Purple Hair Color | Manic Panic or Arctic Fox ?

hi guys it’s Petrina with a follow
up to last week’s bleaching video where I go purple hair color so in case you missed it I’m
gonna bring you up to speed I bleached my hair last week with the anticipation
of going this lovely shade of like a lighter pinky purple.
It’s Manic Panic Mystic Heather and I am so sad to say that it was an epic
fail. Wamp wamp! Yes I made the drastic step of bleaching
my hair and apparently I did not get it light enough for this stuff to take. I
followed the directions I left this stuff on my hair for like 4 hours- all with a
plastic cap on to keep it nice and wet throughout the 4 hours and rinsed off for
nothing. Well, not exactly nothing.There was like a rose gold kind of a tint
going on. I wound up looking like this so I was really disheartened to leave it
on so long and not come out like this. It wasn’t a total wash so to speak because
you know it did look kind of cool with a little bit of a tinge here and there and
the color really moisturized my hair. I’ve got to say this worked like a super
duper hyper blast of conditioner in my hair. My hair was like super soft after
rinsing it out. Since I really wanted to go purple, I didn’t want to give up. I
think if I had done another round of bleaching and got my hair a lighter
level, up to like a level nine, it may have worked. I don’t know. I can’t say for
sure but I was disappointed. I went back to the drawing board, took the time to
read through Amazon reviews and wound up getting Arctic Fox, I don’t know if you
can see it, but it’s called Purple Rain which is super cool cuz I’m a Prince fan.
I bought a big 8 fluid ounce bottle cuz I didn’t know how much I would need to
actually saturate the hair and I wanted to have left over in case it washed out
really quick and I bought a smaller bottle of what they call Girls Night
which is more, you know, the purple hair color I was kind of shooting for- it was a lighter
pinky purple but I knew after having done this that I didn’t want to risk
buying just a bottle and then having a total rose gold non purple experience. I
bought these two. I used primarily this and I mixed some of this in with stirred it
together to make it a little bit lighter, not too much and as you can see (singing)
purple hair and the best part is I did this over a week ago! I’ve washed my hair
I think three times since buying it and you know the fade has been minimal. There
are parts where it has faded a bit you can see right there so I did manage to
have success doing the whole head myself without any help. I didn’t miss any spots it was
really easy to do! The big difference between the two is not only the color
saturation but again I think I may have had better results if I had started with
a lighter level hair but there was a huge difference in smell as well. It
doesn’t smell like your typical chemical hair dye. It has a very light almost
beachy scent to it but when you put on your hair, you can’t smell it whereas the
Arctic Fox had a very noticeable grape scent as soon as you like open the
bottle, you can smell it. It’s really cool. You can even smell it in your hair
after you rinse it out. My husband noticed that I smelled like
grapes. I don’t know how that happens. I’m not going to ask- I’m just going to enjoy
the fruity smell. Another big difference was you know this did not condition my
hair. I did not rinse the hair out and suddenly have like super mega soft hair
but you know what? That’s what conditioners are for so I’m using my normal conditioner
when I wash my hair and that seems to take the ickiness out of the after
effects of bleach. I will put links to both down below. I’m not gonna hate on
Manic Panic too bad because the bleach worked amazing. If you want to see a
review of that just click up on the card up top. I think if you go with like a
darker or less pastel color you might have better results and you’ll have
wicked conditioned hair. The link down below will be an amazon link which is
what I used to order and it runs anywhere from about 10 to 15 dollars for
a four ounce of Manic Panic. I’ll also put a link to the Arctic Fox below. This
runs again in the same price like around ten to fifteen dollars on Amazon for an
8 ounce bottle so I think doing a price comparison you can get more for the buck
for the Arctic Fox They’re both feel-good products in that
they’re not tested on animals. They’re relatively gentle when it comes to
treating your hair and chemicals and all that junk and I will say too I have a
nine-year-old daughter who, seeing me go through this wanting to go a little bit
punk in my hair, she wanted to follow suit. So being the super cool parents that we
are we gave her the green light to go ahead and have like a strip of hair
color she wanted blue so I bought a small bottle of the Arctic Fox in a blue
color, I can’t remember the name. I tore out a large strip of aluminum foil, laid
it up against her scalp and painted a strip of her hair the blue color and
rolled it up, left it on her hair for a little over an hour, unrolled it, rinsed
it with cold water and it took beautifully! So if you pick a vivid,
darker color- even if you do not take the step of bleaching your hair – you will
probably get really good results so it is definitely worth the try. Two thumbs
up from this girl for Arctic Fox. I would show you my whole head of hair but
if I take off this Hoo Rag off it is a hot hot mess. I am still getting used to my
post-chemo hair. It’s curly, it’s crazy but now it’s purple so I’m cool. And
that’s it for this week guys! If you like this video, go ahead and click that
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leave a comment below.Let me know what brand you used, what color and whether or not
you too had an epic fail or a purple- tacular experience and if you’d like to
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always take care and have a great week bye guys


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