Running for Fat Loss?

– So I often get asked
about running for fat loss. “It is so fucking cold today in Sydney.” Well fucking obviously. “Who wouldn’t bring a fucking coat?” Now first stop by this point. I hope you know that
there are no exercises that actually help us burn fat. We need a deficit and we
should only really see exercise to complement that deficit. You’d be fucking lucky if 10 % of the calories you burn
today are done in the gym or through training. “Oh it’s not a lot.” I know. So that’s why its important that we make nutritional
interventions to create a deficit rather than just expecting
exercise to do it for us. Not to mention that the
large majority of people, when you give them more exercise and they expend more calories, they get hungrier and
they eat more calories. So lets for a second imagine that all of the fat loss comes from what we do with the diet. Now let’s have a more
pragmatic approach towards the exercise selection. Now when looking at running, I only really recommend it for runners. Running is seeing how many consecutive
jumps you can do in a row. Now although it’s not quite as much impact as a fucking box jump, foot note, you’re actually supposed to step down from a box
jump, not jump down. The reason they put the box there was so that you can jump and do plyometric exercise to a certain height and not have to come all the
way back down to the ground. Rather than jumping one
metre and landing one metre, you jump one metre and
you mitigate the impact. Anyway. Running’s pretty high up there on the impact spectrum and its about three times your body weight through your joints on
each consecutive jump. Not to mention that even
if you’re fucking fat, like really heavy, like
carrying a lot of weight, you will still get fitter. Its adaptation. Same way you can have a really bad squat and a really bad dead lift
and still get a lot stronger. Take Paul Olima for an example. (clicks tongue) (laugh) I’m dead. So I’m not saying running’s bad or you know, “Don’t run.” I’m not a fucking life guard, but what I am saying is, why not programme something to someone where we can keep their
feet on the ground? Where when they progress, seek progressive overload and become more adapted
to what we give them, we don’t put them at further
risk of potentially injury or injuring themselves. With my obese clients
I had throughout years of training in the gym, even if I got them to come
see me 20, 25 minutes, do some TRX Squats, some press
ups against a plyometric box and some TRX Rows, I can mitigate all impacts, get a full body work out, and something that’s gonna benefit, off setting osteoporosis, sarcopenia, which is gonna be any
degermation in their bone health or their muscle health as they get older. When it comes to fat loss,
the most important thing is creating an energy deficit, creating a calorie deficit through nutritional interventions, of which there are many
ways to skin a cat. If you don’t know how,
join the fucking academy. When it comes to training,
we need to be more sensible. We need to be pragmatists. And when looking at an exercise
that’s going to benefit the deficits that are already created, there are so many better ways to do it. Without being exposed to so much impact. Not to mention, playing the long game. If I’ve got an obese client, one day they’re not gonna to be obese. They may not even be overweight. They’ll be of a normal composition. When that time comes, do we want them to be
unfamiliar with the gym, weight training equipment, and what to do? “Aye srry mate, I’ve just been running “for the last three years.” Unlikely. Over time as they lose
fat and they progress, they become stronger. Where that point comes when they will no longer need to eat a deficit and they
can live at maintenance and seek progressions
only in their performance. Which is what I want for any obese client. It would be good if they were familiar in their surroundings. Because then you would probably recommend them resistance training. So why shouldn’t we do it before? And that’s not even
coming to mention the fact that they can do that from home. Any obese person just
needs 20 minutes every day, maybe half an hour. A suspension strap to put
over the back of a door. A good attitude and the want and need to create a calorie
deficit for the majority of the days of the week. Let’s not overcomplicated this and even better, let’s not send people that are hugely overweight
for very long runs. Especially when they’re
armed with the belief it’s the only way they can loose fat, because that is just factually incorrect at many fucking levels. Fair point. If they don’t wanna do that, get them to park further from
the fucking shop entrance. Get them to walk up escalators and take the stairs
whenever fucking possible. Fair point. Don’t know why Diren’s always
wearing my fucking t-shirt. (jacket zips)

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