PHYSIQUE UPDATE + What I Buy At The Grocery Store While Dieting | FIRM + FIT Ep. 2

My last update and then this update, so you
can see the difference that one month has made. Hi guys, my name is Amanda Louise, physical
therapist and personal trainer, which means I help women just like you, get in the best
shape of your life. Today I’m going to take you through my physique
update after the first month of me being on this diet aiming for this weight loss. I am aiming to lose about five and a half
kilos before end of this year and after that I’ll continue to lose weight and hopefully
lose total of 10 kilos before May of 2020. But for now I’m just focusing on the first
five kilos, and I know in the last video I said I would do these updates every two weeks. I’ve decided that until end of this year,
I’m only going to do one update per month. And before I go into the physique update,
I’m going to have a little bit of a chat with you, but even before then, I just quickly
wanted to show you what I got. I just went grocery shopping in preparation
for the next video. So after I wrap up this video, I’m going to
start shooting the next video, which will be three of the meals that I eat on this diet
that all take less than five minutes to prepare. They don’t require any form of cooking or
anything. It’s so easy. So simple. And that’s where I went grocery shopping today. I only just went grocery shopping to get the
staples that I have, like eat on my diet and I thought, why not just unpack and show it
to you and make that part of this physique update. So that’s what I’m going to do right now. So I’m just trying to set the camera so you
can see my hand and my face at the same time. I’m not sure if it’s going to happen. No, tall people problems you guys. My biggest problem with filming is that I
can’t get both by hands and my face in the same frame. All right. I think maybe the top of my head is chopped
off, but let’s try to do it like this. So I have here all my groceries that I just
brought back from the store. Everything in these grocery bags is something
that I have on my diet and you might be surprised by some of the things, and some of the things
you might have expected. I know one of the things that probably everyone
knows already is that I love my egg whites. I buy these egg whites in bulk like this. These are all from Free Range Chickens and
it just makes my life so much easier. I am still looking for organic egg whites. It’s really hard to find, so I’m using Free
Range for now, but they are super convenient. I also have eggs on my pan, already have eggs
in the house. They’re in the fridge. And for my eggs, I always use organic eggs,
but it’s just not possible right now with the egg whites in this way. If you know anything in Dubai where you can
get organic egg whites in a bottle, tell me please. Next up we have yogurt. Normally I prefer the Icelandic yogurt skier,
skew or whatever you want to call it, but they didn’t have it at the store today and
I am completely out of yogurt so I had to find something else. And then they had a sale on this 2% Greek
yogurt, and normally I choose fat free or very low fat, but you know what? Saving 25% on my yogurt is also worth taking
into consideration. So I’ve got three of those and the calories
are not too bad. 70 calories per 100 grams and 9.9 grams of
protein. So these still fit into my diet. Then I got my Cherry Preserve cherry jam,
which is my favorite jam taste flavor right now. And yes, this is on my diet. I actually eat this on toast with cheese and
then jam on top. And I have that at least once every day. I think it’s really a staple in my diet. That whole combination of cheese and bread
and jam. And if I have to cut it competely out of my
diet, I’m just miserable. So I’ve decided to make a diet where that
is part of it. So the jam. I also got ketchup. And ketchup is also on my diet plan. It’s not something that I calculate for. I just know that I’m going to use ketchup
on every single meal that I have. I’d already changed the amount that I use
or just whenever I have something savory I like adding a bit of ketchup, and I add about
the same amount every single time and that’s worked for me. Even on contest prep, I’ve had ketchup the
whole time and yeah, I just have it. And if you know how much you’re using and
if you continue using that same amount and you don’t change it, you don’t up the amount
of ketchup when you cut down something else, then I think it’s just fine. At least it works really well for me, and
it gives me that ketchup flavor that I love so much. Sometimes I get a low sugar ketchup or something
like that, but honestly, lately I’ve just been having normal ketchup and it works just
fine for me. Then some powdered peanut butter just to add
some peanut butter flavor to some of my meals, smoothies and without as many calories. I also have normal peanut butter, but I just
saw this at the store I knew I didn’t have any left so I just got it. And then my favorite spice combination thyme
and rosemary. I put these two together with pink salt and
maybe some pepper and then I use it on my roasted vegetables, so on my broccoli, on
my pumpkin, butternut squash. When I make it in the oven, it’s so delicious. This combination on anything roasted in the
oven, even works really well with potatoes or for sweet potatoes, so good. And then I’ve also got tomatoes and lettuce. And that was this grocery trip. Like I said, every single thing I’ve shown
you in this video is on my diet and maybe later on I’ll give you a complete look into
what I eat on this prep. But for now, next Wednesday, make sure you
check my video where I show you my three simplest, easiest, no cook meals that takes less than
five minutes to prepare. They are what I’m eating almost all the time
on this weight loss journey because I just simply don’t have that much time to cook. And I’d like something to be super convenient. If you want to be sure not to miss it, make
sure you subscribe to my channel and click the notification bell so you won’t miss any
future videos. And especially not this coming Wednesday’s
video because it’s going to be really good. And I’m excited to film that after this one. But all right, let’s go. I am going to meet you on the couch. All right. So it’s time to spill the tea. It’s been one month, almost. I did my last check in on October 7th and
then I decided to change it. So I’m going to do it every single month from
now on at around the first of the month or the last day of the month. So this time I did my measurements and my
