PART 2: WEIGHT LOSS Q&A – How I Lost 40 Lbs

Hey guys so for today’s video we have
part 2 not pop for part 2 / 2 of the weight loss Q&A so I did this video like
a week and a half ago you guys really really loved it and I had so much fun
filming it like I loved just sitting here and chit-chatting with you guys I’m
definitely gonna do more like chit chat tip videos
q and A’s and everything like that but for today I really wanted to do an
extension of the last weight lock that weight loss video because a lot of you
guys had so many more questions that I didn’t even get to touch on I went
through the comments section and there were even more questions I asked you
guys for more last night on Instagram as well so I want to touch on the topics
that we didn’t touch on last time so this is kind of like an extension so for
those of you who haven’t seen part one please go ahead and check it out there’s
so many more questions on that video like metabolism plateaus how I actually
lost the weight a little bit of my workout routine there’s plenty more
questions on there I will leave it on the top I think you can never remember
what sided I think it’s this one here we go from the top right hand corner for
you guys to click on so just to go over a little bit of basics in case you
haven’t seen part one yet and you want to watch it after I’ve lost 40 pounds I
currently weigh in at 136 pounds 136 I don’t know why I said 136 anyways 136
pounds and I started off at 175 and I used to be around 40 to 45 percent body
fat I don’t have an accurate number because my old scale used to be really
inaccurate and I’m currently sitting at 29.2% body fat so let’s go ahead and
move into the rest of the questions someone asked did you ever have a week
where you cheated on your diet and you ended up gaining weight if so how did
you handle that I’m currently on my weight-loss journey and it ended up
binging a few days ago I wish I could take it back and I can’t and as a result
I’ve gained three pounds definitely 100% every single time I cheat I gain weight
that just happens but listen to the key word gained weight weight and fat are
two different things just because you gained weight does not
mean you gained fat when you cheat you’re likely eating a lot more calories
now when you’re consuming a lot more calories one your metabolisms not used
to it so it’s gonna take those extra not that carbs are bad but it’s gonna take
the extra I think it’s called I can remember the exact word but anyways it’s
gonna take the extra carbs that it’s getting again
not that carbs are bad for you they’re not bad for you at all it’s just when
you consume more carbs than usual your body actually stores them for energy
because your body is trying to keep you safe so your body is storing them as
energy and when your body is storing that as energy you kind of go you ball
up in water wait pretty much is what I’m saying so yes you’re gonna gain 3 pounds
or 2 pounds I’ve even gained 5 pounds in 1 week before because the entire week I
cheated guys I literally dropped that 5 pounds like three days later as soon as
you go back to your normal routine BAM the weights gonna fall
I lost that 5 pounds of water weight in 3 days but oh my god did I lose 5 pounds
in 3 days no because it wasn’t accurate it wasn’t real pounds you’re not saying
those pounds are temporary I guess is what I’m saying they’re not real fat or
muscle or anything it’s just water weight it’s just your body holding on to
it you will drop it as soon as you go back to your normal routine don’t feel
guilty at all at all at all for cheating trust me I get it sometimes to where I’m
like oh I should have not done that but you kind of gotta think listen like
think of it this way there’s literally 365 days in a year do you really think
out of the entire year that one day that you cheated is gonna be that big of a
deal it’s really not that big of a deal actually a perfect example is in the
month of March I’ve remained 136 pounds I haven’t lost any more weight in March
and that’s just because well it was my sister’s birthday and we kind of had
like a cheat weekend I got four days of cheating and then I kind of continued it
I was kind of like you know f it I feel like just staying on maintenance so for
March I’ve stayed on maintenance for most of the part I also got sick twice
in March so I skipped the gym for two weeks out of the entire March I’ve just
been eating maintenance calories now starting today I’m jumping right back
into a deficit so I will lose weight in April but in March I haven’t lost any
weight I’ve stayed in maintenance and it’s not that big of a deal you have to
kind of take the emotions out of it so that you don’t develop you know eating
disorders or bad relationships with food and everything like that sugar baby
seriously so the next question is hopefully this isn’t too personal but do
you think going through a weight loss journey has made you more hyper aware of
your looks overall and even sometimes causing slight body dysmorphia like you
still see yourself as you were prior to weight loss so I think I’ve always been
very aware of my love I think all of us like as a society or
most of us I guess I can say are very aware of our looks we’re constantly
looking in the mirror Kron say on social media especially me being on like being
a social-media influencer being a youtuber I’m constantly you know editing
my own videos editing my own photos seeing myself so I’ve always been very
aware of my looks has losing weight made me more aware
yeah actually um you know now that I’ve lost like weight now I like a look at my
