Produktvorstellung: Langhantel Core-Trainer | Fitness & Kraftsport | Sport-Thieme

Whether hobby, amateur or professional athlete …damn, the beginning was so good Hi I’m Timo and in this video I’m explaining the core-trainer With a core-trainer you can do exercises for all muscles whether for power endurance, fast power or maximum force The exercises consits of pressing, pulling or rotation You can do a great full body workout or do exercises only for your core muscles The intensity of the exercises you can regulate with dumbbell discs For beginners I recommend to use only the weight of the barbell bar and to increase the weights later The core-trainer consits of a non-slipping plate a rotating joint and a receptive for bars The receptive is for bars with 30 or 50 mm diameter Exept the core-trainer the only thing you need is a barbell bar to start The core-trainer is for everyone who wants to improve their power whether hobby, amateur or professional athlete If you dont want to train your power endurance or explosive force you can also do exercises only for the core muscles You can do a lot of exercises with rotational moves what makes the core-trainer perfect for martial arts but it is also great for football players because you can maximal train your explosive force In the second video I show you exercises for the landmine trainer For more infos please follow the links Subscribe our channel. Have fun using the core-trainer!

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