Permanent Weight Loss without Dieting |No Gym & Excercise| घर बैठे वज़न घटाएं

Today I’ll Talk About Weight Loss If you don’t have time to workout, going gym or doing yoga , aerobics etc. You can still loose weight at Home You just need to follow these simple tips You can control your weight Just need to do small adjustment in your lifstyle Lets start the video If you are new on my channel Please subscribe and Like my Channel You can follow me on Instagram and Facebook Lets start the Video Start your day with drinking Warm Water Just take a Lemon 1/2 tsp of Cinnamon Powder (also known as Dalchini) and take one glass of warm water Mix 1/2 Lemon and Cinnamon powder in Warm Water If you dont like the taste you can add 1 tsp of Honey (optional) Drink this daily empty stomach It increases your metabolism Improves Digestion & helps you loose weight Do Not Skip Breakfast Some people think skipping it may help in loos weight which is completly wrong Specially Include protiens in the Breakfast It will be filling and you will keep active throughout What all you can take in Breakfast you can take Oats,Bolied Eggs Quiona, sprouts, Milk etc. Include these kind of food in Breakfast Cut down sugar intake Substitute with other natural sweetners Like Jaggery & Honey , Raw Sugar Or dates Include Jaggery Powder in Tea You can use the same in other sweets too. e.g Kheer etc. Drink lot of water throguht the day It improves your skin and hairs too and helps in loosing weight But DO NOT Drink Just after having FOOD Atleast maintain 1/2 hr of gap You can drink 1 glass before having food this will feel you full and you will eat less Include SALAD in your food one bowl full of salad with NO SALT Avoid as much as Possible If you having Yogurt , do not add SALT Substitute Healthy Food instead of Junk snacks Avoid chips, namkeen , Samosa, Busicuits etc you can substitute it with Roasted makhana, Murmure , Diet Bhel etc. Bolied Black Chickpeas are also good option Or eat fruits instead they are much healthier option Tried to be active as much as possible Even while speaking on phone you can walk around At least 15-20 min you easily talk daily with friends/family This way walk and talk both will happen at the same time and you will not even know tht you are walking If you are going office , school, college etc or you are staying in appartment use Stairs as much as possible instead of using Lift You can do it once a day to start with and increase it gradually This way your excercise will also be done and you will not even know you are buring calories If you are in office after lunch go for a walk with friends or at tea time go for 10-15 min walk Drink Green Tea Two times a day after having food One after lunch and another after dinner do not drink empty stomach if you dont like its taste add lemon to it or a bit of honey this will help to get rid of toxins out of body It will increase metabolism and help in weight loss. Cut down on rice intake Use Boiled rice with water separated during cooking Ot totally avoid it. have dinner 2-3 hours Before Sleep so that it is easliy digested If you want to loos weight than Stop outside food and Junk Food Strictly No to Fried food instead used roasted food If you follow these Tips just for 1 Month You can easily Loos 2-3 Kg Do try this , there is no exercise and diet Just small tips and change in lifestyle an you can loose weight at home next time I’ll show some excercise at home which can help too loose weight I’ll keep posting video like this..Keep Watching Dont forget to like share and subscribe Bye Bye…!!


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