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hey hey and welcome to episode 4 of muscling in this is a very cool episode in my opinion a lot of technical information but it will be very helpful I promise so we’re going to talk about nutrient timing for clean bulking and then I’m going to show you a full day of eating while in working because I realized that the full day of meetings that I’ve showed you so far at the last video in TV shuara and the other ones were more like exceptions I ate out a lot and I always went over my calories and I want to show you how a normal day of limbo King looks like for me and there are there are a few very important lessons you’ll be able to pick up from that okay so nutrient timing for clean working now nutrient timing is a very broad term it includes everything from diet structure to number of meals to food distribution to pay workout nutrition to macronutrients timing carbohydrates and protein everything I’m not going to cover all that in one video because it would be absurdly long in this video I just want to answer two basic questions that I get very often the first one is do I need to be before working out does that matter and the second of all is do you need to eat immediately after working out when people ask these questions I think that what they want to know is if penny ball cap nutrition affects muscle growth meaning protein breakdown and protein synthesis and that’s what we’re going to talk about in this video the most extensive and conclusive information i’ve ever read about nutrient timing was these two papers right here I’m going to link them on the screen these two papers are two meta-analysis done by Alan Aragon and branch on felt and what a meta-analysis is is it’s a it looks at all of the studies on a particular subject and throws a conclusion based on all of them when writing one of these papers Alan Aragon and Brad Shawn field actually set out to find out if there is a post-workout anabolic window you know that window where you have to eat nutrients to maximize muscle growth and what they have found is that that that window isn’t as small as people think it’s actually several hours so eating immediately after working out isn’t that important one of the quotes from that paper actually summarizes that perfectly I’m going to put it up on the screen right now so what we’re basically saying is that it’s best to not let more than six to eight hours pass between your last free workout meal and your post-workout meal so your training ball should be sandwiched between two meals both of which should include some protein in all those guys that have a protein shake immediately after finishing that workout they go in the locker room and bam they drink a protein shake well most of the time that is completely unnecessary because if they had a pre-workout meal protein synthesis can start and if they go home and they will have a meal anyway that protein shake is unnecessary and if you’re cutting usually those are wasted calories now this recommendation would seem to go against faster training and to be honest the research shows that completely faster training isn’t a good idea and also that delaying your post-workout meal isn’t a good idea as well because you are in a catabolic State but I to be honest I don’t know how much of a difference breaking these rules makes because if you look at real world real world examples like a lot of intermittent fasting guys they train fasted without BCAAs or protein beforehand and they delay their post-workout meal one to three hours even more and they still make excellent gains some people actually train early in the morning on an empty stomach without having BCAAs of protein beforehand and then they delay their post-workout meal until lunch and still they make good strength gains and muscle gains one of the reasons that happens in my opinion is that these guys usually have a very large meal in the evening maybe 100 grams of protein and a lot of carbs so digesting and absorbing that meal takes a long time when they train in the more they usually still have amino acids in the bloodstream and protein synthesis can start even if they delay that post-workout meal I believe that this guideline applies for small to medium meals because the anabolic effect of a meal depends on how many calories you eat so if you have a very large meal that will put you in an anabolic State for a longer period of time and you can probably extend this window to above 10 hours so you can train on an empty stomach and still grow have protein synthesis after that now could you make better gains if you didn’t drink fast it and you didn’t delay that post-workout meal a few hours I don’t know maybe but the effect would still be very small because if you look at the nutritional pyramid of importance you will see that nutrient timing is still close to the top meaning it’s not that important what actually matters the most for her body composition is the total calories and macros you consume in one day the way we stated food doesn’t matter that much now with that said as far as I’m concerned if I was forced to train early in the morning and I still wanted to do it that than fasting so what to delay my first meal until lunchtime well I would actually have a protein shake after working out in the morning why because I’m pretty obsessive about this stuff and I couldn’t shake the thought that I’m leaving some games on the table I couldn’t help but think that the fact that I’m delaying that meal is actually hampering my progress and even if that didn’t matter the fact that it affects me negatively on a psychological level would actually affect my results negatively in other areas as well so I believe that if you’re upset you like that I’m like like me then I wouldn’t recommend delaying that alright guys I hope that clears up some of the confusion but our nutrient timing I know that I didn’t cover everything in this video there’s still a lot more to cover but you can learn that by going to these meta analysis right here and all that now it’s currently almost 3 p.m. it’s time to have my first meal check this out guys this is my first meu and I am so delighted over the last 4 weeks or so succesfully no surplus I’ve been experimenting with different dyed structures meaning different number of meals and different food distribution and food choices so I can find the most enjoyable and effortless way for me to eat after a lot of experimenting this is what I finally came up with so this is how my diet structure for link working looks like at the moment I’m still doing intermittent fasting so that’s why I have a coffee for breakfast and that’s it and then around noon I have my first meal and as you can see it’s designed to be around 500 700 calories medium protein high-fiber low-fat and low-carb and this is what what I just had because I had some cheese which is medium protein some fruit which is high fiber overall it was pretty low carb and of course it was low fat so that was my first meal it fits that model perfectly my experience was that eating random foods at random times during the day is not a good plan it makes you think about food all the time it uses a lot of your willpower because you are trying to decide what you should eat and what’s more important is that because you are using your macros on what is convenient instead of what you enjoy most it makes your diet seem more stressful and less enjoyable overall you see how the foods I’m going to have later in the day also feed this dye instruction so this couldn’t be 5:30 p.m. and what I’m doing is I’m editing this very video that you’re watching right now I usually do that I edit the video was while I’m were making it and what I’m going to do now is I’m going to have a bar of chocolate this will be my second meal by high-fat meal medium carb low protein low fiber this is my second meal when I’m not having chocolate what I what I have is nuts and seeds the combination of nuts and seeds and dry fruits or I have some high fat ice cream so it’s always some sort of dessert this is my second meal I’m going to enjoy this and then I’m gonna go to the gym going to the gym leaving the gym all right 9 p.m. post-workout me really simple stuff I have used some chicken breast about 250 grams I have a mix of different veggies mushrooms tomatoes some peas some sweet corn and some chili peppers and of course to go with the chicken breast a few sauces some chili sauce and some mustard I try to make this look at this thick but it it didn’t work anyway here are the macros for this meal and what you need to watch out for is that it fits my model so what I want for this meal is to be high-protein medium to high fiber low fat and low carb and as you can see it fits perfectly in my diet structure because I’m going to have the carbs as the second part of my meal alright then p.m. the last meal of the day check this out these are some sort of crackers I guess this is how you would translate this and they’re awesome the macros on these are amazing so it’s only 8 grams of fat for 100 grams and each of these bags is 80 grams so these are awesome for a high carb meal I want to show you a live hack so instead of taking a bowl to eat chips or crackers or whatever you can do this instead you take the bag and you make a little hole in the middle of it and then you do this and boom you’ve got yourself a bowl and you don’t have to you can easily pick the the chips or the crackers from the bag mmm alright so this will be my final meal 3 bags of these crackers and as you can see it fits my plan perfectly high-carb low-protein low fat low fiber high cut this is my last meal or rather the second part of my last meal and what I want you to take away from this video is that the diet structure is extremely important for making your eating plan enjoyable and effortless you need to experiment and find a diet structure that you love so much that you want to eat like that every day when you do that you will never want to cheat again and dieting maintenance or lean balking will become effortless this is it this is my advice thank you for watching this video if you have any questions leave them below I will answer as many as I can and don’t forget to download my videos alright I’ll be seeing you next time see ya you


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