She struggled as a Beachbody coach but is finding SUCCESS with another company

Hey, everyone! Happy Tuesday!
I am super excited for this live interview tonight. I’m gonna be talking
with Rebecca Guinan, she’s a rock star leader in my new company and I guess
I’m gonna wait a few seconds to see if she pops on. Yes, I do want you to be in
it. Let me see if this works. Hey Aunt Carole. hey is that letting you
join? Bring you on camera and it says it’s still adding good how are you you know it’s but I almost I almost wore
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about the side braid because my hair looked a trip this morning cuz we drove
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I guarantee I did that yesterday I was driving all day yesterday so I feel it I
feel your pain yeah yeah absolutely well welcome everybody I see some people are
popping on good evening I have Rebekah Guinan with me tonight and she’s going to give
us some great info tonight um do you want to do a little introduction of
yourself a little background yeah sure sure so I am a military wife my husband
is serving in the Coast Guard active duty I got into network marketing about
five years ago I got in like many people do I was using a product that I loved
using programs that I you know I got off an infomercial phone in love with them
and you know had a friend who talked me into the whole join my team
I took her a long time to convince eat right because I was very skeptical I was
like well you know I know she’s had some success with it but I know that you know
success is never guarantee and these are all true things but I think my fear
held me back and my skepticism held me back for like six months so I finally I
finally said yes they finally jumped in um I was there for four and a half years
I spent the entire time at the lowest-ranked in that organization
decided you know what I was right this whole time and I’m just not cut out for
network marketing and I was gonna get out altogether and so I did I I decided
to quit I told my coach there my upline coach that hey you know this really
isn’t isn’t where I’m supposed to be anymore so I quit and then you know what
during that timing I was you know kind of researching this opportunity this new
opportunity and it just kind of came together and I said alright I’ll give it
one more shot and so I here and Here I am today
yay super exciting so it’s fun because we kind of have similar backgrounds
you’re both with the same company for um and I know when you were with the
previous company you were doing all the things you were sweet doing you were
being a product you Viking we’re doing all the right things but you were still
stuck at the bottom so we have now you know I think that to come off harshly or
rudely and this time should have turned my phone on Do Not Disturb so you have
to forgive me um so a lot of the activities that I did there were non
income-producing so a lot of busy work a lot of work that was allegedly supposed
to bring in you know repeat customers or customers then turn to you know partners
in the business and so that was kind of the mentality that’s kind of what I was
was thinking might happen can it just never really did for me sorry I’m trying
to adjust my lighting as we’re talking not working okay there we go it’s not
the white all right so a lot of the activities I found myself doing they
were not income-producing and after a while I just I stopped believing that
the opportunity was really what it was when I first joined which was almost
five years ago now so I started to doubt the opportunity there and I just you
know I kind of just hung out at the bottom I was posting you know five times
a day I was proof that the product work I
would invite people like crazy to join my monthly groups which I
ran like a religion I ran them and honestly guys I liked my job I thought
they were awesome groups people had fun we lost weight I felt like I was really
working with a really great group of people um
but the thing is – I’m not a person that’s like oh you can’t be in my group
unless you bought something from me type of person and I just I just ran into
having a lot of people want to be you know participate but maybe their sister
was a coach and so they buy their products to them or they buy it on
Craigslist or Marketplace on Facebook and so order I guys I had people
download those from those programs like some Chinese website and I’ve never you
know they get in great shape and they use it but I never made any money
because there was you know a lot of not income producing activities and then a
lot of other availability for them to get products from other people other
places that were not for me so I struggled I struggled hardcore
there yeah so what’s different now how are you finding success here in this new
company yeah so right away the professionalism so I’ll be honest like I
started looking at this company months before just because out of out of good
due diligence right like I’m never a person to say no to opportunity
I love opportunities that I love the idea that I’m gonna be really good at
something I think we can all agree that there’s a peace in our hearts that we
want to be good at stuff right and mean we don’t haven’t found that mix yeah so
I kind of I never closed myself off to opportunity even now people will say I’m
never gonna say no I don’t want to hear your opportunity unless I’ve heard it
