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so my thanks for joining a little bit of
background that I thought will set some context I know we’ve had a chance to
work with you both as a client and most recently adding you to our advisory
effort but you’ve got a really distinguished career 35 years in
leadership both in high-tech and consumer industries also I think from my
perspective someone that really walks their talk I’ve had a chance to work
with Brian over the course of many years and he’s someone that says what he does
and does what he says and he’s really big on accountability both as an
individual level with himself but also the people he works with he was the
primary sponsor of our engagement with those to build Enterprise change
capability and also comes at this with a multiple sort of lens approach he’s had
other leadership roles prior to joining Bose very much a new
leadership position with EMC Dell around the VPI manufacturing this is a guy that
knows how to do plant startups to do supply chain management to drive lots of
Enterprise change so Brian were excited to have you to jump into the first
question what brought you to the conclusion that your organization should
invest in building change capabilities in the first place?
Hello it was actually a little bit ironic we had over four years ago had to
go through a transformation we actually called it a significant event for the
company we knew we needed to be able to invest in new capabilities that would
make us more relevant and competitive in the market but to make a pivot to those
capabilities and be able to afford those new capabilities we had to make decisions
about letting go of previous capabilities that weren’t serving us as
well anymore so hence the transformation we were very structured in the approach
the executive team was fully committed and we had 10 points of critical
execution I can tell you that if you’ve ever seen a Flying V before if you were
to picture that as ROA there was a complete improvement in the ROA as a
result of what we had to execute the ironic part at the executive level we
were quite happy that we were able to manage that pivot
we did employee engagement survey and realized that we did not do a good job
with managing the people side of change for that transformation we got
significant feedback in that and that’s something we felt we had to do something
critically important for us it was the realization that we have not managed
change well with our employees we were very focused on what we had execute but
getting people to really understand what that was why it was so important as
where we lost employees and so as a result of that myself and the
vice-president of HR co-sponsored with work to determine what would it take to
get an a price change management and another rock star in this business
Laura McGann was our lead project sponsor and she put it cross-functional
team together across the company to vet three partners potential partners to
work with because we knew that if we were going to do this it had to be
enterprise-wide it could it could not just be points where we thought we
needed to apply change management we believed in the longer view that that
this had to be a journey and it had to be a journey to where not just tools and
methods but it become cultural how we did the most important work had to
involve much greater the employee side of change and that was the that was the
genesis of the enterprise change management journey at Bose and the
result of that was figuring out how to package a package for the executive team
to understand how important the investment was going to be. Awesome,
thanks very much I think it’s uh it’s a forward-looking leadership team that can
be successful with a big and also see the opportunities to
address employee engagement through this and so I think that’s a great insight we
continue to hear for more and more organizations that the direct connection
between building effective muscle around change and employee engagement is a
primary driver to get engaged in this work so that’s great to hear

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