Rowing Workout of the Day: WEIGHT LOSS SUCCESS

– What’s up Dark Horses? I’m Shane Farmer, this is Dark Horse and today, is a weight loss
rowing workout of the day. (upbeat music) Welcome to Dark Horse where
we believe in changing lives through helping you develop
more resilient habits and just generally pursuing your passions so that you become the
person that you want to be. Essentially, the Dark
Horse of your own life and we just happen to
do that through fitness. Today’s workout is a weight loss workout, but really, this workout
was inspired by my dad. And I’m not usually
very honest about where my inspirations come
from or my personal life, but this one really just struck me. My dad is an extremely
important person to me and he’s in his 70s. And almost a year ago, we bought a rower for him and my stepmom
to have in their house. And he works a lot so he finds it hard to make it on the machine
and I’m constantly sending him these videos that we’re doing and he struggles to make
it through a lot of them. Often because I’m thinking
the intensity too high and he’ just not sure how to
deliver that much intensity without feeling exhausted. And it made me think that
perhaps some of these workouts, we needed to give better structure so that you guys can feel confident. And honestly, I want you to
walk out of these workouts feeling like you accomplished
something amazing. So today’s workout is in
honor of my dad, Mark Farmer, amazing human being. And he doesn’t have to lose weight, but I do want him moving as he gets older. And for those of you
that are losing weight, this is the perfect
workout for weight loss because today is going
to be tailored to you to be able to last as long as you need. How does that work? Let’s just get into what
the workout is going to be. It’s going to be one
minute on, one minute off. Two on, two off. Three on, three off. Four on, four off. But the intent is that all of you
that start this workout today finish the 20 minutes with me by listening to your bodies. I’m intentionally going
to keep intensity low and I’m going to peg the
stroke rate at 20 today. So it’s going to be 20
for any working piece. Your objective is to take the intensity as high or as low as you want, but you need to finish
the 20 minutes with me. To do that, I want you to
be ready to pull the plug inside of a work piece at anytime. If that means that you
just make it through one minute on and one
minute off, that’s fine. What I want you to do
for the remainder then, is just row lightly with me. Meaning, just try to match my stroke rate, but don’t push hard. Okay, you’re just going to try
and practice your mechanics for 18 minutes if that’s the case. If you make it through the two minutes, then I want you to move onto the three. If you make it through the
three, then onto the four. But at any point, if
you start feeling like you’re ramping up to the point where you’re gonna need to quit, I want you to pull the
cord on the intensity and just bring the
intensity all the way down so that you can continue to row all the way through the 20 minutes and have a successful
training session today. Weight loss is all about the ability for you to keep your body moving. And none of that is possible if I make it so hard for you that you can only go for 10 minutes. I want you to get a full 20 minutes. And you know what? If you’re feeling like you
have more in the tank today, then I want you to go onto five minutes on and five minutes off. You scale this workout as needed, but everybody, all of you doing this, I need you to hit a minimum
of 20 minutes with me. And that’s where I’m gonna stop the video, but please, continue on if
you have more in the tank and you would like to. Now as you’re prepping for this workout, I also wanted to take this chance to talk about a new partner
that we at Dark Horse have and that I personally
have really bonded with over the past two years, honestly. And I’ve been working really hard behind the scenes with these guys. And that company is asensei rowing. And these guys are amazing. We have been working
hard to try and develop an experience that allows you to love everything about this machine with a much higher touchpoint. And what that means is that I will literally be in your ear, coaching you as you’re
going through a workout. And you’ll be able to follow along with me on every workout. And everything will be on your phone, both tracking programming,
setting your monitor. You won’t have to push any buttons. You will be coached by me. You will be coached by asensei which is a virtual coach. And you are going to get
this amazing experience on the machine. I wanted to take a
chance to highlight this because from here going forward, these workouts are going
to be brought to you by Dark Horse and in this
partnership with asensei because they have this incredible thing that’s gonna be coming in. I want you guys to be a part of it. So if you’ve been looking
for an amazing experience on this rower and you’re just, you’re finding that
these videos are great, but you feel like you need more, that is where asensei is going to come in. We will have workouts for you. I will be coaching you. You’ll have a coach in your ear, whenever you need, helping you learn how to use this machine
in a very hands-on way. So check that link in
the description below to go sign up and be alerted as soon as we come out with our first programs. And you guys can get on
the beta program right now. So go check it out. I really am excited about this. And I just, I wanted to take this chance to talk about it because it’s been a long time in development. So go check out that link below. Let’s talk through how this workout is going to get set up on the monitor. From the main menu, I’m going
to go to select workout. Then new workout. Then intervals. And intervals variable. I’m going to choose time. Set time is already at one minute. I’m will hit the right arrow
one, two, three, four times and hit the plus button once. That gives me one minute
on and minute off. Then the check mark. Then I will hit time again. Then two minutes. That means I’ll press
the plus button once, then the right arrow one,
two, three, four times. The plus button again. And that’s that’s two on, two off. Check mark. Time. Plus button once, that
gives me three minutes. Then the right arrow
one, two, three, four. Plus button again, that’s