before and then of course I’ll say no thank you but I always want to give that
opportunity a shot so I kind of watched the one piece of information I had on
network marketing was that the timing of a company is crucial so the company that
I was involved in that we were involved in it was 20 years old before they
switched to a network marketing business model in 2007 now in any network
marketing business right um it’s the same phases
phase 1 and I know I’m probably jumping ahead Sara so you have to forgive me
okay and maybe I’ll say this I’ll say this later but the big thing was the
timing of the company that was what caught my attention and then the second
thing about it was the professionalism guys when I wanted to talk about this
opportunity my upline here my business partner she was like let’s get on the
phone let’s be real people let’s have a conversation and so that really struck
like stuck out to me like oh you’re not just gonna instant message me on
Facebook for months and went you know what I mean so she brought me to a call
she presented a very very professional manner and I saw this industry for the
first time that it was an actual business it wasn’t products that people
liked and we’re passionate about and it wasn’t that really humdrum little you
know you don’t be proof that the product works and just share it and that’s as
simple as it is it wasn’t any of that it’s an in-depth professional training
that we get here and knowledge about the industry and business trends and that
sort of things so it was a professionalism in the training and I
think the timing the timing of the company has given me a huge advantage
awesome yes so you were talking about timing
what things other than timing should you be or in a network marketing company
looking just to get into it yeah so there’s several things um and remember
part may be slightly opinion based I’ll be honest with you I think that a really
important thing is that you have a consumable product that requires
reordering every month because what happens if you buy a program or you
subscribe to a membership you pay that one-time thing you as a rep you earn
that commission one time but when you have consumable products it kind of
forces people to get on auto-ship and to kind of so it helps you with that
residual income right that we’re all working so hard to get another thing and
then Lord and more importantly than that is the leadership in that company so the
leadership who are they where do they come from so I’ve had people reach out
to me at for almost every other brain and say hey my company’s so often at my
leadership is amazing and I’m like really
what makes them so great like and I’m asking out it but I want to know if
you’re passionate about it I want to hear your passion so what is it about it
well my leader our leaders were you know a dermatologist or one was a dentist and
there’s they’re super smart and super educated and that’s really great and I’m
sure they’re amazing but what I’m looking for in a leader in this industry
is somebody with industry experience in addition to their education and their
they need experience it’s like you know their husband being military you have
people who graduate college and they go through the officer cadet program or
whatever it is and they’re fresh fresh out of college and they don’t really
know a whole lot and they’re been put in charge of a bunch of men when women who
have years and years of experience and so there’s always this this breakdown
because education and experience had knowledge and experience or two
different things so you need to look at your leadership what experience do they
have in this industry not if they were a great doctor or a great chiropractor or
dentist even do they have industry experience and you know what does that
look like so our CEO and our founder created two separate billion dollar
brands in this industry that is what he does that’s all he does
and so he’s really really good at it and he has a very impressive resume so
leadership tiny products your products can’t be something that can be
downloaded off of a website for free your products should be something that
you can get at Walmart or G and C E or anywhere else and they need to be
disruptive to the industry that you’re in so for us what you know we have a
disruptive products I mean guys we have products that you’re gonna absorb at 80
to 100 percent absorption rate that’s unheard of you don’t get that over the
counter you don’t get that from G and C or something like that so those are the
top three things for me is that you can’t get it anywhere else that you have
to buy it from a person a representative within the organization to the
leadership has to have not just a great impressive education background but they
need to have in the what is that in the trenches like experience their hands
need to be dirty they need to know so that’s what I look for awesome thank
you all right oh yeah you touched on this earlier but can you blame the
different phases that a network marketing company goes through yeah
and I’m so this is like the thing excites me the most because first of all
it’s the only bit of information I had on this subject ever you know people are
like only the people at the top make the money which we both know is incorrect I
mean for instance I signed a girl up named Caitlin Caitlin consistently out
earns me right so I need like I’m can sign somebody up and they can take take
