Quickly Eliminate Stubborn Fat (Anyone OVER 40)

If you’re in your
40s, 50s, or 60s and you’re looking to quickly
eliminate stubborn fat, pay close attention, because
there are four hidden dangers that every adult
over 40 years old needs to be aware of before
attempting today’s wildly popular ketogenic diet. Now, if it wasn’t for my
59-year-old wife Karen’s cancer journey that forced her
into premature menopause, we would have never discovered
a simple ketogenic diet hack designed for the
hormonal condition of people over 40 years old that
helped her overcome all four of the dangerous side effects
of ketogenic dieting for people over 40 that I want to share
with you in this video. And it only took her
less than a couple months to completely eliminate
her menopause belly, as she called it. And her story is nothing
short of remarkable. You can learn all about
it by clicking or tapping the link around this video. But first I want to share
these four hidden dangers so that you’re aware of them. And I also want to share
this keto diet hack that’s backed up by the latest
scientific research that will help you overcome these
dangerous side effects. So you can still reap
all the rapid fat loss, anti-inflammatory benefits
of a ketogenic diet without suffering through
the negative side effects and the hormonal decline. So the first one is
called metabolic slowdown. And because you eliminate
entire food groups on a ketogenic diet– you can’t
have any glucose-based carbs. You can’t have any
fructose from fruit. You can’t have
any type of sugar. You can’t have any
type of sheet food. And you have to avoid alcohol. Now, not only is
this unrealistic, it only takes about one week
of cutting out entire food groups like this before
the research actually shows leptin levels will
plummet dramatically. And I refer to a study
over at my website that talks about how they
followed all these dieters that avoided carbs. And after they
were done dieting, their bodies burned up to 700
calories less per day at rest, simply from suppressed
leptin levels that caused metabolic slowdown. In other words, their
metabolism burned less calories as each day went on, because
they didn’t have access to the evidence-based
ketogenic diet hack that you can learn about
by clicking or tapping the link around this video. The second side effect is
suppressed thyroid gland. You see, thyroid is the master
gland of your metabolism. So it regulates your body
weight and actually controls the speed of your metabolism. And when you cut out glucose
from low-carb ketogenic diet– no glucose is allowed. And glucose is actually
a building block of TSH– thyroid-stimulating hormone. So by having access to
our ketogenic diet hack, you actually reset and
increase your body’s T4 to T3 conversion. And of course, this prevents the
metabolic slowdown associated with ketogenic dieting. The third side effect
is very important if you’re over 40 years old,
because muscle is metabolism. And the third side
effect is sarcopenia. So over at my
website, you’re going to see a couple
research studies showing how ketogenic diet can
cause muscle loss in people over 40 years old. Now fortunately,
you can overcome all these negative side
effects, still get all the amazing rapid fat loss,
anti-inflammatory benefits of a ketogenic diet, simply by
using the ketogenic diet hack over at my website. You can learn all about it by
clicking or tapping the link on or around this video. And thanks for taking
time out of your busy day to check this out. And God bless.

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