Seavenger Aviator Snorkeling Set: Snorkel, Mask, Fins & Gear Bag

Get ready for your next great vacation with
the Seavenger Snorkeling Set. It has everything you’ll need to hit the water. First, you get a single-window mask with a
shatterproof, tempered glass lens. The single-lens frame gives you better peripheral
vision underwater. The mask is easily adjustable, so you can
share it with family and friends! Swivel buckles and an adjustable strap
allow you to create a custom fit, so the mask will hold more securely
to your face underwater. The dry-top snorkel is ergonomically designed
for an extra comfortable feel. The snorkel holder on the side has a convenient
quick-release tab. You can attach and detach the snorkel without
any hassle. The flexible portion allows it to drop away
from your face when you’re not using it. The flex-tube makes this set a good pick for
a scuba kit as well. The silicone mouthpiece is flexible and soft,
which makes it easier to grip and hold in your mouth without worrying
about jaw fatigue. The one-way purge valve allows water to only
travel one way – out. The dry-top valve restricts the amount of
water that can enter the snorkel. These open-heeled trek fins are great for
snorkeling. The easy-kicking blades work great with all
sorts of different kicking styles. What’s great about these fins
is the adjustable straps, with large thumb-loops,
so donning and doffing are a breeze. You can wear these fins with bare feet because
the foot pocket is so soft and comfortable! This set has everything. The quick-dry mesh bag is great for storage
and keeping all the pieces together. Just grab the bag any time you feel the need
to explore, and you’re all set to go. Thanks for watching. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel,
and like and share this video. Together, we venture.

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