– So, around the side here guys if you’re looking at
staying at Phuket Top Team. There are accommodation
facilities right here. You’ll see them all the way along here. (upbeat music) Hey guys, hope you’re doing super-well. 7th of November 2019,
here at Phuket Top Team first time training here. Just finished a private session. Gonna give you a bit of a walking tour, if you’re looking training in here. By the way I’m not a professional,
I just do this for fun. I love this so much, it’s
really great for fitness. These guys are serious about Muay Tai, BJJ and MAA are here, got
a hell of a reputation, they’ve been here forever.
(camera beeps) They’re on Fitness Street,
(camera shutters click) or Soi Ta-iad. Hey guys, Phuket, Thailand. I’m on the main street actually. This is Fitness Street,
with Soi Ta-iad right here. Relatively open air gym. Big bags like this. I mean, probably some of the
biggest bags you’ll ever find, twice my size, easy. But you’ll never miss that
sign at the front there that says, Phuket Top
Team arrow over Office. They’re building something there. You can hire a scooter. And you can park around
here, no problems at all. They’ve got two big rings here where they do all their
training of Muay Thai boxing, Dutch kick boxing, things of that nature. They’ve got plenty of equipment here, pads and what not. Of course, bring your own gear if you’re serious about it. I bring all my own gear, wraps and gloves are highly recommended. They clean the floors here. Not right now, but they did before. Some of you asked questions about staff and do they clean floors wherever I train? I always look for how old
they clean their floors. They have ladies clean the floors here straight after the group
class this morning. So, this is some of
the equipment they use. You always know the quality of the gym by how rusty the dumbbells
and kettle-bells are. I did some training in
Bangkok a few years ago. And where I trained they breed champions, and it’s always the rusty gear that it feels really authentic and you really feel you’re getting an authentic training session. Anyway, so just a quick look. You can make a determination for yourself raw an unedited. The mats, good condition, plenty of gear, bags everywhere, nice sort
of breeze coming through which you can’t feel,
it feels amazing to me, which I need, because I’ve
just finished a one-on-one private Muay Thai session. The skipping ropes here guys, I mean, you can’t get
more authentic than this. These things are cables. They’re like weighted skipping ropes. Back in Australia, we sell them
as weighted skipping ropes. These are just normal skipping
ropes, Thai skipping ropes. It’s a hard tube, wooden handles. You’ve got speed ropes here. You’ve got a TRX training thing here. You’ve got a couple of other… You’ve got plenty of gear here. You’ve got plenty of
gear, you can’t go wrong. I mean, look at this. I love how they’ve custom made that. That’s literally just a ball of tape. Anyway guys, so if you wanna stay here, they’ve got accommodation
facilities here as well. I’ll walk you around the side. If you go on their website,
check out the latest prices I’ll quickly show you. So around the side here guys if you’re looking at
staying at Phuket Top Team, There’re accommodation
facilities right here. You’ll see them all the way along here. I’m not staying here, so I
can’t show you the inside. But they have the shower
facilities right here, which looks completely fine to me. They’ve got a bit more gear
around the side here, tyres. They’ve got a little dining area there where you can have your meals
morning, lunch, afternoon. Plenty of places on the street to eat. I’ve done quadrillions of
videos on Fitness Street if you want places to
eat along Fitness Street like Tony’s Restaurant, Thai Thai, there’s plenty of places to eat if you’re not sure on where to go if you decide to stay at Phuket Top Team and you wanna find places
(camera beeps) to eat away from the camp.
(camera shutter clicks) But not too far away from the camp. Literally guys, everything’s
within walking distance if you stay at Phuket Top Team. Everything’s within a 10
minute walking distance to get incredible food,
i.e. at Tony’s Restaurant Thai Thai, and it goes on and on. Like Trooper Eats. There’s so many different places. Mr Jom’s just opened up,
go and check out Mr Jom’s, we ate there last night. Hi guys, we just finished
here at Mr Jom’s. This is the place right here, right across the road from Titan’s Fitness it’s a three story gym. Mate, thanks very much. 310 Bahts, all right.
(Thai man chuckles) – Nice one pall. – Come and see this guy,
he’ll sort you out, right, if you come to Fitness Street, come here, look for this face, he’ll feed you. You know how passion I… I get, I get, I get– – The best. Most of my chicken, it’s
the best on the street and I’ve had it all. – There you go, there you go. So, it’s not just my ugly face. (laughing) No, no, no, anyway, so
you’ve gotta come… (laughing) Thanks mate, thanks very much. Guys, come here, let me
know when you come here. We’re off, goodbye. – Really cheap traditional Thai food. Super-clean, you steam
chicken, you steam broccoli if really you wanna go
on a training mission, that’s perfect food for you. If you go and check out the other videos in my Fitness Street series. I talk about other places
where you can eat and cafes. Really nice places on the street here If you come to Top Team. Sorry, I’m talking really fast. I’m trying to not waste your time, ’cause I’m trying to get
through this real quick. Anyway so, your accommodation
is just there, right? And one of the rings is just here. And the other ring is just there. You don’t have to leave the place guys. Everything’s within walking distance. As I said, I just do
this for fun and fitness. I know a lot of guys that are
pro or wanting to become pro, if your interested in training out here, this video’s valuable for you, just give me a bit of a
heads-up what you’ll expect before you get here. And maybe one day I’ll
might see you guys out here. Anyway, peace out, and
enjoy your training trip. See you guys. (upbeat music)


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