Secrets to Running an Effective Sneak Peek with Holly Hillyer

good afternoon guys I am so excited to
be here today and to be talking to you guys about sneak peeks because this is
what has truly transformed my business so I’m gonna give people just a minute
to hop on one of my secrets to running killer sneak peeks is always to drink
energize before them so that might be the most important secret that I could I
tell you all day today so as people hop on I just told you guys a little bit
about myself I started my business about three and a half years ago and my
business really took off last year and I really owe pretty much all of that to
running sneak peeks that converts challengers or cold market never even
done a program into business building coaches so that was my focus last year
and still this year and my sneak peeks I’m gonna tell you guys the exact format
super super simple and then some of the little secrets that I think make a
difference for me in these sneak peeks so I run hey guys good you can hear me
yeah yeah yeah awesome hey Jonathan hey Mary and Carmen
alright so my sneak peeks I run them on Facebook in a private group okay so
nothing like super new and exciting about that I do
three-day live sneak peek groups so my first day is Monday on Monday I come
live in the morning and that live call is focused on Who I am what I do and who
I am looking for so in that call I first just give them my story so my background
from what I was doing before coaching through why I said no three different
times to how I built my business while working a full-time job while moving
while having a baby and pregnancy and what I’m really trying to do in that
section that I think is so important it’s not just my story but I’m already
starting to address the objections that they have right so we hear a lot like we
should take people’s objections and already address them publicly in post so
that’s what you’re doing straight off the bat so for me my big concern I was a
corporate engineer before my big concern was I don’t want to be a salesperson
right I don’t necessarily when I started I was like I don’t need this business
you know I didn’t I didn’t need it so I was like why would I put myself out
there and be this really salesy scammy person when I don’t even need the money
and so that I start talking about how many people their main objection is I
don’t want to be a salesperson so I’m really using that feel felt found the I
totally know how you feel this is how I felt this is what I found without saying
those exact words right I’m telling my story and I’m adding their objections in
there and already addressing them from the start then the second part is what
do I do so this just naturally fits in my story
so I was a challenger before a coach and so I talked about that challenge group
and what that challenge group did for me and so you know everybody say there’s
three parts to a challenge group we’ve got our workouts have got our shakes and
clean eating meal plan and we’ve got the community and in there I once again work
in objections so when I talk about what we do as coaches because I have a lot of
people joining my sneak peeks who have never done a challenge group I like to
work in challenge group objections there as well so I say you know I was the girl
who always went to the gym and didn’t believe at home workouts worked and I
talked about you know how I made that mind shift and am in better shape
now than I ever was I talked about how I was the queen of hundred calorie packs
and Lean Cuisines and a total skeptic on Shakeology and then I talk about how I’ve
shifted right addressing those Shakeology concerns right off the bat
and then I talk about the community and when I started Beachbody I had just
moved to California I was really finding myself in a deep
depression and Beachbody and that community helped to pull me out of that
so I talked about that and I talked about how powerful that community can be
so not only am i selling people on the coaching opportunity but I’m also
talking directly to them about challenge groups so I have a lot of people say
listen I just don’t think I’m ready to coach but this challenge group sounds
amazing and so then at least I’m getting challengers out of it then the third
part of that first video is who I’m looking for
and I think a lot of coaches are missing this part and I was because I was too
afraid to ask I was a girl before last year who was like I just need any coach
I can get right like I need a warm body I need my emeralds to hold my diamonds
like I will take anyone and when I shift in my mindset from I will take anyone to
I only want people on my team who are like me who want to work like me who
have goals like me who are my tribe and I know that whole like tribe thing I
thought that was like so cliche right but as soon as I started talking to
people about who I wanted to work with those people have showed up on my team
so for me in my business and you know last year I had my baby and last
year I was gonna go ahead through the whole mommy newborn stage but I was more
passionate and excited than ever to stay home with my child and I realized what a
gift this business was and so when I tell people this is who I’m
looking for I come straight down saying listen I’m looking for women probably
moms love him say I’m looking for moms who want to grow big
businesses who want to be six-figure earners right beside me I’m looking for
women who want to be top 10 coaches and at the top of this business but I’m also
looking for women who are willing to work for it