body and see like I guess now that I like have fitness goals I look at my
body and see what else I want to do to it like okay
when I go to the gym I really want to work on you I have hip tips for example
that’s an insecurity might I hate my hip tips so that’s made me more aware I
never realized my hip tips before but now that I’ve like you know that I know
I can like build my butt and build my hip dips a little bit better it’s like
fill them in now I know those things I am more aware of my looks but it’s also
made me realize that you have to love yourself at every stage
I can’t just love myself when I get to my goal weight I have to love myself now
and during the process because trust me trust me trust me because I’ve been
there if you don’t love yourself now it’s almost like that you know that’s
going on around Twitter though what is it not a meme isn’t no it’s like a
little trend whatever anyways you know paper saying if you don’t love me at my
you don’t deserve me at my yeah like literally if you don’t love yourself at
your worst you’re not going to love yourself at your best you’re just not
trust me cuz I’ve been there like I thought that losing weight would be like
the magic key and then I did it a few years ago I lost all this weight and I
still was so I was so insecure guys that I remember crying because I cried and
said I was too skinny when I literally wasn’t even too skinny I was the same
weight that I am right now I wasn’t too skinny but I was so like like messed up
in the head when it came to my body image
trust me losing weight is not the magic key it’s just not you have to love
yourself now from within and on the outside to love yourself after – do I
see myself the same as pratas and where pride or weight loss sometimes I do and
then I just have to like believe my eyes and be like no Amy you’ve literally lost
40 pounds you’ve transformed into a whole new person you’re still
transforming wake up call here the way I look at it is I’m 23 years old and my
entire life I’ve been the chubby kid the chubby teen I was always been a
bigger girl so that’s what I was used to so how do
you expect to lose 40 pounds and then all of a sudden you’re used to that I
feel like now it’s gonna take me another chunk of years to get used to me being
this person so the next question is I’d like to hear your thoughts on accepting
that it’s a long process and not obsessing over instant gratification
this is huge this is so huge so a lot of people want and trust me what I it’s
like if I could right now snap my fingers lose the rest of my weight and
get to my goal weight hell yes like I still have around 20 pounds to lose
would I snap my fingers and lose those 20 pounds yes I would but that’s it’s
just not gonna happen that’s just not realistic this process is so much of a
process like it takes time it doesn’t just happen overnight I think the
biggest thing to realize is to take the timeline out of it like what does it
matter how long it takes you to lose the weight if you are doing it for the right
reasons and you’re doing it to change your lifestyle like if you’re creating
better habits to change your life like listen to that word life like we’re
talking forever here for the rest of your life what doesn’t matter how quick
you lose it what does it matter if you lose the way by next week or by your
wedding or by your vacation or by prom or by that party or by your birthday
what does it matter it’s not gonna be instant it’s not gonna
be easy it’s gonna take work and it’s going to be hard but it’s gonna be worth
it so someone asked how do you keep up with your diet and still eat rice good
lord the amount of people that think not that she’s not that she said that or
anything but just in general the amount of people I think rice is not supposed
to be eaten when you have to lose weight is ridiculous but she said I was told by
many not to eat carbs but I love my rice laughing face I love my rice too girl so
let me let’s get this out there there is not one single food in the entire world
not one single food on the entire earth that makes you gain weight it just
doesn’t McDonald’s doesn’t make you gain weight
Starbucks doesn’t make you gain weight rice doesn’t make you gain weight milk
doesn’t make you gain weight that this this nothing single-handedly makes you
gain weight you gain weight when you consume too many calories and when
you’re not moving enough so when your energy balance is off
so here’s your energy balance when you’re maintaining
your weight it’s balanced you’re eating this amount but you’re also working out
this amount so your body is like okay I’m cool I’m staying the same when I
lose weight I eat less and I workout more so now I lose weight so let’s say
you’re working out less and you’re eating more now you’re going to gain
weight like that’s just how it works it all comes down to energy balance so
there’s not one food in the entire world that will single-handedly make you gain
weight you can literally eat let let’s say your calorie deficit which I will
leave the calorie calculator down below for you guys to see what your target is
because every single individual on this earth has a different calorie target so
let’s say you need to eat 1,400 calories to lose weight you could literally and
I’m not kidding you guys like I know this sounds crazy but it’s not a joke
you could literally eat 1,400 calories every single day of McDonald’s or 1400
calories of rice every single day and lose weight now I know there’s gonna be
those health police people that are like no no no that’s not true
listen it’s true it’s scientifically a fact that you will lose weight now do I
