Ready To Share Your MUTU System Journey Yet? | Postnatal Fitness

Hey mamas, I’m Lyssa from Team
MUTU. Today I wanted to talk to you about before and after photos. Now when
you start the program you get prompted to take a before picture, we do this
because it’s a really good way of you measuring your own success and
improvement throughout the program. You may have also noticed on our website we
have a results page where we share lots of these before-and-after photos from
other mothers, we do this because it’s a great way for people to see what results
they might get when they do the program, it’s also great inspiration for people
when they’re trying to get going and have a go at the program or even if
they’re just looking at it. So what I’m asking you today is it do you want to
submit your before-and-afters to showcase on our website to help other
women, other mamas and be a bit of an inspiration to them? We would love to
receive them, but not just the photos, a written testimonial or a video
testimonial if you prefer, they would all be amazing. We love to hear how you’re
getting on with the program, so please submit them and just click the link
below and you might be the next person we showcase on the website. Thank you so
much and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more great video content
from team MUTU.

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