so I tell people straight off the bat you have to work for success in this
business but if you are willing to work if you are willing to sit down and do
the trainings that I have created we can get you to that point we can have you
retiring from your corporate job just like I did we can get you to that
six-figure earner and that’s who I’m looking for
and it’s very straight to the point I want people who have big dreams and I
want people who are willing to work for it and that makes a difference too because
my coaches who start on my team now from that very first video know they’re gonna
work this is not a get-rich-quick scheme so that’s important too for their mindset
when they come into this business so Wendy this is all in my sneak peak group
yeah for those of you hopped on later this is my very first video in my sneak
peak group so that’s video one in my sneak peak group it’s Who I am in my
story what I do as a coach and who I’m looking for
that’s live video one on Monday morning now I don’t live a second time on Monday
and that is when I answer commonly asked questions worries fears misconceptions
and so once again I’m coming straight out and saying listen I know we’ve all
had concerns here’s some of the answers to those questions so the very first one
I talked about again and go back into my concerns and I say again I was scared of
being that salesperson I don’t want salespeople on my team so if you don’t
want to be a salesperson join my team and I talked about how we focus on
creating our stories really connecting with women you know so I I talk about
how our team grows leaders without being that
salesperson how I was able to create a brand that I felt comfortable with
without being a salesperson so that’s the first one I address the second one
that I address is my husband’s big concerns and that is is this a pyramid
scheme and so I go into all the research that my husband and I did I talk about
what a pyramid scheme is like legally what is a pyramid scheme
how Beachbody differs and I also talk about other multi-level marketing
companies and I don’t ever name one but I say that you know a big thing for my
husband and I were both engineers were both super number oriented and we were
like we are not going into a business where we financially put our family at
risk that’s silly and some of these other companies that you join ask
you to buy thousands of dollars of product up front and say hey you’re
gonna get your money back when you sell it I say make sure to say let people
know with Beachbody you literally only purchase the product that you’re gonna
use you are never putting your family at any sort of financial risk so again I go
into the whole pyramid scheme in terms of this is what it legally is here’s
kind of next level that we still didn’t feel comfortable with not a pyramid
scheme but just that next level multi-level marketing setup and then
here’s Beachbody some of the other concerns I have them all written down
because I just go through the same ones each week yes and the salesperson me
first pyramid scheme that’s my husband’s concerned not a fitness and nutrition
expert I addressed that one not at my goal weight or maybe pregnant again
because my avatar is normally new mom so I get a lot of pregnant moms so I
addressed that not a social media expert is another one that I address and then I
don’t have time right the time concern so those are the kind of worries fears
misconceptions that I address in that second video I just go through I talk
about them I talk about you know my concerns with them when I started what I
found and how I help my coaches you know deal with some of these things now so I
think that’s another really important just little tidbit is it’s not just
saying no I don’t want you to be a salesperson or
you know you don’t it’s fine give me an hour a day it’s telling them okay so you
don’t have time I’d get it I worked my full-time corporate job I was working 60
80 hour weeks here’s exactly how I did it
here is how I help my team do it I have moms of four as top leaders on this team
and so this is how I help them with our one our power our or our power pockets
so I don’t only you know address the concern from a larger global view but I
address it from how I am going to help them specifically when they join my team
so those are the first two videos on day one okay the second day and third day I
just do one video each so the second day my video is all about the money so we
know people have money questions right so in that video I start with what does
it cost to sign up okay and we go over challenge pack options if they were
already a challenge or how the fee gets waived I go over the military discount
right there military so once I kind of cover what it costs to sign up the
monthly fee the next part I cover is how do we actually make money okay and I
really break this down by Commission team cycle bonuses and then quarterly
bonuses but I do it in that order I make sure that people know when you start
this business the majority of your income is going to come from Commission
and I tell them my month one income I said you know what I found six people to
join me my first month and I made almost $300 all through Commission right so I
think it’s important they know where I start and then they understand very
clearly that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme that once again
they are going to have to put in the work they’re going to have to put in the
time to grow their business but that through commissions I’m gonna make 25%
off anything they sell and then I go into the team cycle bonuses which can be a
