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Hi, I’m Kitty and my research was about how to create and distribute an Android health and fitness app. Why did you decide to research this topic? So that’s one of my interests and I wanted
to combine it with my love for health and fitness as well as my future hopes to start a business.
So it was about combining all of those interests into something I really wanted to pursue and
take on. My app was called ‘Fit for Life’ and it was
based around meal planning, fitness routines and encouraging, basically, a healthy lifestyle.
It was such a wide topic. I had to deal with the health and fitness aspect, the business
aspect, and the computer. So there was a lot to think about and a lot to consider. What were the most interesting findings from your research? Many health and fitness myths in the industry were being perpetuated by professionals. So
there were things that were proven to be scientifically incorrect, but they were still being taught
within that lifestyle and were still being believed, which was not such a good aspect
of it. This was something I really wanted to highlight, so I had a myth busters section
in my app where people could go on and search myths they thought might be true and then
there was actually the science behind it to try to debunk those.
The biggest realisation was the detail and the intricacy of developing that plan and getting through all of the processes everything you need to complete and think about. You know,
I thought it would be easy in that I thought I could just jump in and get this app done
and just launch it. But I had to think about when to launch it, who to launch it to, who
I was aiming it at. Even things like colour scheme were a huge consideration. Through your research, what did you learn about setting up and running a business or enterprise? I learnt about making a plan that was sustainable. So having a plan that you could keeping going on, that you could build on and develop, and to keep improving your business, rather than developing something that stays just where it is. Something that can grow to meet demand,
and also grow to develop and help those parts that need improvement. How could other people benefit from your research? I think mostly other students who are passionate
about starting their own business, about this sort of thing, can benefit from my plan; to
see my mistakes; what I did well, and develop their own plan. And also just local businesses
seeing my research and seeing what people really want. I did a lot of surveys, and I
talked to a lot of people. So they can see what people are really needing and wanting
in the health and fitness space. Where did you find your information for your
research? So one of my primary sources was going to
a local business which was a gym near my house. I attended classes there as well as talking
to one of the coaches there. She was a huge help in developing some of my information
about the fitness lifestyle and fitness routines. It was also great to experience those classes myself and get to know what other people did in terms of their own fitness routines.
So I got in contact with one of my old friends who is now studying computer science. She’s
doing those sorts of things in uni during this year. So it was really helpful to get
that first-hand information. She sent me some text books and I did an interview with her.
From there I just went on and combined that knowledge with internet sources. So I contacted
someone overseas, asked about their business plan, asked about how they started up. They
had a blog about how they started very small, started with a small app, and it’s grown and
developed into what it is now. And they also wrote a website about making apps, so it was
great to interview them and get to know how they started their own business. What advice would you give to students studying Research Project? I’d say listen to your teachers, to their deadlines. Really stay on top of it. Don’t
procrastinate about it. Just use all of the resources that are available to you. Make
sure you back up your information with primary and secondary sources, and just really utilising
everything you have at your dispense. Instead of researching things other people
have already seen and reported about. Do something where you can show your own creativity; what you like yourself and just being yourself about it. How does your Research Project connect with your life after school? I am doing a Bachelor of Medical Radiation Science; I’m specialising in Radiation Therapy,
so it’s sort of tying into the health aspect of it [my Research Project]. I’m studying
in the health field and I’d like to have a clinic of my own one day which incorporates
health and fitness and all those business aspects that I researched about.
It definitely helped me because without it I would never have had the opportunity to
learn about it; never would have had the time or any of the resources to really think about
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