that I cheated this morning. Because I was in a shoot, and I needed to eat some chicken. In my defence right… I’m going to check out now, how many calories is a quarter of a chicken leg, or whatever. And then I’m going to work this off. So the only reason why I’m even doing this exercise… But in my work wear ah, of all things, is because… So it’s the end of day 2, and I’m very tired after the exercise. To make up for today, I’m not really going to eat much for dinner, also because I’m not very hungry now. There are food that are very low in calorie or like zero calorie, but the thing is right, firstly, you have to go and buy them, so that may be the more tedious part. Like having to go and find them and purchase them and then prepare them. As much as I want to say there was flavour to lunch, there wasn’t enough. Throughout the whole day I was just craving for like, something sweet, you know? So when I was going home, I decided to get myself a Pepsi black. They have no calories, it satisfied my cravings because they have the bold cola taste, which it says over here. You know what, I think I can survive this challenge pretty easy. Ok, so I have to confess something. Guess what? I ate… Like I just got a small bite of this baguette. Which is like basically air la, by the way, I ate this part… So I don’t know if that counts? So it’s day 3 of the challenge. I’m actually feeling quite alright, I work out without feeling hungry, and I’m going to go for a morning run. Welcome to another episode of ‘Yen can cook’. Yes, so we’re just going to do like, soup stuff… Oh my god, we still have tomato, so we can actually cook like some tomato-onion-garlic base stuff with a lot of vegetables. Okay, I just knocked off, and after having a day of low/ no calorie food, you just feel like having something that has bolder taste. I don’t know, for me it’s like I need something that is a little bit fizzy. So, I got myself a bottle of Pepsi black! Yay! And it says ‘no calorie’, so this is really, you know, the savior for the day. I don’t know why I’m here… Because ‘no, but okay’ I will basically just eat eh. How’s the challenge?
Bad. Coming from Yen. I miss my meat, and my tofu, or everything that’s related to protein, yeah. He like breaking down already. Yeah, same leh, like you don’t ask a T-rex to eat grass. Actually for me, I feel like through this challenge right, I can live without meat. Huh! Actually quite sian for me because I really, really hate vegetables la, so… Eh, but I tried my best okay this challenge. Confession time. Who cheated? You cheat?
You cheated? I was going to say I’m damn impressed you never cheat eh! What did you eat?
Ok, ok, ok. Yesterday morning right…
It’s the day that you never come to office. Ok, let me explain!
Oh my god. You shouldn’t even have taken AM off.
You told me that you just slept! To be fair right, the second night, I almost cheated. All of a sudden, at like 10.30 p.m., and then in my head I was like, “You know what? I’m going to screw this! I’m going to go home and eat maggi mee and nobody’s gonna know!” But then I was like, when I go home then I was like, oh cannot la, I really like tahan until this moment right, it’s just one more day. Why you laugh, is it you also do that?
Maggi mee also. Huh? You cheat more?
Are you serious? Huh? Oh my god! Huh? What the hell?
Wait, you cheat so much? Can I say, he didn’t even hesitate to walk straight to the counter and get a meal. Okay, honestly it’s been 3 days since I touched meat eh. Fine, whatever, I’m not going to put this in the video anyway, bye! Okay, so to congratulate for the end of the challenge, except for you James, we’re going to give you some snacks. Yay!
Eh, cheaters cannot get. Do you feel, or see any changes through this challenge? Yes, like my pants are loose, and my t-shirt sleeves are loose. Which I’m quite disturbed, I’m very sad. But actually I feel right, because we were so limited in choice right, so in the end throughout the day right, I don’t really think about what am I going to eat later. I think it helped that I was like, a bit more alert la. I never really like, feel tired in the middle of the day. But the end of day tiredness is real.
Ah, ok, yeah yeah. What was the highlight of the whole challenge? Cooking together! In the office.
Oh yeah, that was fun. That was very, very fun. Like, also we got extended lunch break because of this, but every time in the office right when we were cooking, actually other people were kind of jealous of us. They all crowded around, they were like, “Oh my god that smells so good!” Can I just kope (steal)?
Smells good leh. Wa, eh you all jealous ah?
Yeah, super jealous. Will you continue to incorporate some of these items, or like continue this kind of challenge in your daily life? Actually, I will avoid sauces eh. I mean not to take the whole challenge literally, like continue it. But I realised like, things like sauces, they really have a lot of like, sugar and stuff like that. One of the dishes right, that we cooked for lunch, I will do it at home eh.
Which one? The cauliflower rice.
Yeah, same same. Cauliflower rice with like a slab of steak. Will you all recommend this challenge to other people? I feel like one day is enough to try. Actually all these like fads, it’s like you must see the body can take it first not. It’s not very healthy la, to go straight like, imagine you do this for like 2 weeks. Part 2? 2 weeks?
No! 2 weeks?
Cannot, cannot, cannot already! Okay, I find 2 weeks right, it’s doable if we don’t have to shop for food, that means all the groceries are provided. Huh? Oh, you can call Yen lo. He seems very interested.
Eh you all do another challenge with him.


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