Ring Light Review: Why you SHOULDN’T use Diva Ring Lights for Video Lighting!

– When it comes to video lighting, ring lights have been getting
a lot of attention recently but if you’re planning to use
one for shooting your videos, in my most cases, my recommendation is to
avoid them all together. So in this video we’re
gonna take a look at why you shouldn’t use a Diva
ring light for your videos. (upbeat music) Hey, it’s Justin Brown
here from Primal Video where we help you amplify your business and brand with video. If you’re new here make sure
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we mention in this video you can find linked in
the description box below. So let’s just into it. Now ring lights, Diva
lights, circle lights, whatever you wanna call them, they’re a pretty popular type
of light for video creators. Now while they do have some advantages, there are a few downsides that
often don’t get a mention. Whenever I’m asked should I
get a ring light for my videos, typically my answer is almost always no. When it comes to video lighting there are much better options available. So to help you decide if a ring light is really the best option for you videos, we’ll start off by looking at the benefits and yes, there are some. Then we’re look at the downsides to give you the full picture. Now while this is my opinion, some people swear by ring lights
for pretty much everything so let me know in the comments, are you using a ring
light for your videos, what experience have you had, and what are your thoughts on ring lights? Once we’re done with the review I’ll also share my recommendations for best all-round video lighting kits and a link to a tutorial
on how you can use them to get great results every time. So starting off then with
the advantages or the pros of ring lights is that
typically most of them straight out of the box will throw a nice soft flattering light versus a lot of the
cheaper lights on YouTube that aren’t ring lights, they’re not gonna have that
diffusion or throw a soft light. So a harsh light or a hard light is going to give you a lot more shadows, a lot more contrast on your face whereas a ring light or a diffused light is going to give you,
straight out of the box, a much more diffused, softened light which is going to help
hide things like wrinkles or make them look a lot
less prominent in your shot. Now because they do
throw a nice soft light it also means that you can typically sit a lot closer to them which
is why they’re perfect for things like beauty
videos and makeup tutorials because typically you can be sitting a lot closer to the camera to be able to shoot those kinds of videos. But the other things with having
this circular focused light and focusing that light on
the subject of the video, being a nice soft light
it actually softens the background as well so
it’s more of a softer blending between the subject and the background so this can work really well if there’s not a lot
going on in the background or if you’re using just a plan white wall or something like that can
create a pretty cool look. And now for the downsides
of using a ring light in your videos, probably the biggest one is the reflection that it
can create in your eyes. The circular reflection that can look really really distracting and look really really
unnatural and in a lot of cases it’s due to people sitting
so close to the ring light to get that nice flattering light. Now this is something that’s
really personal preference. Some people will love
it and love that look and always try to recreate
that in their videos. Others will absolutely hate
it because it looks unnatural, because it can be distracting and can really take away
from what’s being said or the content of the actual video and this is something that you only get when you’re using ring
lights or Diva lights for your videos, purely based on the shape of the lights themselves. So because the lights
are round and circular with a hole in the middle, then it’s gonna create that
same reflection in your eyes if you’re sitting close
enough to the light. All right, so who are they good for, who are they not good for and
what are my recommendations? Now just remember that
making videos is art. It’s a creative process. There’s no right or wrong with it. It really is personal preference. You might like something
or hate something. It’s all about creating the
videos that you wanna create and that are gonna resonate
with your audience. So if you’re someone that
likes that circular reflection in the eyes and that’s
the look that you’re after then obviously that’s the choice for you is to get a ring light
because no other light is going to give you that same look and that’s really why for most people, when they ask me what
lights they should use I tell them not to get a
ring light or Diva light because of that reflection. I’m not a fan of it. I actually think it
looks really unnatural. I think it’s really distracting and yeah, it annoys me. I don’t think it needs to be there but it is a look that
a lot of people like. So if everybody else that
doesn’t like that look and is after that nice
flattering soft light to still do makeup videos
and makeup tutorials as well, as well as any other kind of video, then there are other lights available that will give you that same
look without the reflection. So an example and the
ones that we currently use and recommend are by a
company called Yongnuo and the light is the YN300 Air. Now these are a pretty
small LED light panel that do throw a nice soft diffused light. You can control the brightness except your resulting video
and the reflection in the eye is going to look a lot more natural. So again, it’s really going to come down to personal preference but in my opinion, I think you’re actually
gonna get better results in more cases with regular LED lights that have diffusion or add diffusion, add a pillow case, add a piece of cloth, add some baking paper or cooking paper to soften your lights down so that you’re able to
get a nice softer light which is a more flattering light but at the end of the
day remember any lights are better than no lights and it really is personal
preference as to what look you like the look of. So there’s two videos
linked on the screen, the first one is linking to our recommended video lighting options and the second one is to
a video lighting tutorial. I’ll see you soon.


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