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Hello, I’m Asuka111. Today’s video is about the Q&A section~ I asked for submitting the questions previously. There are a lot of questions sent to me. Some questions are similar to another, so I merged them into one. First question, what is art? The definition of art depends on oneself. For me, art is the way we adjust and compose the things to fall into place. In terms of drawing, it’s about setting the visual elements such as line, color, shape, and form to be most harmonious in the picture. It’ll make the art to be more beautiful and attractive. Something like that. What application you use? I use Procreate (iPad), and sometime I use Clip StudioPaint (MacOS). Why do you use the iPad for drawing? Because the iPad gave me the most feeling like drawing on paper. And it’s cheap. When I early start digital art, Wacom Cintiq is my dream tool. Back then, it costed more than a hundred thousand Baht. What inspired you to like drawing? It would be the time that my uncle bought me the set of mathematical books that had the characters from Doraemon. When I was young, I didn’t like to read a book with a lot of texts. I preferred the one with the pictures, especially with cartoon characters. The academic book with cartoon characters attracted me to get the exercise done more than the book without pics. Let’s say, from that point, it makes me like to draw. How many hours do you spend on drawing per day? That’s my secret, Captain. I’m always drawing. Who do you like in Fever (girl group)? Let me tell you that I like 2-3 girls. Cee, Pop, and Baibua. Actually, I like the music genre of this group. It reminds me Polycat vibe (Thai singer). I like the MV productions and their color gradings which look cinematic. If I have a chance, I’ll support them and attend the group event. What will you do when you run out of passion and burnout? This question was asked a lot. The drawing is the skill that has to take time in practicing. It would be such a long time before coming out with a good result.
Don’t rush. The important thing is don’t compare yourself with others. You can see them as a goal like you have the favorite artist and want to be like that. Set it as your goal. Don’t feel slight because you got fewer likes or shares than other people. It will distort your motivation. It probably happens a lot nowadays due to the influence of social networks. People concerned about the numbers of like, share and view. It can be a benchmark, but don’t let it be the top priority. If you feel too tired or dispirited, let’s take a break. Then come back to continue drawing. Sometimes you can see your art in the new perspective including a new way to go. How do you find an inspiration or idea? Inspiration is all around us. Depending on you will see it or not. I have other interests beyond drawing such as technology, photography, and camera. I also can do programming or accounting and management. The things which aren’t related to drawing can be a good inspiration. If we can involve all these things together, they will become an interesting original idea. Live in your normal way and have various interests. The more experience you earn, the more inspiration you get. Who gave you the name “Aus” and what does it mean? It came from the contraction of my pen name “Asuka111” A-su, A-su and then “Aus”. Now, it nearly becomes “Art”. “Asuka” is the name of my favorite character from the famous animation, Evangelion. How do you get enough sleep? It’s about time management. You should work on your most productive time. Reducing the time for unnecessary things such as playing on your phone. Tracking your working hours. Sleeping is really important. No matter what, you should sleep for 6-7 hours per day. The less sleep you get, the less work you can do. When you got too much fatigue, you will fall sick and won’t be able to work. It’s even worse. Not everyone has the same productive time. In my case, I will spend time in the morning and afternoon for the work that requires a lot of thoughts. In the evening, I will handle scheduling or answer customer emails. Which brushes that you use? I mainly use standard brushes in the application. And also the custom brushes that I created. I will put the download link in the description box for anyone who interested. In case you want to support my channel. How to sell the artwork? Briefly, you have to create good artwork and put them into the place that people can see it. Some people may not dare to show their work to the public. Let’s try to present yourself. At least, you need to have some profile on the internet. You can try setting up an exhibition booth at the event. So, the customer can get to know you. Viewing in the customer point, why they want to purchase your artwork? What’s your strength? The other keys are the frequency of artwork posting and the steady quality. So, they won’t forget you. Can I see your old artwork? I’ve terrible drawing skills and don’t know if it can be improved. Everyone’s first drawing probably be the most awful one. We start from zero and get better when the time past by. Nobody is an expert from the beginning. Even if you are so talented, but you never try to improve yourself. You’ll lose to the people who have been trying hard. How to build the connection? My method is setting up the booth in both domestic and abroad conventions. They will have a booth from the company that you can talk with the staff or even the manager if you’re good luck. You can exchange contact to build a connection. If they want to hire someone for their project, they may contact you. Yeah, it’s the one method. What is your favorite coffee? I’d like to have a cappuccino. But, I like cold brew coffee and juiced coffee recently. It’s so refreshing. I have to drink coffee as the rite before starting to work. Or else I won’t be able to work. Is the freelance get paid well? Please give some suggestions. The payment is really good, but it’s not come regularly like a full-time job. It’s like you operate your own company. You have to handle everything by yourself including document works, dealing with customers and accounting. And also the projects. Only drawing is not enough. You probably dream about becoming freelance right after graduating. I gotta tell you that “It’s really risky.” I suggest you do a full-time job for a while to gain experience in other fields. You can do freelance work as a second job. When it can make a living, you can quit a full-time job and become a freelancer. Why do you like Apple? In the past, I didn’t use any Apple products. I used the Windows operation. Windows 95, Windows XP, and Windows Vista. Back then, I spent a lot of time to reinstall the Windows more than drawing. It took half of the day to install Windows. And at some point in the Windows Vista period, I wondered why I had to waste my time on it that much. Should I use MacOS instead? They said it’s really easy to use. I used iMac 2006, the one with a white body in the first place. This one came in English. The best method to practice for a beginner artist? The most popular answer is practicing the basics. There are 3 things that I want you to focus on. Visual measurement, shape, and form. If you have strong fundamentals in these three, you’ll improve faster in the advance step. Working at home or working outside? Depends on the situation. Mostly, I’ll work outside when I go out for my errands. As you know, there is a huge traffic jam in Bangkok. Instead of spending time in the taxi for 2 hours, I’d rather stay in a cafe
and keep working until the rush hour is dissolved. After that it’ll take only 15-20 minutes to get home. If I want to work in the field related to drawing, but my family won’t approve it. How should I convince them? I understand the aspect of your parents. They may not know how drawing can earn money. They worry about you. The easiest way to convince them is proving yourself by earning the money from a drawing job. I advise you to talk to them and patch the things up. Explain that you are born this way, and you have the plan to do these 1, 2, and 3. So, they can understand you better. Something like this. How do you take care of yourself to look young? What skin cares that you use? Can you guess my age? I just do the exercise, eat a proper meal and try to get enough sleep. About skincare… I never use it before. I use only facial foam which sometimes forget to use it. Where did you get your really cool glasses from? You cannot find it in the store because it’s a custom made from “Artyandfern”. It’s the shop that customizes the eyewear. If you want to custom your own, you can contact them via IG. No sponsor. They’re a great shop. I think it’s enough. If I didn’t pick up anyone’s question, please don’t be upset. You can leave your question in the comment box below. I’ll try to answer them as much as I can. That’s all for today. Don’t forget to like and share this content if you like it. Thank you so much for today. Goodbye.


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