recommend doing that no cuz it’s not healthy should you lose weight off of
McDonald’s no because actually Michael Matthews has this said this once which I
love this yes you can lose weight by eating 1,400 calories of McDonald’s
every day but you’re literally gonna have a six-pack have your weight loss
and you’re gonna be on a hospital bed with like diabetes heart disease and not
like come on you like it’s not just about the weight and how you look it’s
about your health too but I want to say that to make a point because a lot of
people think eating healthy is the way to lose weight listen it doesn’t matter
how healthy you eat it matters your calorie balance I know a lot of people
are like clean eating that’s how I’m gonna lose weight clean eating guys I
could eat all of the brown rice all of the quinoa on the earth all of the
broccoli all of the chicken on the earth and still eat too much quinoa too much
nuts too much chicken too much broccoli and in gained weight like it has nothing
to do with what you eat it has everything to do with how much you eat
and I again I know there’s people out there that don’t want to hear that
because there’s people out there that force themselves to eat clean because I
think that that’s what’s making lose weight that’s not what’s making you
lose weight it’s coming down to your calories but are you gonna be extremely
healthy yes it’s like of course clean eating is very healthy like you want to
eat healthier because it matters for your health it matters for you know your
body on the inside so if you’re on a weight-loss journey and you’re craving
let’s say McDonald’s fries right now go get those fries and just fit it into
your calories that’s how this journey is gonna be more sustainable like a lot of
people will restrict themselves and never get anything and just eat clean
it’s so restrictive that you end up binging and then you end up gaining all
your weight back so for me I eat clean like 80 percent of the time and then I
have my 20 percent dirty I guess you would call it you know I mean so I fit
things into my calories there are not necessarily healthy but they’re soul
food okay they make me happy they keep me alive in a way and you know they keep
me going whereas I’ve done it before Brian ate 100% clean and then it’s just
too restrictive and I literally end up binging and gaining like 50 pounds back
so I think a lot of people like we got to get out of the hole clean eating
trans like it’s just it’s way too overhyped and again I know people like I
literally know people who were like I need to lose weight
I gotta eat clean they ate clean for like six months and didn’t lose any
weight why because they were still eating too much food
it comes down to your portions and your calories the reason why clean eating
like people will lose weight off of clean eating without counting calories
is because typically when people do eat clean they will cut down their portions
anyways and that’s why you’ll lose weight cuz you’re cutting down your
calories I think a lot of people over complicate the process of weight loss
like I’ve been there and done that too where it’s like you think it’s so
complicated but listen weight loss is actually super simple it comes down to
how much you’re eating versus how much you’re burning so don’t worry about what
you’re eating and and and what order you’re eating it or what time you should
eat it or this or that like don’t overcomplicate it don’t overthink it
just simply stick to your calories eat what you love
obviously keep your health in mind it’s super important to eat your veggies and
your fruits and everything I also want to make a quick mention that I know I’m
saying it comes down to how much you’re eating you can eat up to 1400 calories
of donuts like I’m literally trying to make a point here because that’s how
true it is but what I will say is it’s hard to do that because those are empty
calories like if you have 14 mcDonald’s you’re gonna be hungry after
still because those calories are not nutritious so you are gonna be hungry so
it’s gonna be hard for you to stick to your calories whereas if you fill your
calories with greens veggies fruits lean like you know just good Whole Foods yes
you will still lose the same amount of weight as you lost with McDonald’s but
you’ll have a more enjoyable experience in a way because you’re not gonna be
hungry those foods keep you full they keep you energized so I do do want to
make a point when when I say that I don’t mean on the inside I just mean
literally scientifically if you took human a and human be fed them clean fed
the McDonald’s same amount of calories they would both lose weight that’s all
I’m trying to say but you know obviously those calories are super empty you’re
not gonna be full not very great protein just eat what you like keep it in
moderation everything is balanced I like to do the 80/20 you know 80 clean 20
dirty so someone asked me have you ever tried losing weight the unhealthy way
what are your views on eating disorders cool you guys I could go into this
honestly probably in a weight loss journey I’ve literally like gained
weight and lost weight and gained weight and lost it and gained and lost it my
entire life and I’ve done so many unhealthy diets I’ve battled my entire
life with like a bad relationship with food and I’ve had a little bit of a
run-in with an eating disorder I’m gonna go into like my story and everything in
a weight loss story and journey video but they’re tough you know it’s
definitely tough I’m still struggling with my food habits I want to have an
