Remote Fitness Training – CoachMePlus Warrior Performance Platform

The United States Air Force has
identified a mission need in promoting health and fitness, optimizing human
performance, and reducing injury risk. 90% of injuries are related
to physical training, 80% of injuries are considered overuse in
nature, and 34% of deployed Airmen had experienced
non-combat injuries. In addition, 10-15% of Air
National Guard members are failing their PT tests; with many more at risk for
failing. This exposes huge financial risk with the high cost to develop and
train an Airmen throughout their career. Introducing WP2: the Warrior
Performance Platform. A peerless solution to help make smarter, safer decisions in
Warrior Fitness. Connect with your warrior anywhere, anytime through our
mobile Fitness application to increase compliance, improve fitness, and change
behavior. Maximize the effectiveness of your fitness trainers with tools to
improve communication, identify outliers, and alert risk. Leverage data integration,
wearable technology, and dynamic reporting tools to increase automation,
improve accountability, and centralize data. Give military leadership
the information they need to evaluate and optimize fitness, performance, and
readiness of their warrior. Warrior Performance Platform. Strength, Readiness,
Performance. Learn more today at

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