it to new heights and new levels that you haven’t been to yourself so it’s not
really true that the people at the top make all the money but what is kind of
true statistically the people that get in during the first phase which is month
1 through 36 they’re responsible for 70% of all future income so think about that
you’re going to be responsible if you’re your CEO and founders already created
two separate billion dollar brands you may be responsible for 70% of a billion
dollar brand that really that’s that’s something like I’d really think about
that yeah that’s a big time right so phase 2 phase 2 is 36 months in the next
36 months so month 37 for the next 36 months so phase 2 now that’s a good time
to join that’s during the momentum phase that’s when things are really taking off
for that brand at you know you’re gonna start hearing it more frequently and
those people that join during phase 2 is gonna be responsible for 20% so there’s
still money to be had if you’re a billion-dollar brand right 20% is still
not bad but the best time is phase 1 any time after that any time after phase 1
and phase 2 you’re gonna be responsible for up to 10% so again there’s still a
piece of the pie so I’m not saying that you can’t go to any other brand to be
successful but I’m saying if you’re like me and are just not innately good at
network marketing and not a good salesperson or a strong recruiter you
want to plant yourself where you have the greatest odds for success
so those are the three phases in our last company like I said it was found it
was 20 years old before it switched to an MLM in 2000
and I joined in 2013 that was during the momentum face and I didn’t take it
seriously because I didn’t know I thought okay well I’m just doing it for
the discounter I’m just gonna do it as a hobby but the facts are hobbies cost you
money they’re not a business right sorry I didn’t have any real business training
or acumen to tell me girl get your butt in gear like this is that the seize the
moment kind of thing and so yeah timing phase one that’s where y’all want
to be that’s where I want to be I’ll never join a company that’s more than
three years old there’s just no sense you know yeah and I need more of an
advantage the company is in its second year right now so yeah we’re 18 months
old we’re in 12 countries and our first 12
months we did 49 million dollars in sales so if you guys are like watching
us and you haven’t said anything go ahead and look up some other brands or
some other companies of things you might be considering and look up their first
year in business and see how many how much revenue they pulled in so we did 49
million and I’m fairly confident that that’s the highest of any of these known
brands right so and I’m not right and you guys find something that’s tell me I
like like I said I like opportunity I like education I like constructive
criticism I’ll take it but so to my knowledge that’s an industry record so
49 million in 12 months it’s pretty impressive it really is yeah speaking of
profits can you explain about global profit sharing and why it’s a big deal
and why it’s important yeah so you know kind of rewind a little bit if you’re
not in this industry and you go to work I’m like I’ve done for my whole life
like my husband dies like you know most people do you go you trade your hours
for dollars and that’s it you get paid typically one way you may get Commission
their bonus is there something like that for the most part you only get paid one
way so here you have the opportunity to earn it eight ways you have eight ways
to earn one of it is global profit share and it’s at the lowest tier of our
company typically when you’re talking about profit share you have to be at the
top the top levels in other so in this
industry again if you’re not familiar with it
we have structures where you have rings like our promotions if you want to call
it and it’s usually the people at the top that are able to access that so you
know everybody has a chance an opportunity to get 3% global profit
share at our fifth ring which is a really low ring so three percent of a
billion dollar brand it’s gonna look really good that’s gonna be a nice you
know paycheck in the next couple of years so you have a chance to kind of
get that global profit share and kind of get a piece and I say global – because
guys I said we’re in 12 countries and we’re only 18 months old in 40 years we
might be in 20 and five years or might be in 40 I don’t know but to have an
opportunity to get at that it you know slice of the pie if you will it’s pretty
remarkable absolutely um all right I have one more question for you tonight
how has the leadership and the training that we have within our teams that
typically does help to you if how do you think it’s helped you write I
significantly cuz how’d you talk to me ten months ago my whole demeanor has
changed not just professionally but in my real life and everyday it’s gonna be
a confidence because like before I would shy away like legit guys legit everybody
in there brother in the Coast Guard or the military their
wives are involved in some type of network marketing I’m telling you that
right now so I would always shy away I had very
lack of confidence I’d be like well they’re probably not gonna want to be my
friend if they know I’m a coach because I was I don’t know why I just I felt
