hey guys it’s Bailey and today we’re
doing a full body fat-burning Pilates workout sculpting everything from our
arms to our apps to our glutes and thighs let’s get started let’s start standing at the back of our
mat taking a deep breath in connecting our palms to heart center, let’s fold all
the way forward feeling that nice stretch through the back of your legs.
Start to walk out into your downward dog here pressing your palms firmly into the
mat walking through the back of the heels
we’ll start by getting a nice stretch going, just getting our body ready for
movement maybe even wiggling those hips a little from side to side this should
feel good. Just walking out stretching those hamstrings, most people
have tight hamstrings and then we’re going to come forward into our high
plank from here let’s squeeze one knee in Tiger curling through the spine then
the other knee and beautiful then we walk our hands right back up take a
second here and then roll the body up good breathing in folding forward and
then we walk our hand out into our downward dog
from here roll the body forward this time let’s do four climbers so we
squeeze squeeze really using those lower abdominals walk the hands right back up rolling up breathing in exhale fold
forward walking out you’ll feel those shoulders starting to work rock forward
six climbers this time let’s twist across the body working our obliques and
then walking right back up good roll that spine up then exhale forward you
should feel like your heart rates starting to get elevated good eight
climbers this time squeeze squeeze seven and eight, good push up to that
down dog walk your hands back but slowly restack the spine inhale and exhale good
let’s come forward one more time here holding that high plank ten times
they’re squeezing it this time working those outer obliques nine and ten, beautiful walking right up
deep breath in and exhale good we’re gonna do one last little bonus round, 12
climbers with time squeezing and squeeze breathing through it feeling those ABS,
feeling your shoulders, we have five four three two last one – hold the plank
squeezing here four five four three two and one beautiful drop the knees take a
child’s pose – really pressing your fingertips into the mat taking that nice
shoulder stretch good let’s come forward stretching the abdominals in our upward
dog and then coming back okay let’s come into our tabletop
position from here we’re going to start just
squeeze the right leg in just Tiger curling, working our low abs then extend
it back squeezing the glutes squeeze in reach good really working those ABS and
then it’s really nice here because your spine gets to move, creating more and
more space between good I feel like we’ve all got this. Let’s add on a push up.
squeeze reach push up good so your elbows are tracking out to the sides giving a nice full body movement here
starting to work through the chest that heart rate should be elevated trying to work as many body parts as
possible will help us tone the whole body and also burn the most fat let’s hold this next one good little
pulse it into the elbows here for 10 keep that leg lifted creating a nice
long line through the back, three two beautiful now from here just lifting the
leg for ten four five four three two and one
beautiful lowering the leg pressing up to our down dog walking through the back
of the heels enjoying that nice stretch and coming forward to our other side
this time I want you to think of hugging the elbows in by the waist and then
squeeze in your left knee and reach it back squeeze and reach good so really
think around that spine and then lift with the booty it’s always good to add
in a little extra glute work and then when you really squeeze the knee and it
works those low abs good now you can keep it here or we add on our tricep
pushup so this time hug those elbows in squeezing the waist squeeze reach tricep
push up squeeze good little push up then you might not
get as low down with me try someone if it’s a little bit harder unless you do a
lot of yoga which I’m a little guilty of not doing haha good two more holding our
next one little pulses into the elbows feel those triceps burn four five four
three two go ahead now hold that soft and little pulses up squeeze that left
butt cheek keep your abdominals engaged good pointing the toes think long leg,
for five four three two and one beautiful lowering the meat
tucking those toes under feeling that beautiful stretch breathing wide into the ribs exhale from
here let’s rock forward to our high plank we’re going to do a little glute
lift here really working our abs and buns we just lift our right leg back
lower it down then the left leg trying to keep your hips nice and low takes a lot of balance and a lot of
strength work think of really pointing the toe lowering down now if you’re just
working up to this come to a tabletop position reach squeeze thinking of
length and tensing your abs then lower down and lower down reach and lower
reach and lower but if you can do the full version let’s hold it here squeeze
and lift tap good let’s do four more
point those toes too last one beautiful give me ten little
pulses here ten doing those buns and shoulders four four
three two and one lowering down take a child’s pose good lifting up ten pulses, squeezing
thanks for the best good babe just pull everything in – like putting on a waste
radar four more three two and one lowering down alright let’s grab our weights and come
down for some bridging from here we want to press our heels hip distance into the
mat arms up in line with the shoulders we’re going to squeeze our hips up
lowering the arms and then switch so you’re doing a chest press and a glute
bridge here really squeeze those buns at the top and then reach your arms to the
sky lift and squeezing those glutes – now, you
can do this without the arms as well but because it is our fat-burning Pilates
workout I’m trying to get us to work as many muscles as possible so really squeeze and tap really pulling those weights down and
then pressing them up creating the resistance grip really squeese good we have two more
hold it little pulses here I think more squeezing the butt cheeks then thrusting
the hips up and down so you keep all that work in the center of the glue you
should start to feel those arms your chest working keep those hips high really lifting those hips hovering those
arms four five four three two and one good lowering down wiggle the inside of
the feet together squeeze the insides of the legs together palms facing inwards
we’re going to roll open into our butterfly leg and arms and then squeeze
into the midline of the body we’re gonna butterfly the legs and arms open really
lifting the hips the whole time squeeze in, good rolling to the outsides
of those feet and then squeezing in so you’re gonna feel that nice work through
the bicep through the arm and then you’ll feel the side if your glutes as
you open up and then squeeze those inner thighs you’ll feel that nice little
under butt area starting to work that area where you can sometimes you
know have what I like to call a smiley line engaging for the hamstring meets
the booty good we have another five-
squeeze those inner thighs together at the top – hold it little pulses
with the legs keep the hips nice and high working the buns and thighs here
four five four three two now just ten more pulses squeezing together up and
down ten mine squeeze those knees we have five four three two and one hold
and then lowering down great job you guys I hope you enjoyed that full body
fat burning workout make sure you add on with another one of our videos for some
toning and please subscribe because we do new workouts every single week


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