Secret to Telomere Lengthening epigenetics, diet, exercise, supplements-Dave Woynarowsk

I think you’re looking at a combination of
a couple things there. He was highly motivated to follow anti-aging
program of his anti-aging doctor who knows a thing or two about it which is important. This is a long history of taking care of people
and watching… Do I do anything different than anybody else
does? No, I don’t. I do the same things you do, I do the same
things that everybody does. But with your rapport with your best patients,
so to speak, you can achieve a lot more in terms of getting them to listen to what you’re
saying. So he listened to what I did. He was very interested in his own education
as an anti-aging guy. Was it a surprise? Not really, because he was doing everything
right, he was moderate. I think the key thing was moderate, he wasn’t
an ultra-marathoner at 68, he kept it at 10Ks, he wasn’t benching 500 pounds, he probably
kept that at about 250. So he was looking to maintain his health in
all the ways that he could. He ate a moderate and by our standards, somewhat
calorie-restricted diet to keep his body weight ideal and he took the supplements and did
all the other things, he measured his Omega-3 levels summarily. But the other thing he had going for him was
he had long-lived parents and I think that’s the genetic aspect. We can’t overlook it but we also can’t overstate
it. I’m a firm believer in the 80-20 rule, I think
80% of what happens to us age-wise is epigenetics and we can mitigate and change that, 20% is
genetics. This guy had it all, he had good genetics,
good epigenetics, and he listened to his doctor. So it wasn’t a surprise to see that he was
that much younger, I would have said, “You’re probably 55 or so.” But it was extremely gratifying to see that
and that gives us a benchmark. [0:01:44] End of Audio


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