Quick At Home Workout for Toned Legs

hi I’m Amy Dixon Bowflex Fitness advisor and this is your quick at home workout for toned legs so Stephanie and Ryan are going to be using dumbbells here choose you can do this without weight as well exercise number one is a squat we’ll be doing each exercise for one minute let’s get going guys all right so bring your legs out a little bit wider than hip distance apart when you’re executing this exercise be sure to drop down into the heels when you come on up and drive up through your hips the hinge of the hips is important but a long spine is also important so taking your tailbone towards the back of the room crown of the head towards the front of the room as you come back up think about the depth in this you can absolutely go as deep as you can stand up tall just make sure it’s a pain free range of motion when you drive up I want to see those hips extend at the top wonderful work you guys think about where the knees track as well if you want your needs to be tracking forward toes are forward body weight should be in your heels you guys are making this look easy ten seconds left to go on this bilateral squat you can go as fast or as slow as you need to let’s do one more and come back up great job so now we’re going into a single leg squat take one foot bring it next to the other roll your shoulders back and just start into that squat take the hips back and come back up now this leg should have most of your body weight in it if this gets too difficult you can always go back to that other squat that we just did now as you’re doing this if balance feels great to you feel free to float that leg awesome you can lift it up you can take the toe back down notice I’m going to try it without the dumbbells you can do this body weight based this is all about balance but we are hyper focused on one leg here good job you guys think about that range of motion when we add balance we’re also adding a lot more core engagement so why not get it all right we’re getting tight toned legs why not get the core 25 seconds left and then we’re going to shift right to the other leg and let’s do it now focus your body weight in that other leg and get right after it nice job so however you do this it’s really important that you think about range of motion how low can you sit comfortably what is the flexibility like in your hips again if this is too challenging go right back to that other squat I love what I’m seeing try to keep that body weight in the front leg okay that leg right there beautiful work now we’re halfway through 30 more seconds this is hyper focus you should be feeling this in your legs and your glutes everything’s happening right now great work on that balance there depending on how you feel feel free to float that leg you can also tap it down in between as a little kicks and so we’re on the home stretch guys we’re almost done with this squat sequence you have eight seconds left to go stay with it keep fighting for me you have four seconds how about one more rep hit it big and come back up great job alright next series of exercises it’s a front lunge into a reverse lunge so you step forward decelerate into the foot you can touch in the middle and then come back into that reverse one so work from the front to the back and what’s so interesting about this lunges you’ll notice a lot of the work is in the leg that’s not moving right so get down there push off as strong as you can and when you step into that front foot I don’t want to hear it so you’re really light and how you move from front to back now if that feels easy and you want to go up a notch work on maybe balancing in between so you can lift the leg up you can make this anything you want to make this you guys are doing such a fantastic job and I know you’re doing this so well for me at home as well ten seconds left and we work on the other leg keep going guys think about your breath I know your legs are on fire but this is quick we’re almost done and let’s start the other side here we go plunge down touch in the middle reach the foot back so think about that range of motion how far you can step the foot forward and how far you can step that foot back here is what you need to know you have this exercise and one more you are so close keep going right there how does it feel on this side you guys doin alright you’re making it look good and what’s interesting about viewing things on one side of the bottom the other you might notice that you might be super strong on one side and not on the other that’s okay notice those things pay attention to them and really try to work those imbalances so that you can get stronger on that other side great news guys fifteen seconds left think about your form think about your breath you know when you’re close to finishing an exercise you’re going to perform it better come on keep going mentally you’re in this five seconds take it back and stand up top awesome job so this exercise is called a transverse lunge into curtsy we’re going to start on this leg step back to that back corner inside leg is straight so come back into that transverse lunge with me and then into a curtsy so step back step together come back to that corner step back together and then step down into that curtsy this exercise is wonderful because you’re getting some rotation in the transverse plane so we’re working out rotation it’s not just lateral take that toe back to the diagonal come back together you guys are here for 30 more seconds and then we’ll repeat it on the other leg almost done how you guys feeling with those glutes try to keep that leg that inside leg nice and straight when you step back press off hinging at the hips when you come to that standing position good job all the way down all the way up great work guys stay after it as you move through this lunge down together back to the curtsy and now we’re going to do it on the other side so opposite leg go for it boom together and then back to that curtsy so this angle here they’re coming back towards me now you guys are making this look great get down into that lunge return step back stand up breathing and center the body if it feels like you can work a little bit harder feel free to lift the leg in between so you can come in balance yeah that’s it nice job 30 seconds left to go make sure that you keep the body square so I want that toe forward when you step out into that lateral lunge here is it the hips keep lengthen the spine as you do this almost there you guys come down and up keep working through this just 15 more seconds and you are done all right guys all the way to the finish line do you have one more rep left in you i know you do get after it get as low as you can push up show me that curtsy come back to Center and there you have it amazing work you guys great job at home and that was your quick at-home workout for toned legs hey everybody we hope you like this workout to get weekly videos with workouts fitness tips and more subscribe to our channels 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