Probiotic Skincare Ranges | Glowbiotics Probiotic Skincare

we created Glowbiotics MD and we created Glowbiotics but they all sort of fall under the Glowbiotics heading one is
for preventative skincare and the other one’s for corrective if you’re young you
you want to prevent aging you want to prevent lines you want to prevent wrinkles our Glowbiotics MD range really corrects the
skin these are things that you’ve already done to damage your skin and we
use a significant amount of clinical studies a significant amount of
scientific research to make sure that we give your skin just what it needs when
it needs it it is a long-term process do not expect something to happen overnight
it took you a long time to hurt your skin but we will help you correct it for
the long term we’re very very conscious about the ingredients that we use in our
products we make sure that we you know we don’t use sulfates we don’t use
parabens xenoestrogens anything that’s going to upset the endocrine
system because they’re the things that we need to avoid we can assure you that
in the Glowbiotics range we have been very sensitive to xenoestrogens as
Christine’s mentioned parabens phthalates sulfates any artificial dyes
this is as clean a brand as I personally have ever seen and ever done

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