Razor Hybrid Fitness – Ben Booker

We wake up every day with a second chance. Ben Booker developed the Razor Hybrid Crossover, that allows anybody to get into the best shape of their lives, in as little as 30 minutes a day. The Razor’s revolutionary ability to rotate 360 degrees and lock into four different positions to achieve unbelievable results, redefining efficiency. The Razor Hybrid Crossover is for anybody. It is for the beginner, to a seasoned athlete. What we’ve done is combine three years of experience, tweaked it, made it into the most efficient program available. We combine in-home workouts to in-the-gym workouts. That’s what the Hybrid Crossover is all about. The Razor is the most universal piece of fitness equipment available today, allowing you to workout in-home, while traveling, or at the gym, putting it into a class of its own. It just gives your body a crazy workout every single day. When I started it, I was nervous, but as I did it a couple of days, I realized I can do this, and I saw results right away. It really started to even lose more body fat. And the intensity of this workout is just awesome. I can definitely tell from like a set from week 1 to week now, how much, you know, how much I’ve grown. It’s the results, I mean, they speak for themselves. Begin your journey to your true potential today. Second chance. What are you doing with yours? The Razor Hybrid Crossover System, by Second Chance lifestyle. Captions by GetTranscribed.com

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