Physical Therapy Home Exercise Program in Meridian

Hi I’m Kristen, I’m one the physical therapist here at Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy. So I wanted to talk today about the importance of your home exercise program. So each patient that comes to us will receive a home exercise program on their first visit, and many people don’t understand why a home exercise program is so important. But it’s important because there are 168 hours in the week and you only come to see us two to three hours of that week. So we want you to have something to do at home that will supplement the treatment that you receive here? Most home exercise programs will be a combination of strengthening exercises and stretching. So with that we would like you to do your home exercise program two to three times a day and so this will just lead to the maximum benefits obtained. So if you have any questions please give us a call here at Idaho Spine and Sports. Thank you.

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