Proven Ways To Build Muscle Fast | For Men AND Woman

In this video, you’ll discover proven ways
on how to build muscle fast. Hi Ladies and Gentlemen. I’m Dr. Zyrowski
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community so that way, it can help you excel your health and your life. In this video we have an excellent topic and
that is proven ways to build muscle. You know, if you’re a guy, you want to build muscles
to look strong and look good and if you’re a female you want to build muscles so that
you can tone up your body. Unfortunately, a lot of people are using very ineffective
methods to do so and then they’re getting frustrated because they can’t accomplish this
goal. In this video, I’m going to teach you some proven ways to really help you put on
that muscle and hit those muscle goals you’re trying to reach. First on our list here, what
I want to talk about is calories. Okay, so a lot of people who are trying to build muscle,
they’re not getting the proper amount of calorie intake
because unfortunately, a lot of people, they’re trying to lose weight and build muscle at
the same time. It is very hard to do. You can’t come in at a calorie deficit and expect
to be able to gain muscle mass. Now of course, you’re going to be able to lose weight and
lose fat if you’re coming in at a calorie deficit but you’re not going to be able to
gain. So we want to come in at a calorie surplus. If we’re someone who’s really trying to put
on that muscle mass. So, calorie surplus is very important. Be sure that you’re taking
your macros and tracking them and typically about a 300 to 500 calorie surplus per day.
Especially on the days that you’re going and weightlifting is going to be the best method.
Now, on the days that you’re not lifting and you’re not training, you can actually come
in at a small calorie deficit in order to help you, you know, stay lean during that
time. But the days that you’re actually lifting, you’re going to want to come in at that calorie
surplus. Next is essential amino acids. So, essential amino acids are very research-proven
to help you build that muscle. Now whether you’re someone who’s just looking to maintain
muscle or build muscle or whatever the case may be, essential amino acids are very very
effective. Very much research-based. So what I do is I take a scoop of essential amino
acids prior to lifting and it helps get those amino acids free-floating in my body so that
way they’re available for rapid uptake when I’m lifting. So essential amino acids are
a really great way to go. You can also take them after your lift as well. I mean, sometimes,
I’ll take a half a scoop prior, half a scoop after, you can switch it up however you like.
And what I’ll do is I’ll put a link in the description below to one of the most research-based
essential amino acids out there that is really effective. Next on our list is cardio. You
know, how much cardio do I do? Do I do it at all? This is something that’s always, you
know, a question for people. Now, one of the things about cardio is that if you’re trying
to build muscle mass, unfortunately, doing a lot of cardiovascular exercise essentially
goes and stunts your muscle building growth there. So you know, for me, someone who typically
will go run eight to twelve miles, do a lot of long-distance running, though I love doing
that, if I’m really serious about putting on more muscle mass, I just can’t unfortunately.
And so when you are trying to build muscle and put on that muscle mass, you’ve got to
cut back drastically on the cardio and really just focus in on the heavy lifting. And so
for the time being, if that’s your main goal is to just put on muscle, cut back on the
cardio. Next question is how often do I lift? So a
lot of people who are trying to build muscle mass, they want to just hit the gym hard.
You know. they want to hit those muscle groups every single day and unfortunately what
happens is instead of actually driving you forward, in many cases it drives you backwards.
It causes you to plateau. It causes you to not get the results that you’re looking for.
So what I always recommend for people is to lift every other day. And the reason that
you want to lift every other day is because if you fatigue out your nervous system, then
every time you go to lift, you’re you’re fatigued, you plateau easily, and you’re not adding
more weights in. And so what happens is you just start to not get any results at all.
So sometimes, too much is not a good thing in this case. So, when it comes to how often,
I recommend that you lift in order to gain muscle mass every other day. Focus on every
other day and then take a day off in between to allow your body to rest and your nervous
system to recover as well. More or less weight? So a lot of people who
are lifting, I watch people in the gym all the time. And you know, they’re there day
after day and they’re lifting day after day but they’re never seeing any results. And
it’s just because they’re not using the proper training method. You want to make sure that
when you are lifting weights, you are going and focusing on getting some heavy sets in
there, okay? You can’t just pick up the lighter weights and expect to have a lot of muscle
growth. You have to, if you want to look strong, you have to be strong. So in order to be strong,
you’ve got to get the heavy weights out and you have to push yourself. And what I
recommend is that you journal your weightlifting routine so that you can see week after week
how much weight you are lifting. Like I said, the people who are going to the gym and want
to see results but they have no idea what they did the week prior and they don’t know
if they’re adding weight or taking weight off, it’s just it’s going to cause you to
just crash with your goals. So make sure that you’re journaling the weights but also be
sure to try to add weight in every week. Now, if it’s like a pound or so, scientifically,
you’re not going to gain more than a pound of strength every single week. And so what
we want to do is just add a little bit of weight every week and then eventually, you
know, one week after another, that’s a lot of weight over the period of one year. So,
remember that you want to add weight slowly but focus on the heavy weights. Last on our list is going to be the best style
of training. My favorite style of training and what works most effectively for me in
order to build muscle is to do reverse pyramid training. Essentially, what this means is
you’re doing your heaviest set first. So I’ll do a couple reps of lighter weights just to
kind of get my body used to the type of weight lifting I’m doing. At the time, get my body
ready and then go straight to the heaviest set. So, if it’s bench press go straight to
my heaviest set and I’ll do about six reps there. And then from there, I’ll lighten the
weight a little bit do about eight reps and then go and lighten the weight even further.
And do 10 reps. But when you do reverse pyramid training it allows you to go right to your
heaviest set. So you have a lot of strength to lift the most weight that you’re capable
of. You do that heavy set first and then go from there. And so I always do reverse pyramid
training and it works really well for me. So these are some of the ways that you can
really effectively go and build muscle. I also recommend that you do intermittent fasting.
If you’re not familiar with that, I’ll put a link right up here to a video I did that
gives you a complete guide to intermittent fasting. When you’re doing intermittent fasting,
it allows you to preserve muscle during that fasting time. But also help you go and burn
fat. So, if you’re someone who’s trying to come in at a calorie surplus to gain muscle
and then you’re going and trying to cut fat at the same time, intermittent fasting is
real powerful for that. So implement these methods right here. Be sure to give this video a thumbs up share
it with your friends. If you have any questions, put it in the comment section down here below.
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your health. I’ll see you in the next video


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