Prone Hip Extension

Lying face down your hands should be just
under and inside the hip bones, keeping one leg straight bend the other knee so you create
a 90 degree angle. Lift the bent knee up off the floor but feel
what your hips are doing with your hands. Did you push into your hands? If you feel
the hip of the bent leg pushing into your hand as you lift your knee you are not using your
glutes. So, this time repeat the exercise with the same leg and really
think about activating the glute max. If you can’t lift the knee up off the ground
without needing to push into your hips then stop lifting the knee off the ground, and just really concentrate
on activating the glute max. It actually may help to have someone just
tap your glute max to help you feel what you need to turn on. repeat this exercise 10 times daily on each
leg for several weeks. when you can successfully perform 10 knee
lifts without thinking too hard and knowing your glute max is activating you can then
move on to the hip thrust exercise video.

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