little confusing and I tell people that I say you know
what I know that this can be a little confusing and I also go back to talking
about the pyramid scheme so I start it and say alright guys so
when you join my team Here I am right and you’re gonna go on one of my legs
and I just say yes it looks like a pyramid scheme but so did my you know
crazy corporate job where I had a CEO up top and he had teams beneath him it was
exactly the same thing so I addressed it right off the bat because you know what
they’re gonna be thinking is oh that looks like a pyramid so just address
their concerns right away and then move on right so again I’m always trying to
address objections during the sneak peek as I go so I talk about the legs I
talk about our team cycle bonuses and then I talk about the quarterly
bonuses and so I make sure they know ok team cycle bonuses are going to happen
when you have coaches who are actively working the business with you I also say
you know what I know right now you’re thinking I have no idea how I’m going to
find anyone to help me you know with this business who else I don’t know
anyone that’s one it wants to coach but I make sure they know we’ve got
trainings for that I’m going to help you figure that out as you find those
business building coaches you’ll start making team bonus cycles and then I do
go into our quarterly bonuses and talk about that potential that when you have
two a serious business building coaches beneath you right you’ve got your
diamonds on each side you get to that two-star is when you can start making
those team bonus cycles so I talked about 2 star 5 star 10 star 15
star I also let them know my timeline right so I let them know that it took me
a year a little over a year to get to 2 star so you’re not gonna start receiving
these quarterly bonuses right away but we can make it our goal to get you to
that two-star place in one year and I let them know within the next year I was
5 star last quarter 10 star this quarter we’re in 15 star qualification but it
took me three and a half years to get there right so again not a
get-rich-quick scheme but still showing them the potential for additional
earnings in this business on top of Commission on top of their weekly
bonuses or top of their team bonus cycles so
that is that video I also then go into taxes because I get a lot of questions
about taxes how does that work how does healthcare work how does retirement were
again because I was in that corporate engineering world I get a lot of people
who are those corporate professionals so it is a mind shift switch to go in from
like well my company offers me healthcare and my company offers me
retirement so I make sure to address those right I had those same concerns I
was like oh my gosh like I’m giving up a matching 401 K which is silly because
every year my income has doubled that I’ve been in this business every single
year compared to like my two percent corporate raise so I talk about that
right and again guys I know a lot of you’re like okay well that’s great for
you right but how do I talk about this if I’m not making a ton of money so you
don’t I in this have not mentioned income right I talked about how we make
income I’ve talked about potentials potential bonuses as you grow your team
and again when you’re talking about the retirement and maybe you can’t say my
incomes doubled every single year but what you can say is with this business
there’s the potential to double triple your income every single year my current
job I’m getting a 2% raise the fact that I’m able to work and know that the
amount of work I put in is the amount that I’m going to get out versus being
stuck in a corporate job where I can work as hard as I want I’m still not
going to get a break you know bigger than 2 to 5 percent so again you don’t
have to say I am doing this you can say I have the potential to do this this is
what I’m working for and that is inspiring to people so that is day 2 is
money day 3 is I go into and talk about our training so what can you expect when
you join our team what trainings are you gonna get what
happens after you sign up right because people are scared they’re like what do I
you know like I’m gonna sign up I’m gonna start this business and then what
like I don’t know how to start a business and so I make sure to really
really address this so I talk about first off I say you’re gonna get an
incredible email from Beachbody right watch the videos go through start
looking at you know your thirty and thirty but also know you’re gonna get a
separate email for me and this is where I really make sure they know that my
team is different that there’s a reason they want to join me over other coaches
and you can all do this so when I have a new coach join I send them a welcome
email there’s a quick little five-minute video in there welcoming them to the
team talking about the goals that I have set for them to start because again from
video one I’ve said I want business builders I want women who want to be
six-figure earners and so my welcome video reflects that I’m like super
excited to get started with you guys you know this is how we’re going to start
your business on that path to earning six figures on that path to making you a
top coach so we talk about that we got the video in there you get access to our
team page which I’m sure you guys all have team pages or your upline has a
team page talk about all the incredible resources in there talk about how there
is always someone there to answer your questions right you want to make
sure people don’t feel alone that they know they’re joining a team I talk about