three on, three off. Check mark. Time. Plus button once. That’s four on. Right arrow one, two, three, four. That’s four minutes. So here’s the deal. At this point, you’ll hit the check mark and stay on this screen
until you are ready to go. So I would encourage to warm up, take a bunch of strokes,
row for a few minutes. And this screen will not change. Only when you’re ready to
start this workout with me, hit the no more intervals button. And we’re gonna kick this
workout off and going. So as always, I have
ErgData set up on my phone on top of the monitor. I forgot my headphones
today, so I have no music, but you can. So tune into your music. As always, if you like our
Spotify playlist, link it. It’ll be in the description below. And other than that, let’s
have a great workout. All right guys. Get set up for this workout. Make sure that everything is programmed. Music going. ErgData connected. Laptop or whatever with this video playing and let’s just have a great workout. Remember, I want you to survive for all
20 minutes of rowing with me, no stopping. If you have to, just turn
the intensity way down and just dial in with me on stroke rate, but turn that intensity off, all right? Let’s do it ready. And three, two, one. Go. (rowing machine whirring) All right, that’s the first minute down. Guys, today is all about creating a workout of success for you. I want you to come away from this feeling inspired, knowing that you did something amazing
for yourself today and that you are one step closer to building a better habit for yourself, for your life, going where you wanna go,
doing what you wanna do. It all starts with discipline. Be able to set your own habits. That’s what today is about. Again, tune it down whenever you need to. And you can always rejoin
it at any point too. This workout is just all about creating a success point for you. Getting ready to go for our two minutes in three, two, one. Two minutes on. Good. That’s the two minutes down. Now always, still spinning
in these rest periods. Again, if you need to rest, just take the intensity down, don’t stop. There’s no way to fail a rowing stroke. You always just try again next time. So if you’re feeling overwhelmed, if you feel like your heart
rate’s running out of control or if you feel like you’re
breathing too heavy, it’s okay. Just dial it down. Just don’t stop. Just keep moving. That’s the goal here. Keep moving. All right, getting ready to go into our three minute piece here. Settle in with me to 20. Adjust as necessary. Here we go. All right. Three minutes down. One piece left of the four minute if you’re sticking with me. If not, it’s totally cool. Nice, easy spinning
here for three minutes. 15 seconds to go until
our final four minutes. Just zone in with me. Four minutes of steady, continuous work. This is all for you. Two, one, go. And that’s our final piece. We have four minutes of rest left, but I’m gonna ask you to keep rowing. And I’m gonna step off and just give you my final words. You can keep spinning as I’m talking. Whew. So guys, I just wanted to thank you
for joining on this one. It means a lot to me, being able to both speak to things that are important to me like my dad and how important it is that we keep those that we care about around us healthy for the long-term. And honestly, that’s what
so much of this is about. I have an honest love for all of you and I very much love my dad. And I want him to happy and healthy for as long as possible. I don’t want bodies deteriorating. I don’t want us winding up in early graves or in any way incapacitated when we could have done something about it. And to me, that’s what so much of what building Dark Horse has been about, is about empowering you so that you go and follow your passions. Be the underdog of your own life. Be a dark horse. And take that as a torch to carry because somebody has to. And the only person that
can do for you is you. There’s nobody else
that can do it for you. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this workout. It’s a lot of fun. I love workouts like
this where it’s mellow and it’s really focus-oriented and you can just zone
in on what’s happening. That’s exactly what I did and I hope you found that too. And be proud of yourself for what you did. You’ve gotten through
this full 20 minutes. And you’re still going. You’re sitting there,
rowing, listening to me. I applaud you because you’re doing
the right thing for you. And this is about creating a
victory moment for you today, to live on, to leap frog from and to build. So thank you to all of you for tuning in. If you followed along with this and this is your first time and you really, you connected with what I’m saying, that makes you a Dark Horse. You are a part of this community, you may just not know it yet. So if that’s you, hit that
little subscribe button and the bell next to it because it means that you’re becoming a part of the Dark Horse family. And we support each other. And we push each other. And we give each other a reason to strive and pursue our passions. All right, gang. Let’s check in on last week’s results. This is our 30 seconds on, one minute off. Damper it at 175. Stroke rate cap, 18. How did we do? From the memory. List by date. 14 by 30 on, one off. First of all, let’s check stroke rate. Did I hit the stroke cap? 18 was the stroke cap. All 14 sets. Check. Nailed it. Okay. How did we do on the total meters? 144. What was my range? 144 up to 147, all right, good,
three meter difference for all pieces. Let’s go with average split. 1:44, 42, 43. Yeah, you can see I started to
settle in a little bit better as the piece went on. The first few pieces were
a little all over the place and wacky. Average split, 1:43.1. 2,036 total meters inside the piece. Including rest, it was 2,530 meters for today’s workout. 21 total minutes of time. Hope you guys enjoyed
this one, we’ll see ya! So, guys, thank you so much for tuning in. As always, I love ya. And thank you for joining. We’ll see ya on the other side. Hey, guys and thanks for watching. If you enjoyed this and you want more, we’ve partnered with our friend at asensei to guide, monitor, and correct
you through your workouts while I am personally coaching you through your training plan. Now this is unlike anything you have ever experienced before. If that sounds interesting to you and you wanna check it out, click below to start
your Dark Horse journey.


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