even better relationship with food I just have a really horrible relationship
with food though before but now I have like a better relationship with it it
seems like your weight loss journey started when you moved out to your own
place do you think it was easier to stay on track more when you have your own
space my biggest problem are the cupcakes my mom won’t stop buying girl I
hear you every time I go to my mom’s house there’s literally chocolate chip
banana muffins on the counter and I’m like why like I don’t know how my sister
Steph does it I think it’s because Steph doesn’t really like those types of food
so it doesn’t really tempt her but me oh I would be so tempted but I will say I’m
a firm believer and when you are focused and you have your goal and you want
something you’ll do anything and you’ll be there and you’ll get it because I’ve
lost weight before on my mom’s house and there was
all in the cupboards in the pantry when you want something you know when you’re
ready to do it you’ll do it is what I’m saying like you can’t force yourself
into this pull weight loss process life journey because you need to be ready
because when you’re mentally ready those things won’t really bother you so
someone asked me what my goal body fat percentage is so I don’t really have
like an exact number because the thing is I don’t know how I’m gonna look like
every single body and everybody is literally different you can’t really
compare bodies and you also can’t say to yourself okay I my goal weight is 120
cuz I don’t know how I’m gonna look at that stage but I can guess and I can
estimate I think I’m going to like it around maybe 18 maybe like like I know
no less than 15 maybe like 18 ish I’ll probably like it around that stage I
know for weight I’ll probably like myself around 115 120 again I’m only 5
foot 1 I’m a really small girl but I also do have pretty big chest and I have
a big butt so my weight is also to be taken that into consideration you never
really know how much you’re gonna weigh and how you’re gonna like yourself so
that’s why my goals are kind of just like estimates so someone actually just
asked me we’re just on topic of this what weight do you feel you’ll be happy
with I’m nearly double your weight and I feel that your weight now is great and a
healthy weight just makes me think is my goal weight still fat if yours is less
than 10 stone don’t at all want you to feel like I’m being rude I’m just stuck
no worries girl so I totally get that like I actually get this question a lot
a lot of you guys comment and you’re like please don’t lose any more weight
you look perfect how you are and then some of you guys comment like oh my god
your current weight is my goal weight so it makes you question your go away and
question if your whole way is too still too big or but love but again this comes
down to not being able to compare like you could take two people even the same
height who are 130 and 131 be her because she gains it in her stomach but
maybe this girl gains it in her butt and she looks good you know what I’m saying
so you really can’t compare it because the person who gains it in their stomach
is not going to like being 130 they’re gonna want to be more like 115 and
that’s me I hold weight in my tummy area and I
also hold weight in my arms in my face so X
your weight doesn’t look good I mean my butt stays pretty like big like I don’t
really lose that much weight there so I’m like good in that area but I’ll
that’s why I like I like a lower lower weight because I know that the lower I
go it’ll mostly come off my stomach and come off my face so I know a lot of you
guys tell me don’t lose any more weight but please keep in mind that like this
journey is my own and I can only make that decision for myself and I know a
lot of you guys think like oh my god are you gonna go ahead and become like a
toothpick no but also you guys have to keep in mind the photos that I post on
social media when you post a photo on social media it’s your best angle you
look your best in that moment but you guys don’t see me naked at the end of
the day when I take my clothes off and I’m naked and I look in the mirror I
have a lot of extra fat on my stomach and there’s a lot like I have like that
pouch at the bottom my stomach that’s like there that I still need to lose I
have weight there to still lose my arms are not horrible but as you can see here
they’re still like they’re not horrible but like there’s still a little bit a
little bit chunky you know again we all have different preferences and different
ideas and views when I count calories should I focus on hitting my macros so
focusing on hitting your macros is excellent it’s actually super awesome
but I personally it doesn’t work for me not physically it would physically work
for me but mentally it doesn’t work for me because it’s a bit too not
restrictive but a bit too detailed and a bit too obsessive when I count macros
it’s like okay not only are you watching your calories now you have to watch your
proteins your fats your carbs that’s four things your girl’s gotta count now
like it’s just too obsessive for me to detailed and I end up feeling very
restricted I end up feeling very mentally drained and it almost gives me
a little bit of like bad food habit vibes like it doesn’t work well for me
mentally well I want to make the one thing clear too when you count macros
you are counting calories macros are in calories what I like to do is I just
count my calories and I watch my protein so I keep a very mindful I on my protein
make sure that proteins up and then naturally the rest will fall into place