check in on the 31st of October and that’s what I’m going to do continuing forward. So my next update will be done at around end
of November and then again end of December and then I’ll post it the first Wednesday
of every month will be my physique update video, most likely. Anyway how did it go? So I started out being sick the first week,
so basically that first week was just kind of out the window. Then I got my period, and you guys know that
when you’re on your period you’re really hungry and I was so hungry, like being sick, kind
of being sick and then being on your period. It’s just like a disaster waiting to happen. But I managed to get through that and I think
I did quite well and I got into my workout routine. Last time I told you that I was going to repeat
an old program that I had, but I decided to just keep the layout of the workout plan and
then change the exercise up because I got bored super quick. And just doing something that I already done
before made me bored. So I changed it up after two weeks. So I had to change my workout plan. Now I’m doing a program like my old split
but I’m the one deciding what exercise to do and how I’ve laid it out and that’s what
I’m going to continue doing from here. The focus is on my glutes, my hamstrings and
back and shoulder in particular. So I am going back to how I used to train
when I competed in bikini fitness. If you don’t know already, I competed in bikini
fitness three times in 2012, 13, and 15 and I just like training in that way. I like training to get that shape where you
have the nice wide shoulders, back tapering in, small waist and then firm round glutes
and puffing hamstrings. So that’s kind of the look that I’m going
for, and as I’m cutting down I think that’s really how I want to look. I want you to have some shape still. If I cut down without having a muscle shape,
then I get really petite on top and still quite heavy on the bottom and it’s not really
a look that I’m happy with. So I want to keep my volume on top and just
really tighten up my bottom because I’m pretty soft on the bottom, let’s put it that way. Even now when I do my videos, one of my goals
will be definitely that when I do the videos from behind that I won’t be having any jiggle
around my butt. So let’s see how that goes. For now it’s losing the five kilos, five and
a half kilos. January 1st, I want to be below 77 kilos. This month so far I’ve lost 2.1 kilos, which
is perfect. I expect to lose a little bit more in the
beginning. So having taken two out of the five kilos
already in the first month, despite all the challenges, that is really good and that is
in line with the speed I want to have for this weight loss. And then I have two months left and I’m just
going to really keep pushing on, keep going forward and use those last three kilos that
I know are going to be the hardest for me to lose. Because for me getting from around 80 where
I’m now, where my body’s very comfortable, below 77 those three kilos are where my body
has to go through a process it doesn’t really want to go through. And I’m super excited about that. I am eating pretty flexibly. I’ve made it that diet with a bunch of different
options that I can choose from every single day. I kind of like following a plan. So that’s why I’m doing that. If I count calories, I’m too busy. Honestly, I’m too busy to stand there and
count everything every time I eat. So of course once in a while if I want something
completely different that’s not on my plan I can just do that. But otherwise I have a bunch of options of
meals that I know that I love on my diet pattern. I just do that. I think it’s been an okay ride until now. What I do as well is I’m really strict with
my diet from Sunday until Thursday, and then Friday, Saturday. Honestly, I don’t really count my meals. I just try not to over eat anything. I have a little bit of anything that I want
and I don’t know how long I can keep doing that and still see results. I’m going to try and do it for as long as
possible because it’s really comfortable and allows for a lot of freedom in my life. But if at any point I start stalling, I’m
going to be more strict with my weekends. And already now I’m choosing healthy food. I’m not choosing unhealthy foods that I know
will be hard to limit and that I know will be hard to keep my calories where I want them
to be. But then I might have some Halo Top ice cream. I might have a slice of pizza or whatever
as well, but I really try and keep my meals filling, healthy, quite similar as what I
would have on a weekday, but without counting anything, without following my set plan. Normally on a normal day I’ll have three main
meals and I’ll have a late night snack and I’ll have a postworkout meal. And on the weekends I don’t follow that at
all. I just eat whenever I’m hungry, when I wake
up and that is a flexibility that I really enjoy right now. But let’s see, like I said, how long that
is going to be able to last for. We’ll see. For now, 2.1 kilos in one month. I’m really happy with that and I just really
look forward to losing those next three kilos and getting more into shape. And it’s always more fun when you’re in shape,
especially updating you guys and showing you my progress. I’m excited to get into a stage where I know
I’m going to be really excited to show you what I look like. That was all I had to say today. And if you have any questions about my training,
my diet, bring it in the comments down below because I really want to answer your questions
and it might be inspiration for the next video. So if there’s anything you would love to see
just let me know and now I don’t think I can drag it on any longer. So here you get my shape physique update. I am going to do it with my last update and
then this update so you can see the difference that one month has made. So the weight today says 80.5. I feel a big difference already and like I
said, I can’t wait to see what the next couple of months are going to bring. And I’m excited and I’m enjoying myself, having
fun. It’s really important for me not to restrict
too much, so that’s why I’d rather take it quite slowly and still have a lot of flexibility
in my diet. That’s all from me today. Thank you so much for watching and remember
to subscribe to my channel and click the little notification bell so you won’t miss any future
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like this every single week. And remember, train right and stay fit.


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