our new coach training that I’m gonna get them set up with so you guys can
create your own new coach training use the trainings on the Team Beachbody
websites guys there are trainings in your coach online office you can use
those right they are there they were created by top coaches you don’t need to
recreate the wheel for any of this or use your up lines if you have an upline
who’s running them right utilize your upline don’t be afraid to do that we’re
all one team I also talked to them about how we have team calls how we have
little chat pods my availability to them so once again really making them feel
comfortable that you’re gonna join our team and we’re gonna tell you exactly
what to do and that’s what that first Beachbody email does right the 30 your first 30 seconds 30 minutes days it lays it out for them so tell
them that right let them know how incredible the resources are that we
have that on day one you’re gonna get an email right away and you’re gonna know
exactly how to start your business and as they have questions you’re going to
be there to support them along the way the other thing I do share is some
income progression so this is a graphic I share this on day two when I am
sharing all about the money and when I first started I just actually
shared my coach’s income so she had an income graphic that was in her sneak
peeks and I shared that and I just talked about this you know this is my
coach I’m following along her same path and you know this is what inspires me
every day to get up for work this business this is what I’m aiming for
this is what’s possible with this company so now I have hers and mine but
you don’t have to include your own if you don’t feel that you’re at that point
yet the other thing I’ll tell you guys though you can talk about things like I
had so many people in there first year of coaching who make a couple hundred
dollars and literally call me crying about the difference that has made
you can tell stories like that you can say like I’ve had a coach who made a
hundred bucks in her first month and was able to pay for her child to go to dance
lessons my coach is able to pay for it kids
a got a horseback lesson so there’s all different things and you know don’t ever
doubt the power of those couple hundred bucks in someone’s life but I do share a
little income progression just to kind of inspire people and show them
what’s possible those oh and then the last day I have a post and it says
you know it’s like a motivational quote after I go live just you know kind of
saying like dream big right don’t let fear stop you from achieving your goals
and then I link a form an application for them to fill out to join our team
you guys can create free forms you can create them using Google Forms or if you do use Google Forms just make sure to turn on
email so it tells you when you have an application but I’m like listen if you
guys are interested in joining our team fill out my
application here and I’ll get back to you so immediately they have something
they can click on and then you’re able to email them back and start that
conversation about alright what are we gonna get you set up with you know
program wise what are your goals are you ready to go you’re able then to
that’s when I create the share-a-cart for them so I’m not sending them links I’m
not just posting a link in my sneak peek and actually using forms for them let’s
see Oh crystal do you do anything different with the mail coaches
interested in joining me or do you only sign women so I’m mostly sign women
and what I will say is that in the beginning of my business I
wasn’t a mom I was just working like my corporate engineering job and I had no
idea who I was talking to and I think that was a huge issue in my business as
well so if you guys haven’t done like an avatar training where you really sit
down and write out who your avatar is and who you’re talking to you should so
for me my team is mostly moms it is I mean there are some women who joined who
were like me who said hey let us start this business that I can then quit when
I become a mom but that’s just that’s just my team and that’s because that’s
where I am and that’s cuz that’s the season in my life I think I have maybe
like two or three male coaches on my team but in my sneak peaks I am talking
about being a mom like the whole time thing I’m talking about like that you
can listen to our training calls while you know have phones on breastfeeding
your baby I mean I literally get that deep in with my avatar that these moms
and women feel like I’m talking directly to them when I was trying to
talk to men and women at the same time I mean like oh if you’re working your job
or you come home to your wife or like it just it didn’t make sense
I need my sneak peaks to sound like I’m talking to one person right so that they
connect with me so I pretty much only sign women just because that is who I
talk to that’s who I connect with and not that’s who’s seen that success
on my team so hopefully that that helped I know it
for me it could seem scary because I was like oh my gosh like I’m leaving people
out but by talking to everyone I was actually talking to no one
truthfully and I wasn’t getting people joining my sneak peeks I was having a
hard time finding challengers and coaches let me see Wendy still emerald
have only been at this since January well that’s amazing but I’ve been
starving for some sneaky training this is awesome so attracting to your sneak
peak okay so for attracting to your sneak peak don’t be afraid to invite
