Senior Physical Fitness at Home : Hip Abduction Chair Exercise for Hip Strengthening for Seniors

Hi this is Manny Castro, Exercise Physiologist.
In this exercise we’re targeting the muscles on the side of the leg, the hips and what
we want to do is basically almost the same as the previous exercise, is keeping the legs
straight and once again using our chair, holding on tight to our chair, about a foot from the
rear of the chair and keeping our feet narrower than shoulder together, what we’re going
to do is bring our leg out to the side. Remember to keep your good posture all the time. Pause
at the top and a count of 3.
Again out to the side, count of 3, pause at the top and then bring it back. We’ll do
one leg and then the other, 8 to 12 repetitions on each; once again this is 2 to 3 sets, about
2 to 3 minutes break in between sets, 8 to12 repetitions on each leg.


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