Real THRIVE Experiences | “I woke up with so much energy!”

It was something that I really didn’t want
to do. I thought all these products were something
that – they didn’t work or they were just a phase. There was something that people just got excited
for a little bit then they left it. So, even though I didn’t want to do it, I
was struggling waking up in the morning and feeling tired all the time and I was just
struggling in the morning so I was watching the experience of other people I was like,
I need to just try this. So, I did try it. The first day was nothing, I didn’t feel nothing
at all. The second day either. The fourth day I was like, you know what? I just spend my money here. So, I didn’t feeling the fourth day but I
had the products so I said I’m not gonna throw it away, I just took the fifth day and the
fifth day was my day you know I wake up with so much energy. I was like feeling incredible. Just wanted to go outside and do something
and me in the morning,m I was not a morning person so for me to go in the morning and
wanted to do something I was like, oh my God this product is incredible I have to share
this with everybody. So, that’s when Isaid, you know what? Ihave something in my hands that I could not
even just help people in health I could even help people to make some extra money and a
plan B. That’s ehn Istarted 4 years ago and to make it short right now, we’re so blessed
with this company. You know, we opened Mexico. We have people, a lot of people in Puerto
Rico right now picking up and strarting trying the product. So, we’re so great and blessed that we’re
doing so much for people out there. And I tell people all the time, hey we just
do two things here. We just give you a little bit of health and
we just give you some extra money what of those two things you want? And most people tell me, Hey, I want both
of them. That’s what I give to them and I start the
Experience in telling them what they need to do in three simple steps you know, they
wake up in the morning and they take those two capsules with a lot of water. They wait 30 minutes, they take the Mix thn
after that they just put that DFT in their hands and their minds are blown at how they
feel in the morning in just 30 minutes and that’s what’s really important for me, making
people feel good, act good, do good and I’m loving it!


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