Pilates Workout ♥ Hardcore Bikini Fitness

Hey guys welcome to beautiful St. Lucia today I’m going to show you an awesome workout that is going to target your abs and then your glutes this is called your string bikini workout because when we’re wearing string bikinis there are two areas most women like to show off which is your abs and your booty so in the next 8 minutes I’m going to show you some awesome exercises you can do to get yourself bikini ready for the summer lets do it alright guys so were going to to begin on our backs feet about hip width apart get yourself all the way down so were starting in a bridge position press your hands into the floor lift tilt your pelvis right up to the ceiling squeeze the glutes I want you to feel this in your glutes left leg is going to reach right up to the ceiling is going to lift as high as you can from here were flexing your foot as you drop the leg down connecting your knees toegtehr exhale point and up up two flex point three flex point 4 5 2 more extend your right leg deep breath in felx exhale lif one flex point 2 3 don’t drop your hips whatever you do keep that bridge position 6 7 last one eight hold up lift a little bit higher and adding two counts of 8 pulses 4 5, 6, 7, 8 8 and one good job drop your right foot down and slowly releasing your body alright guys going right into the core now both knees into your chest make a little ball with your body forehead reaches for the knees double leg extensions inhale extend reach exhale one reach away and exhale two this is an amazing exercise to target those abs to look amazing in our bikinis good job last one and release now flex your feet extending your legs right up to the ceiling this is called a tow touch targeting the upper abdominal region reach your arms up all were going to do is lift touch your toes with your fingers and down for 1 2 3 make sure you’re not swinging your arms all we want to do is get those abs to do all the work don’t help with your entire body you got 10 more guys reach 9 8 7 6 if you can pass your toes thats even better last one good job alright going right into more exercises this time targeting the lower abs so pilates stance heels touching toes apart from here either take the modification or your going to reach your arms for level two lower the right leg left leg comes up and switch 1 3 remember if this too much for your you can always modify you got 10 more last two awesome relelese knees into your chest and then drop your head down alright so flipping over to the side now now were going back into the lower body area you can rest your heading your hand what were going to do is take your bottom knee and place it at the very front of your mat your top leg is going to extend right hand down inhale lift exhale release 2 so what this exercise does is it targets your abductor muscle so the muscle that run in the outside of your thigh were doing 10 you got 2 more now from here you’re going to hold it don’t drop it you’re going to bring your right leg all the way forward so think of touching your nose with your toes you’re going to hold it here breathe its going to start to burn lift it up 2 so now you’re going to feel this a bit more into the glutes again were working on those beautiful legs in your string bikinis and three more 2 last one hold it see if you can bring it a little bit closer to your face hold my leg is already shaking I hope yours is too keep holding 8 more seconds 6 don’t drop it gues whatever you do don’t cheat this is for you lets pulse up 2 3 4 8 5 4, 3, 2, 1 that probably burnt cause I felt it alright lets switch it to the other side were almost done this is our second last exercise so your bottom leg comes in other leg extends flex your top foot and lift up make sure you don’t open up your hip you want the hips staying square towards the front 8 9 10 hold slowly begin to bring that top leg touch your nose and lift up 2 3 4 you’re almost done I promise you holding here two counts of 8 see if you can bring that leg a little bit closer lets pulse up 2 3 4 5 6 8 more you’re almost done don’t let that leg drop down keep going and 3 good job shake it out lat exercise this is your plank come over to your elbows tuck your toes under where holding your plank 10 seconds and you’re donw draw your navel into your spine so we’re targeting our abs targeting our muscles to make you look gorgeous in your bikni hold and slwoly release awesome job guys give yourself a little stretch in a cobra stretch out those abs again if you need a little bit more stretch for the glutes check out my yoga pigeon posture which will be great for you to stretch out your glutes alright thank you guys so moocher watching and I hope you liked this video do this as much as you can and I promise you you will looks sexy this summer see you soon!


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