Personal Training: “You Don’t Have to be a Fitness Champ.”

Tell me about your crafting. What I’m working on right now is just like
the crafty cubbies. This is gonna help me when I craft. It’s got just the place for organization. This is all handcrafted items that I sit here
and do. That’s why I have to work out. Otherwise, I’d sit here all day and do this. I’m Kathy Augustine. I am 67 years old. I’m married with two grown children and four
grandchildren. Everything that Christina and have done has
helped with me overall physically. Mentally, it keeps me from getting depressed,
it keeps me active. It’s nice to be able to come to the gym and
work off some of that tension. It’s helped me to get up out of that chair
and move. My story kind of begins when I had an appointment
with my orthopedic surgeon to get my knee replaced. I kind of went out of his office discouraged
because number one, he said I was too heavy for the surgery, and that I wasn’t in good
enough shape. I went to my family physician, and he said,
“Kat, I might have something for you.” I let him make the appointment, came down
here and met with Christina here at our Salina YMCA, and so that’s how our journey together
started. By August of 2018, I had lost several pounds
and I felt like I was strong enough to go ahead and have the surgery which I did in
August of 2018. After I had my surgery, I was feeling a lot
better, moving a little bit better, so I decided to stay with Christina as my personal trainer. We are training three times a week for a half
an hour. I’ve also got her going to chair yoga, occasionally
she’ll get in the pool for a class. The trainers here at Salina are fantastic. You don’t have to be a fitness champ. I came in basically almost crawling and for
the first 12 weeks, we did a lot of my exercises in a chair. As you get better, your trainer’s gonna give
you a little bit harder things to do. We like to not only help them currently, but
also teach them how to do this for the long haul. We want them to learn how to live healthy
lifestyles. I just picked a couple peppers out of the
garden. It’s really important to have family support
and friend support. I support her for eating healthy foods and
exercising. We do a lot of healthy eating. We try new healthy recipes. We have them come over to cook meals or just
try new recipes for healthier food. I mean, I’ve come a long way. She’s definitely more active, so we can go
shop and go out to eat just a day of fun and lots of energy, so that’s great. I’d like to lose another 30 or 40 pounds and
gain some more strength in my legs. You just take one day at a time. The trainers here are very helpful, very encouraging,
and I would encourage anybody to give it a try. If anything, you will benefit from it. High five!

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