like it turned people off and it made it difficult but anyway my confidence has
changed because now we have that education that I’m getting from our
business school and I realized that this industry is and I love this industry
like you’re going to learn about breakage and just the cycles of business
and things that you wouldn’t learn otherwise I feel like most trainings
that I got in my previous company where like how to take
good selfie and how to be consistent in time you’re posting know when they’re
gonna like it which is great maybe it’s great less is more in our
what we’re taught here is less is more you don’t want to be blasting people
social media five to six times a day guys it’s annoying people don’t like it
and I know that so-and-so is making a million dollars and she does it but
that’s because she got in years ago built up her following and she can’t
afford to annoy people so at this point they’re following her because she’s
superseded at that point or he is superseded at that point to have that
breakdown so the training that you’re gonna get here is completely different
it’s gonna be how to grow yourself from within you grow the people they grow the
business and that’s our philosophy here it’s not hey recruit more people or hey
sell more products or you know there’s you know what their there isn’t even a
sales quota right like there’s no monthly badge or certificate if you made
so many sales which I like because I’m not a great salesperson but I’m still
able to build my business so we’re not product driven at all if we have some
amazing products I can share with you guys my testimony about my psoriasis or
my weight loss or my low iron I typically have low iron I don’t have
that anymore like so I mean the products are amazing but we’re not product driven
if that makes sense so any show you can you care about you guys back you share
your success with your psoriasis yeah so I have psoriasis behind the backs of my
ears and down through my neck it’s very painful I know like your diet really
affects it stress levels also can make it have a flair for whatnot and
typically I treat it with a steroid cream because that’s all I had it’s all
I knew would take a couple weeks to see improvement I got on our product which
is called renews for inflammation and you think inflammation joints muscles
after you work workout honestly which is why I bought excite great you know
great for muscle recovery I mean it actually like within four days my
psoriasis out the outbreak had gone into remission so in my dad’s do I have to
eat we both its genetic he gave me all the bad skin stuff thanks dad but he
hasn’t really bad on his hands it cracks and bleed and like Dave five it’s almost
completely healed on us so it’s been really crucial for my
psoriasis my dad’s to kind of keep it at bay and just to kind of ward it off a
little bit and the interesting thing is the more consistent I stayed on it if I
had skipped a month it didn’t come right back so I like that too that your body
kind of builds it up in stores the nutrition overtime that you’ll need
because you’re you’re it’s much more bioavailable than anything else on the
market awesome I’m really excited my husband has
psoriasis and so he’s just started on Renu as well and excited to see how it
affects him because he’s got terrible so nothing has been able to help me well
double this dose – anytime that it’s it’s inflamed I double the dose so like
a normal day you just take the regular amount but anytime you’re going through
something double the dose but you know it’s really funny what happens to our
bodies when we give it the right thing and all this time I’m thinking you are
what you eat you are we to eat you are what you eat but what you don’t know
like if the nutrients aren’t small enough it won’t be digested so you’re
not really what you eat you are what you absorb and what you assimilate so you
could take all the curcumin in turmeric which is what’s really good for that
skin inflammation you could take it orally all day long and it’s not gonna
be small enough for your body to break down and ingest it but because of that
liposome technology its bioavailable at 80 to 100 percent and it’s a
game-changer you’re gonna only get it for myself
awesome yeah all the questions I have for you if you’ve had anything else
trying to add I don’t think so I think we covered it all um this is always I
usually in my videos I guys if you’re in this industry already and you feel like
a failure and I just speak to my people here I was thinking about never like if
you feel like a failure that you’ve done all that you can do and you’re just not
cut out for it it’s it might be time to have a
conversation with one of us if you’re a might network to have conversation me if
you’re was there go to her because there are a lot of things that are beyond our
control I you made a post about that today is that
control of an illusion like there’s nothing in our control you
can show up and give it 110 percent but if your company’s 9 years old and it’s
oversaturated there that’s kind of that’s gonna defeat some of your chances
right so if you want to talk about increasing your odds reach out or pros
at that point yourself where your odds are increased in and give yourself the
best chance to succeed here love it thank you so much so much for having me
absolutely alright y’all thanks for joining us thank you

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