Reunited & It Shore Feels Good ๐Ÿ’™ Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

♪ Yeah, you can see it in
the way that he walks ♪ ♪ When he walks ♪ ♪ And, yeah, you can hear
it in the way hat he talks ♪ ♪ And he talks ♪ ♪ He’s got the whole world
in the palm of his hands ♪ – BDS is in the building! (girls screaming) – Oh, my God! (crowd cheering) – Yay! – [Snooki] Oh, I love you! – You smell so good! – Brother! – [Deena] You look so amazing! – What the hell, my guy! My guy! (indistinct chatter) – This is the moment
we’ve been waiting for. We’ve been through the court with him. We’ve been through the trial with him. We’ve been through everything with him, and it’s like, now this
day is finally here and we get to put it behind us. It feels great to have Mike back. – Ugh, you look so good. – [Snooki] Group hug! (indistinct chatter) – You look so good. – I know, I lost 35 pounds. (crowd cheering) – You look like you lost 130. (laughing) – So excited and he looks so good. Oh my God, I can’t believe he’s here. – I’m speechless. – [Vinny] It’s just
awesome to see you, man. (Vinny cheering loudly) – I heard y’all was getting a shore house and I was like, without BDS? – This is the first time we’ve
all been together in a year. – Yeah. – It’s actually crazy right now to see Mike standing right in front of us. Like I never thought this
day was ever gonna come. – You look like a muscle man. – Yeah, Mike, you look hot. – Oh, wow, thank you. – You look so amazing. – All right, come here. I want another hug. (group cheering) – [Ronny] We’ve been waiting for you. – Angelina just grabbed my ass. – [Pauly D] We got some things to show ya. We need ya to come to
the kitchen real quick. – [Deena] You have to pick. We have BDS and Situation. – [Pauly D] Oh yeah!
– Damn. – [Deena] Welcome!
(girls cheering) – [Pauly D] What up though? – So we have two little– – We have options. – Displays over here. There’s one right there too. – [Ronny] Yeah, that’s the healthy side. – Oh, what are we gonna do here? (laughing) – [Vinny] Mike, Mike, this is my section. Mike looks amazing. I know what it’s like to diet hardcore for months at a time. You don’t wanna ruin it. Honestly, I think that Team Situation is winning this battle. – [Ronny] You just got out.
– Yeah. – Right now he wants some
of this good-ass food. (laughing) Mike’s gonna pick BDS food. I mean, obviously he don’t want some (beep) kale chips, Vinny. – [Pauly D] You just got out.
– Yes. Yes, yes, yes. – You don’t know where you’re gonna be at. Are you gonna be–
– You just got out? – Or that one? – [Mike] Oh wow, this is
like a sensory overload. These guys pulled out
all the stops right now. They got all the funfettis,
they got suprasad, they got all he cheeses, all the snacks, and the cakes and the cookies. And I’m thinking to myself, oh damn! Like, half of me is telling
me to live my best life. And the other half of me is telling me I need to stay on track. – What do you choose? – I had a unbelievable naked
pizza party last night. – [Pauly D] Wait, lemme say? – With the wife. (laughing) – This is dessert. – But, because this is the squad, I’m just gonna (cheering
drowns out speaker) (group cheering) – We won, we won, we won! BDS is back in the building. Nobody’s trying to eat seaweed snack after eight months in prison. Yeah, buddy! (group applauding)


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