Simple seated exercise workout | Move more with MS

I’m Dom and I’m here to help you get
active. MS Active Together is an initiative put together by the MS
Society to help people with MS get more physical activity into their lives. If
you’re nervous about getting active don’t worry, these exercises have been
designed for you to do in the comfort of your own home. And they target both lower
and upper body exercises for people with MS and mild to moderate symptoms. Now I’m
joined here today by Samia and Cos who both have MS and they’re going to help
me take you through the workout. We’re going to kick off with two exercises
back to back. Sit-to-Stand, which is one for the lower body and Reverse Flyes,
which is one for your upper back. Now you guys to chill out for a second while I
demo the exercises. Sit-to-Stand, we’re just coming up out of the chair
and then we’re going to sit straight back down. And it’s one that works back
of the thighs, front of the thighs and your bum muscles. Then we’re gonna double
up and while we’re resting our legs, we’re gonna use our dumbbells to do
what’s called the Reverse Flyes for your upper back. Where we lean right over. You
can rest your chest on your knees, if you like. And then we’re
bringing our dumbbells out, as if they’re wings. They’re called flies for a reason guys. So, if my team are ready. Hopefully you
are. We’re gonna start off with ten reps of Sit-to-Stand.
Do them at your own pace, don’t rush. Three, two, one and up we go.
Excellent. Nice and down. So if you need to put your hands on your knees, that’s
fine, we’re allowed. But remember guys with all exercise you’re trying to
progress over time and develop your skills in your level. So if you can work
towards doing it with your hands out here and that’s absolutely terrific. But
if you need to put your hands on your knees or your chairs, I’m cool with that.
That’s fine. So we’re nearly there. We’ve got about three more to go. So three, back down. Two
and last one. Up we come and down again. Good work, well Well done people. Okay so we’re moving on to
our Reverse Flyes now. Get your dumbbells in your hand.
Bend over, lean forward and we’ve got ten reps of these, upper back workout. Three,
two, one go for it. That’s one, two. So really pinch your
shoulder blades between each other. Now you should have a weight that you’re
comfortable lifting and that you can get your arms almost parallel to the floor,
okay? If you can’t get them quite so high you should try a lighter weight. But
remember you are trying to progress so find the weight that works for you. We’ve
got one more rep of this. And that’s excellent. Put your dumbbells down. Lovely stuff guys.
Straight back onto our Sit-to-Stands. So three, two, one and up we go and down. Okay
up again and down we go. So this sit to stand is one that really
strengthens to the whole of your lower body. It’s going to help you get out
of your chair. It’s gonna help you transfer from chair to sofa or
wheelchair to sofa, if you use your wheelchair. And it will also help you
with things like walking, standing for long as well. Okay guys you’re doing well. We’ve got three more reps to go. Three, nearly there. Two, all the way down, and last one. Good stuff. Okay that’s your second set of the Sit-to-Stand done. Grab the dumbbells we’ve got our second set of Reverse
Flyes. So over we go and three, two, one. Three down, seven to go. So you should have a little bit of a
bend in your arms not perfectly straight in the arms but the elbows should be
fixed, if possible. Good, seven down, three to go.
Three, two and then last one. Excellent stuff. Dumbbells back down. So we’ve got one
more set of each exercise. Back onto the Sit-to-Stand. Three, two, one and up, down.
Good. Now guys if you find that the Sit-to-Stand on its own is fairly simple for
you, you can always add a bit of weight by holding dumbbells in your hand or
resting them on your shoulders. As long as you support them with your hands
while you’re doing the motion. But for me I’m just happy doing it with my
bodyweight. That’s good, we’ve done six now, four to go. Up you come, back down. So if at any
point you start to get it challenging or your legs are feeling too tired, you
can take a break. Back down. Two and last one. Okay, good stuff. That’s our third set
done. Last one of these. Into position and three, two, one.Three down seven to go.
Remember pinching the shoulder blades as you come up guys. So this one, not only
does it strengthen you upper back but it also helps with your posture. So it keeps
you maintaining a nice upright posture. That is 10 done. So that’s our first a duo
of exercises. Now we’re going to do two exercises back to back. The shoulder
press first of all. So we’re going to use the dumbbells hold them in the hand and
push up into the middle and come back down. Now the shoulder press works both
the shoulder muscles and the triceps. And then we’re going to do back to back with
a bicep curl. So just coming up and that one works your biceps as well. So when
you’re lifting weights guys remember not to overdo it. As I said before pick a
weight that you’re comfortable with but always to try and progress over time. So
let’s have our dumbbells. We’re gonna kick off with 10 reps of
shoulder press. Now before we start this you should understand that
different people have different ranges of motion. Some of you will be able to
come all the way up and back down. Others, you’re only going to get up to about
there which is fine. The aim of the game is just to push up, and it helps you with
lifting things and moving objects above your head. So three, two, one and off we go. So I’m not judging anyone’s technique here. You do what you can. Three down. Lovely staff, Nice and smooth.
