Real THRIVE Experiences | “You can’t put a price on your health!”

I was introduced to the Thrive
Experience by my cousin Erika Schubert who I watched on social media for about
17 months. I’ve always been one to work out and take care of myself. I’ve always used supplements and so I didn’t think I needed what she
had. She was training for a half marathon so was I. She beat me by 15 minutes and
so I knew at this point that she had something that I needed. You know, she had
an edge over me. I needed what she had and that’s when I reached out to her and
asked her about what she was doing, what was the this Thrive that she kept
talking about on Facebook and that’s whenever I was introduced to Thrive and
so I went ahead and gave it a shot. Day one, I noticed that I felt amazing.
Instead of running on 32 ounces of coffee and two energy drinks a day
during my 15 hour work days, I wasn’t reaching for that coffee anymore. I
noticed that I just felt amazing at the end of my day I was still able to go
work out without a pre-workout it was like wow this is actually working. Day 3,
I noticed that I kept on going on without coffee. without energy drinks
which was really good. So it was like on day 10 that I noticed this ‘aha’ moment.
That’s when I noticed that my digestion was on point. It was like, wow! I felt like
that fluffiness that I always felt was gone. I still wasn’t drinking my coffee
and my energy drinks. I was still feeling amazing. I know that my friends and
family around me we’re starting to ask me like, what are you doing? You know,
“You’re not killing us without your coffee in the morning!” You cannot put a
price on your health, you know? You can’t. When you feel great and you feel amazing,
no money in the world can buy that. You know? And you know as a health care
professional, you see that every day. Without your health, you have nothing. And so,
you know, right now I’m 44 years old. I feel like I’m 24 years old and I
want to share that with people. I want people to to feel amazing. I want people
to get up and do the things that they deserve and they want to do every single
day. I’m traveling more than I ever have in my life.
I’m just doing the things that I have never been able to do because of this
Thrive Experience and what Le-Vel has done for me and my family
financially also. So it’s just been a blessing all around.

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