right that is huge and don’t be afraid to talk about coaching so Wendy you’ve
only been coaching since January so you shouldn’t say like I’m still an
emulation like I am a freaking emerald coach I’ve already hit the first rank
advancement in my business I am already helping other women start their own
businesses even if you don’t have business builders just fake it till you
make it right you have a team beneath you you are helping people start their
own businesses you are helping other women on their health and fitness
journeys so talk about it and a lot of people will say you know well I’m not
where I want to be so it’s not about talking about where you are it’s talking
about where you’re going so inspire people with your journey so
just like we say that you can inspire people to join you on your health and
fitness journey right even when you’re not at that goal weight right for me that
was the best time was when I was postpartum and on that journey so people
could see it right it’s the same way with coaching you want to inspire people
as you go so you know talking about I just started this business in January
I’ve only been doing in a few months I’m already growing this incredible team and
these are my big goals this is what I get up every day and work for so you
know I took this picture just stands out so clearly to me I was still working a
corporate job I came home from work one day I was sitting outside it was a
beautiful spring day had my laptop on my lap and I took a selfie of myself and I
said this is gonna be my office one day and it was so short sweet simple but it
was like this is what I’m working for and then it was about I got pregnant I
was like I’m coming home to this baby I am NOT
leaving this baby and so it’s all of my big goals and dreams my next big goal
was retiring my husband and so then I started talking about retiring my
husband now my next big goal is like building our dream home and you know
paying off all debt and so I’m continuing to take people on this
journey with me I’m showing them what’s possible I’m never like oh well I
retired from my corporate job my husband retired and now we’re set
no I’m continuing to inspire them with my journey so talk about that so I I
mean I think I talk about coaching pretty much every day I would encourage
you to talk about it at least three times a week and then I just invite to
my sneak peeks at the end of those posts so I will just say you know whatever if
it was like me sitting outside like this is going to be my office one day like this is
what I’d get up early and I hustle for and again I talk about the hustle I talk
about the work even in my post so not just in my sneak peeks but I talk about
it in my post publicly so that when people join my sneak peeks they already
know that like literally my water bottle says
heart and hustle because that is like what I talk about it is like part of my
brand I want people know I work so that when they join me they want to work so
at the end of that I invite them to try my sing peak and I just put a link I
just put the link to the group in there I’m like listen you know if if you’ve
ever thought about leaving a corporate job if you ever wanted more check out my
sneak peak into coaching and I just put the link and I love people to join that
way so that’s it’s worked really well but you’ve got to talk about it
so Wendy I use my I use a business page I use a like page now I switched to
a like page probably about a year and a half ago so I do use my facebook like
page but you could do the exact same thing on your Facebook personal page and
of course Instagram so my Instagram is growing like crazy right now which has
been absolutely amazing but Instragram stories another amazing place to talk
about coaching you should talk about coaching every single day in your
Instagram stories because it’s easy right so I’m gonna hop up here and I’m
like oh my gosh just like presented to some of
like best coaches and the company I love getting to like pour into coaches talk
to them train them help others with their business right and just like short
sweet simple it’s my day it’s what I do as a coach it’s fun it gets people
interested so you could hop off and be like oh my gosh just receive training
you know and talk about trainings because that’s one of people’s fears
right is that what do I do when I join and so being like oh my gosh like I love
this company so much I feel so blessed that you know I get coaches who pour
into me every single day that there’s always trainings there’s always ways to
grow my business there’s always ways to expand and you’re not like inviting to
coaching you’re just sharing but you’re taking those objections in other
people’s heads and getting rid of them so anytime I’m doing coaching stuff when
my son sleeping I do nap time hustle photos I talked about like drinking my
mom is juice and so just really naturally and Instagram stories I’m able
to do kind of not so much invites but that curiosity marketing and already
getting rid of people’s fears and then you can actually do like kind of
full-day sneak peeks and Instagram stories too there’s another way to do you
know sneak peeks but for me the Facebook sneak peeks works really well one
thing I will add on to that actually though is that some people on Instagram
don’t have facebook right so I also have taken all of these videos that I laid
out those four different videos I recorded them and then I uploaded you
can upload to YouTube or Vimeo Vimeo is great because you don’t have like the
YouTube like this is why I quit Beachbody or whatever show up on the