Halfway there guys. Another five. Okay keep pushing and three more reps. And then your last one. Push-up, good
stuff. Now, you can keep your dumbbells in your hands because we don’t need to
change. We go straight onto our bicep curls. Get your palms facing forward, rest
your back against the chair and then we’re going to curl up. So on three, two,
one let’s go for it. Up and down. Extend all the way down on the bicep curl. Up.
That’s good. And then all the way down. Straight arms at the bottom. Great stuff
guys. Good work. Three down, seven to go. Okay, keep pushing. That’s your first five, halfway.
Another five to go. Terrific stuff. And last three. Almost
there. And then last rep, all the way up. Welcome to the gun show, guys. Okay we’re
going back on to shoulder press now. So bring your dumbbells up here and push up
above your head and bring them back down. Push up. So once you get to grips
with the basics guys you can really start to progress. Try lifting different
weights, different bits of equipment. Seek out more exercises. There’s plenty of
other videos online at the MS Society so don’t limit yourself to just this one.
That’s good. Now do another three to go. three Two and then one more. Good stuff. Second set of
the shoulder press done. Now back on to your bicep curls. So three, two, one and up.
Now if you guys do these regularly, and when I say regularly, each individual
muscle group should probably be worked about twice a week, you will see
improvements. You should start to see stronger muscles, more developed arms maybe. You know nice guns, toned arms. So these are the kind of benefits that
we’re looking for. There’s three more reps to go here. Almost there guys, keep
pushing. Nearly done and last one up and all the way down. Yeah we’ve got one more
set on each exercise. So shoulder press, round three. Three, two, one and up we go,
back down. That’s great stuff. Okay, three down, seven to go. Last set of
the shoulder press. Halfway guys. Five more. Okay, almost there. Last three. Three.
Count down with me if you feel like you need to . Two. And then one more. Good stuff.
Okay, so last set. The bicep curls Here we go up and then down, up. Great stuff guys.
Okay, so we’re almost finished here. Almost ready to move on to our next
exercise. Five down, five more to go. Right, nearly there. Three more reps. Okay.
Last two, come on, push all the way through guys if you can. Excellent stuff, well
done. Now put your dumbbells down you can rest you answer a little bit. So the next
two exercises we’re doing are an overhead tricep extension, which works the back of
your arms. Now, two ways to do this. You can do it with one dumbbell, if you like,
holding the dumbbell strong in your hands like that.
Lifting above your head and lowering it behind the head and extending above. If
you’re a little bit more confident or even your dumbbells are too light
for you, then you can do both dumbbells at the same time. And dropping them down
behind the head like that, okay. So that’s our triceps covered. Then we’re gonna
work our shoulder muscles with what’s called a lateral raise. So we start with
our arms down beside us and we’re just bringing them up to parallel with the
floor. So that focuses on your shoulder muscles they’re also a little bit on
your traps here. So guys if you ready, grab your dumbbells. I’m gonna do two for
my overhead tricep extension.So bringing them above my head, three, two, one, drop
down and extend. That’s good. So this one it really pays to have a good supportive
chair.Because it does put a bit of your weight onto the back of the chair,
actually. Five down, another five to go. Great stuff guys, really good. And nearly there, two more reps. So
strengthening in the back of your arms helps with general pushing movements.
Whether it’s pushing open doors, pushing your wheelchair. Things like that. Lots of
different things, so really useful exercise. Lateral raise. Three, two, one and
up we go and down. Good. So shoulders are some of the muscles
that get neglecteda bit on a day to day basis because there aren’t many
movements that we do that are like this. So sometimes doing a slightly unorthodox
movement, like this, really, really helps you with your shoulder strength. So just
remember guys as always, go at your own pace, in your own rhythm. Okay guys, you’re
doing really well. And relax there. Okay, back on to your overhead tricep extension. Bring my dumbbells together.
bring it up and then we go. So one, two, three. keep pushing. Doing really well. Five down guys, five to go. Good job. Seven,
last three of these. Nine and then one more, 10. Good. Bring them down. Lateral raises. Round two. Three, two, one and off we go.
Good stuff guys. So if you are stuck with one pair of dumbbells and you’re finding
that they’re a little bit heavy, what you can do is bend your arms a little bit. So
that you bring them up in a slightly shorter range. That’s fine, it will make
it slightly easier for you which is perfect.
Okay, good, three more to go. Three, two and then last one, good stuff. Right guys
we’ve got one more of each so back onto our overhead tricep extension. Bring it
down and extend. That’s number one, good. Two, three down, seven to go know. I know some of
you might be feeling it, that’s great. Take a rest if you need to but if you
can keep going, great, do so. Two more reps. And then last one. Good stuff. Now I know
I’m feeling it a little bit. Last exercise on this round is the lateral
raise. Third set, up we go. Okay guys you’re doing really well. Five, five more please and last three. Nearly there guys, last one. I know it
might burn a little bit. And relax, okay. I put my dumbells down and shake out my
arms. Guys, now we’ve got a couple more exercises but we’re moving down onto the
lower body. So we’re going to do the leg extension first of all. Now we can do one
leg and then the other here. So leg extension is simply extending the leg
out in front like that and it works our thigh muscle or our quad, if you want the
technical term. So these are going to help with other things like getting out
of your chair, walking. So it’s a really good thing to do.