so that’s pretty much it for the questions but I do have some topics that
I want to touch on that I forgot to mention last time and go over last time
so I wrote down here tips on avoiding plateaus so I did talk about plateaus in
the last video it’s really important for you guys to watch part 1 because I go
into why the body plateaus how you can fix it so
plateaus naturally happen to everybody but I want to give you tips on how to
like avoid it as much as possible it will eventually happen but if you can
prolong that process before you reach there here’s some tips so my favorite
way is to do little calorie kicks that I call these calorie kicks what I like to
do is every two weeks or so what I do is let’s say like for example my calories
is 12 to 1300 a day I’ll throw in 1400 calorie days so just over eat by a
little bit you know throw in a little bit of extra calories in there then go
back to 1200 for a few days and then throw in 1400 in there and then I’ll do
that like twice in one month so just like twice like not a lot but throwing
in those extra little days you guys have no idea how much it’ll help you’ll
actually lose more weight now tell you why your metabolism gets very
comfortable when it’s losing weight so you want to almost make it shock it up a
little bit you know spice it up like throw it some throw it a little bit of
extra food here and there to keep your metabolism happy so that it doesn’t stop
so that I can lose more and actually on those days when I eat 1400 calories and
I weigh myself the next day those are the days when I lose an extra pound
another tip too is when I go to the gym I like to switch up like my reps and my
weights for so for example my typical routine is I like to heavy weight lifts
so what I do is I pick up the heaviest weight that is challenging for me I only
do 4 to 6 reps of that the next time I’ll be like you know what I’m gonna go
a little bit lighter this time I’m not gonna go heavier I’m gonna pick up a
lighter weight but do higher reps this time and then the next time I’ll pick up
an extremely heavy weight and just do two reps I’ll throw in a little bit of
extra cardio one week a little bit of extra weight lifting one week so I
pretty much like to keep my workout routine sporadic and different this
helps to keep my metabolism guessing and moving so that it’s not always the same
I’ve personally found that this has really helped me lose more weight so I
also wanted to go over this because I get a lot of questions on this so a lot
of you guys asked me when it comes to calorie counting do you adjust your
calories every day depending on how much you workout no so when you calculate
your calories through the calculator it actually includes the amount that you
work out till you stick to that number you don’t adjust it daily also I want to
address under eating because I know that a lot of people will
eat on their calories just to lose more weight now that can actually have the
opposite effect not only is it bad for your health you’re really messing up
your organs it’s really bad for your health you’re also when you’re under
eating and you’re losing to weight too fast you’re actually losing more muscle
than you are losing fat so the goal is to lose fat not muscle sometimes if you
under eat too much or metabolism will go into kind of like a shock to protect
itself and you’ll end up not losing any weight at all I know a lot of you guys
think overeating is like the culprit but under eating can be just as bad as
overeating you want to feed your body the right amount to nourish itself but
still be able to lose weight so the last question I have someone asked me is
what’s been the hardest place for me to lose weight oh my god you guys the
hardest place for me to lose weight is the weirdest place ever and it’s my
armpit fat okay I’m gonna show it to you guys right now most of you guys probably
notice it let’s try to really get naked here for you guys you see that right
here oh my god and it’s worse when I wear a bra right now have like a little
sports bra on and when I wear a bra it does this and I have like that it’s hard
to show you guys but I have like that fat little roll right here and honestly
I don’t know if that’s ever gonna go away so I might just be HAP might just
have to be something that I can accept because honestly I’ve seen people who
are really slim and like lean and they have that armpit fat and then I’ve seen
people who are like chubby ER and just a bigger girl and then they have smooth
armpits and they don’t have fat there so my body just chooses to store fat there
and it’s been really hard to get off so pray for me guys please say a prayer
every single night that I eventually lose this armpit fat thank you my face
has actually lost a lot of fat surprisingly I’m really happy about that
because my face got so big at one point you guys I wonder if I can grab a photo
and put it here for you guys to see it was so choake I naturally have like a
very square shaped face but my cheeks like right here get so chubby and
bloated when I gain weight so actually I’m really happy with how much my face
has lost it actually continues to get smaller every few weeks when I look at
my face I can tell that it’s gone smaller so that hasn’t been an issue for
me at all so that’s pretty much it I hope you guys enjoyed watching a part
two of the Q&A and I think that answered like a lot of questions in the last one
and in this so you should be good to go like I see I
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bye guys mmm say bye shake-a-baby say bye bye guys


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