Pain from Sitting Too Long? These 5 Tips Can Help – Ask Doctor Jo

hey everybody its Doctor Jo. do you get
booty pain from sitting for a long time? if you do, here are five ways to help
prevent that. so let’s get started. so the best way to help prevent booty and leg pain when you’re sitting for a long time
is to get up and walk around, but if you can’t do that, maybe you don’t have time,
or maybe you’re not supposed to if you’re at work, I’m going to show you
just five really easy ways to kind of help prevent that. so the first one is
just a hip flexion while you’re sitting down. so even if you’re at a desk typing,.
it’s really easy, all you have to do is just kind of marching while you’re
sitting. and if you haven’t already make sure you click on the subscribe button
down there. so this is pretty easy to d,.o and what it
does is it allows you to take some pressure under and off underneath the
legs down there. and the reason for that is because if you’re sitting for a
really long time and there’s pressure there, then sometimes numbness and
tingling go down. so this is really easy to do., you might have to slide back a
little bit if you’re at a desk depending on how high your desk is, but you can
just start off with like 10 on each side, five on each side, whatever is
comfortable for you. but you can do that several times a day. so then the second
one is what we call a long arc quad. and so basically it’s just kicking your legs
straight out. so now you’re doing this movement. so again you might have to
slide back a little bit if you’re working at a desk if there’s not much
room underneath your desk, but you don’t have to go super fast or super slow.
you’re really just trying to get that movement in your legs. so going back and
forth like this that helps work those quad muscles just to get that blood
flowing in your legs so they don’t fall asleep and get tired and things like
that. so this one’s pretty easy as well. so again 5-10 on each side,
several times throughout the day, and that’s just gonna work really well to
keep that blood flow and keep that booty from not getting so painful while you’re
sitting. so the third one is using a seat cushion. and so the folks at cyber Bay
sent me their your Yokaro seat cushion. so these are really great. what I like about
seat cushions especially if you are sitting in a chair that’s not super comfortable or firm, it just helps take pressure off
your booty and your legs and so it can help with a lot of things like sciatic
pain. it also helps get correct posture. so if
you’re feeling like you’re slumping down, these kind of cushions especially with
the opening there just kind of help put you in a better position. so it’s really
really great. I like this one, you can see it’s different than some of the other
ones you might have seen because there’s a little more contour here, and it even
has some in the back, and what I really like about that is sometimes with other
cushions, I’ve heard people say that they tend to slide around on that a little
bit, and this really just helps you get your booty right in here and it doesn’t
slide as much. so that’s really nice. the cover is super soft, so especially if
maybe you’re wearing shorts or something, it’s really nice and soft on the skin, so
I like that as well. as you can see here the opening is great especially if you
have some coccyx pain. if you’ve had a fracture of your coccyx or your tailbone,
that’s what that is you know that it’s really uncomfortable to sit on something
if you’ve had that fracture. if you have some pain in there. so this opening just
helps take the pressure off of that and it’s really great and it’s really
comfortable. you can also see on the back here that it has some silicon dots
to help prevent the sliding. and you can see here that there’s a strap that
actually goes around the chair, so that helps it hold into place as well. so
that’s nice and you can also take the cover off and wash it if it gets dirty.
so this is really great and as you can see when I sit here my legs go in that
contour, so it helps prevent all that pressure on the legs where sometimes you
might get that pain going down your legs. so really comfortable. if you’re
interested in purchasing it you can click on the link up there. so the fourth
one is another really simple one you can do while you’re sitting, it’s just kind
of a heel toe raise. so going up lifting up your heels and then coming up lifting
up your toes. so just alternating back and forth. and this one especially since
it’s so easy to do. I say do it a lot throughout the day because this helps
also prevent blood clots and those DVTs or blood clots which people call can be
very scary. they can be be deadly if not treated properly and
quickly, so this just helps keep that blood flowing, moving those calf muscles
making those calf muscles contract and relax helps increase that blood flow
just to work everything and keep it flowing so that blood doesn’t clot in
one area. so those are very very important to do. so the last one is just
a simple sit to stand. so if you really don’t have time or you’re not allowed to get up
and walk around, it’s pretty easy just to do a couple sit to stands at your desk.
so just you know get out a little bit from your desk or wherever you are, and
just do stand and then sitting back down. really kind of going slow and controlled.
so you’re not just plopping back down. so you’re getting a little bit of exercise
while you’re doing it. you can just do five or ten if you want to, but if you
want to do a little bit more it’s a great way just to get that blood flow
going. get your heart rate going a little bit because if you’re sitting for a long
time, you really kind of need to get everything moving in there. so that’s
really a simple great one to do. so there you have it. those are some simple
ways to help with booty and leg pain when you’re sitting for a long time. if
you’re interested in purchasing the seat cushion, make sure and click on the link
up here. and don’t forget to subscribe by clicking down here. and remember be safe (keep that booty happy), have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.


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