Shoulder Workout (Nothing Beats The Fundamentals)

What’s up Team Unaltered! Co-Founders of
Unaltered Athletics Zach and Oscar Muñoz as well as father-and-son team now today
we’re going to be training shoulders there’s three heads to the shoulders you
have the front or anterior head of the shoulder the side medial or lateral
head of the shoulder, and the back or posterior head of the shoulder. Now make sure that you guys stay tuned throughout the whole workout we’re going to be implementing exercises that target each and every head of the shoulder so
you can fully develop that shoulder muscle. So, what exercises are we going to be doing today dad? first we’re gonna warm up, were going to start with some shoulder rotations. We’re going to do that without weight and perhaps with
very light weight as well. From there we are going to go to the seated press,
I prefer to do the Arnold variation what used to be known as the Anrold Presses. From there were going to the barbell press exercise. We’re moving to the side head
of the shoulder by doing some lateral raises, and finally we will go to the rear
delt, posterior head of the shoulder by doing some face pulls and some
reverse flys. Lets get it. Lets do it! alright guys here we are starting off
for the warmup you always want to make sure that you get proper blood flow
before you start increasing the weights throughout the workout. Here you can see
me and my dad are doing some shoulder rotations; you can do it with or without
weights again just make sure that you get proper blood flow before you start
getting into your first working set. alright guys here we are on our first
exercise, doing shoulder presses otherwise known as the Arnold press
variation. Make sure that when you swing the dumbbells in front of your face that
the dumbbells are about eye level to your head, if you go any lower you begin
to lose tension on that anterior front head of the shoulder that we’re trying
to work. It’s also important to make sure that you’re choosing a weight
that you can properly manage to maintain proper form right it’s all
about form and keeping it nice and controlled so we can hit this exercise as
effectively as possible alright here we are in the next exercise
doing the shoulder barbell press now this is very similar to the dumbbell
press that we just did the only difference is that here the bar is in a
fixed position so we only have to focus on pushing it up we don’t have to focus
on the balance like we did with the dumbbells and here we can really isolate
that shoulder muscle. Make sure that you’re gradually increasing the weight
so that you can really push blood into the muscle and really shock that nervous system all right moving on to the side or
medial head of the shoulders now this is an extremely effective exercise for
targeting that side head of the shoulder muscle. You want to make sure that you have a slight bend in the shoulder; a lot of people make the mistake of keeping the
arm completely straight which minimizes the contraction that you get on that side
head of the shoulders, so slightly bend the elbow, hold that negative slowly on the
way down and make sure that you’re bringing the dumbbells up or at least
shoulder height so that you can get maximum blood flow and contraction all right moving on to face pulls, now
this is a great exercise to target the back head of the shoulder; a lot of
people will neglect the back muscles of the shoulder because you neglect what
you can’t see right? You look in the mirror and you can see the front and side of your shoulders, but you can’t see the back. So make sure that you’re
implementing these exercises to effectively target the posterior head of
the shoulder. I like to use a rope and pull the rope as far apart as possible
as I come back and then slowly bring the rope forward. You want to adjust the
cables so that they are about shoulder height to your body, so that you can effectively
contract those back shoulder muscles. Alright, here we are doing bent over
reverse flyes; now this is another very good exercise to implement to target the
back or posterior head of the shoulder you want to take very light dumbbells we
don’t go heavier than 15 pounds here get a bench sit at the very edge of the
bench lie down on your legs and then pull the dumbbells up towards the
ceiling, you almost want to envision that your pinky fingers are getting pulled up
towards the ceiling, and perform this exercise nice and slow try to get a full
range of motion coming up as high as you can alright guys that’s it for tonight’s
session just killed shoulders. As always, keeping it nice and intense and focusing
on performing those movements nice and controlled. Of course I recommend drinking you’re Unaltered BCAA’s during your training because we utilize both fast and slow digesting BCAA’s per scoop, particularly if you’re
training at night like we just did, it’ll keep you recovered throughout your sleep
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that we have coming out. As always, Live life Unaltered. Unaltered in the house, yes!

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