We’ll kick off. We’ll do 10 on the right hand side, 10 on the left and we’ll go
back-to-back so we’ve done three sets on either side. You guys good to go? Cool. Okay,
right leg, three, two, one, extend. Don’t worry guys you’re on the home straight
now, we’re nearly done. That’s good, three down, three to go. Now
you might find giving yourself a little bit of support underneath the thigh
helps. That’s fine. I’m cool with that. Seven done, three to go. Great stuff.
Nearly there. And then one more rep. Lovely. Straight onto our left leg. I’m
taking it under there to give myself a little bit of support. Good. Same things
apply on all of these exercise guys. Go at your own pace. I always say remember
progression. You’re trying to challenge yourself and you’re trying to go
forward and increase but don’t overdo things. Nearly done. Two more on this leg. Good. Last one. Well done. Good job peeps.
Back onto your right leg then. Let’s go. Three, two, one extend. Great. You can put
your hands on your hips, if you like. If you’re feeling confident do a bit like
that. Good stuff. Excellent stuff. Five to go. Now if you are finding this a little
bit easy, what you might think about doing is getting an ankle weight and
strapping that to your ankle. That would make it a bit more challenging.
Good stuff. Switch legs. Left leg. But, you know, equally this on its own is good
enough and can still be quite challenging workout. Five down, five to go. Two more reps. Great, okay one more time.
Right leg. Let’s go for it. Nearly there guys. Ten more on either side and
then we’re gonna move on to our last exercise. Five down, five more on this leg.
Great stuff. Three to go. And then last one for your
right leg. Wow, okay on to the left. Extend. Good three down, seven left. And that’s
halfway. Another five, four. Smiley faces. Count down your last three guys. Two and one for luck. Why not? Okay, good stuff. That’s the leg
extension done. Now we’re moving on to the knee lift. It’s gonna work your hip
flexor muscles, which is great for transferring from places to chair to
other chair or it helps you with your walking as well. So we’re gonna do ten on
either side, three times. You ready team? They’re good, right. So three, two, one,
up we come. Good stuff. Now you might find that you get varying degrees of height
with this. Don’t worry, it’s just about sending some signals down to the muscles
and trying to get a bit of a contraction. If your foot’s coming off the ground,
super okay. Keep pushing. Another three reps on this
side. Nearly there. And then last one. Champions. Okay move on
to your left leg. Let’s go. Up, good. Okay, great stuff. Five down, anoher five
to go. Excellent stuff. That’s three c’mon. Three, two and then one more, good. Now
back onto our right leg. Let’s go. Knee up and two. Really good. Three, four. There’s your first five
done, another five to go. Just keep it up. All the way through, if you can. Three to
go to and then last one. Wow. Okay, back onto your left leg. Let’s do it, up. Yeah,
three down, seven to go. Okay guys that’s halfway on this leg.
Almost there. Keep working. Three more. And then again. Good job, one more on either
side. Let’s do it. Ten on the right, Go. Really good, okay.
Right, we’ve done five on that side, another five to go. All the way through, if you
can. Another three, two and one more. Well done.
Last leg. On to the left. Let’s go, up. Okay, great stufff. Five down, five to go. Okay. Nine and last one, ten. Good stuff. So we’re going to do a bit of a
cool-down now. Just to get a bit of flexibility into those muscles that
we’ve just worked. So let’s get you shifted forward, to the end of your seat.
first of all. And we’re going to stretch the back of the thigh. So one leg
straight. Slide your hands down towards your ankle and reach down to the toes, if
you can. And I’ll hold on to that one. We’re going to hold each pose for around
ten seconds. That’s what we call maintenance stretching. It’s not really
going to increase our flexibility but it will maintain any flexibility that we
had pre-workout. Okay. Come up and then switch back to your
other leg. That’s it, reach down. As I said, if you can touch your toes great, if you
can go beyond your toes you’re better than I am. All right, hold that pose for a
little bit. Good stuff. A few more seconds. Well done. Relax .Okay,
up to your upper body now. So for the back of the shoulders, just bring in one
arm, hook it with your other arm and pull it in, nice and tight. So you feel a bit
of a stretch in the back of the shoulder. That’s good. We’re gonna hold this one
for about ten seconds or so as well. Great stuff guys. And then onto your
other side. Exactly the same thing in the opposite direction. So pull it in close
and hold for 10 seconds or so. Good, nice work. So feel that stretch just on the back of that shoulder. Excellent stuff. Next we’re
going to go for the triceps, back of the arm. So it’s about getting this bit up as
high as you can. If you can reach down between your shoulder blades
super,b if not I just want to see you pushing up there. So let’s go for that. A
bit of help from our other hand. Ten seconds again here. And then we
switch over same thing on the other side. Right hand over and good. Reaching down
between my shoulder blades. Lovely stuff. A few more seconds here and
the last one to stretch out our chest. We’re just gonna really open up our
bodies. So take your arms out wide, sit upright and really open up that chest.
Lovely stuff. Okay guys, that’s just a stretch. You’ve done a great job, really
good effort. I’ll see you again soon.


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