side from YouTube so I have videos that I did pre-record and I have that I can
send to people if they’re like hey I really want know more about coaching but
I don’t have Facebook and so that’s how I’m able to there’s people on Instagram
and on Facebook reach them as well so hopefully
that helped so I do both Instagram and then my facebook like page but if
you guys use in personal pages it’s the same it’s the same thing so don’t
go switch to a like page because because that’s what I’ve done personal
pages are are easier to go right off the bat
any Oh my facebook page is Hollyhillyerfitness Hollyhillyerfitness is my page and then I’m just Holly_hillyer on Instagram I post pretty much the same thing to both platforms except of course my
stories but I do share my Instagram stories over to Facebook as well so I’m
not like doubling up on work anything helps hey Danielle Danielle you’ve been
in my sneak peeks you you know what we do
again drink you’re energize beforehand keep the energy super high be
so excited because you have something insane to offer them like I keep my
energy up throughout the entire thing and I will also say people have said
I’ve tried different things and be like why do you go live why three days so you
want to try some things right but here’s why I do live because every time you go
live people are notified first off okay so people are notified four different
times you have four different chances to reach people I spread it over the three
days because some days mondays are busy for people so I did all four videos on
Monday they might miss all of them but this way I have four different live
chances to catch them on three different days so that’s why I do live videos
versus recording and it’s why I spread it out over three days so Kristen how do
you overcome perfection and analysis paralysis so I am a total perfectionist
that’s the engineer in me I for me though when I write things down like if
I was to come on here and like had everything written down that’s when I
freak out I do best when I just speak from the heart and from what I like
really truly believe in so I’ve been running this exact same sneak peek for
like a year and a half so by now I’m like okay you know I know what I’m
saying but I also tell you that my story and how I change it and what I focus on
like it or how I tell it and when I focus on it changes because some days
you know I’m feeling more like talking about the depression anxiety some days
it’s more about the challenge group some day you know there’s all different like
bits and pieces to that story that I can focus on so it’s not always the same and
it’s not always perfect a lot of times when my son’s screaming I’ve had internet
cut out and the thing is I used that to show that I’m real and to show that
anyone can do this so I also started using the term after I
had my son you guys can see the bags under my eyes like we we just took a
train overnight from Florida to Virginia I maybe slept like two hours and that’s
kind of story my life like my kid does not sleep and so I told one of my things
I call myself like a hot mess mom all the time and you know what people aren’t
scared to join me they are relieved that they don’t have to be perfect a lot of
times that perfection can scare people away so that’s what I try to remind
myself that my imperfections just show other people that they can grow this
business and that’s what I tell them like listen if you are passionate about
this and willing to work we can make it work no matter what’s going on in your
life so again that’s why I like hart and hustles like my thing right I truly believe that’s all that you need something that you start oh that’s
a really really great question okay so I used to start a new sneak-peek group
every single time now I don’t what I do is I just use that same one group and
continue to add people to it I’ll leave the videos up through the
weekend and then before I start it again on Monday I delete all the videos what I
say to you is I didn’t want to annoy people I didn’t want I hate being put in
groups so first time I never put anyone in their right they always have to opt
in but I don’t like being in groups that I’m like get me out of here why do I
keep seeing this stuff so on Fridays I actually I’m a post that said it says
like I’ll be back on Monday and it’s just a little photo that says that and
then the top it just says okay guys thank you so much for checking out my
sneak peek I loved getting to tell you about this business I know we’ve been
busy I’m gonna leave these post up over the weekend and then Monday I’m actually
gonna be starting a new group if you’ve decided this isn’t for you
feel free to leave and I can’t wait to continue our journey together elsewhere
so that way they know hey I’m gonna be coming on again and you can
leave most people don’t leave so I found it really awesome and effective that I’m
able to reach these people week after week I have someone who commented to me and said okay I’m gonna watch your sneak peeks for a month and now I’m
ready so you know we’re busy and sometimes it takes people being able to
catch different bits and pieces of it live I do just do one really big group
so hopefully that helps you guys if you have any other questions let me know I
love talking about this seriously sneak peeks changed my business and talking
about coaching more right so we talked about attraction marketing talking about
coaching you gotta talk about it to get people in your sneak peek groups so
alright guys have an amazing day thank you so much for tuning in bye guys


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