P90X3 Review – Top 7 FAQs of P90X3

P90X3 Review — Top 7 FAQs of P90X3 Hi guys, its Greg with Get FIt With Greg.
And today I have my P90X3 review for you and we are going old school. Today I have some
notes on a little clipboard so I don’t miss out on anything. We are going to do the top
7 FAQs for P90X3. I started on P90X back in 2009 in seven rounds
and it became P90X Certified. It is safe to say I love the program. I love Tony Horton
(in the normal kind of way). He changed my life because I really look at fitness and
nutrition in a whole different manner than I did when I first started. Let’s jump right into the top 7 P90X3 FAQs
for my P90X3 review. 1. There are 20 workouts compared to P90X1
which was just the 12. And they are considered accelerated this time. That is the word we
are going to use — accelerated. Accelerated P90X3.
2. Less than 30 minutes apiece. That was one of the biggest complaints about P90X2 or even
the first. Are you kidding me? Yoga for 90 minutes? So they wrestled around with the
30 minutes to see if that could actually keep the P90X Extreme Workout — Extreme Success
brand. And it worked brilliantly. They had about 40 people in the beta test and 39 of
them lost more than 10% of their body fat. Crazy!
3. Some of the longer workouts require a long work up or a long cool down but with P90X3
there is a warm up DVD. So if you are in a cold environment you throw that in, get all
warmed up, and then you move into the workout. 4. This is not a graduate program — P90X3.
It is for everyone pretty much. So if you can do 30 minutes and really pour yourself
into that you can start anywhere unlike the P90X2 which was more considered a graduate
program from the original or P90X1. 5. There are free bonuses. Once this is released
to those of you who purchase the P90X3 through a coach. I’m a coach. I can help you out with
that. I’ll put a link below this video that will have a little email box that you can
get on that little list. So I’ll send out an email to everyone notifying you that it
is out now, that you can jump on now because if you miss out on the initial rush or the
shipment of the P90X3 you may have to wait. This happened with P25 — Shawn T’s program
— where some people had to wait up to six weeks before they could actually get their
DVDs and get started. I don’t know about you but when I am excited about something like
this, the P90X3, I want to jump in and get started. This is natural excitement. People
ask me are you really excited about the P90X3 and the answer is “Yes of course I am excited.
Why wouldn’t I be because I’ve done these workouts numerous times? I lost 30 pounds.
I lost five inches off my waist. My confidence went up and all that stuff. So of course it
is just a natural thing. Why wouldn’t I not be excited with this?”
6. Nutrition Plan is for everyone. I don’t know all the details yet but the way Tony
defines it is there is a plan for those that really want to count every single detail of
the nutrition plan on their calories and there is one that is maybe a little bit more lenient
for their calories and their intake and all that sort of thing. So I will have more details
on that when it does come out and is released to the public.
7. The most important, of course, is when does it ship? When do I get this? It is shipping
out December 10, 2013 and thereafter. So you can insure that you have your DVD and you
can get started right before Christmas and you can start those New Year’s resolutions
as well. So I’m excited obviously. P90X3 — come on,
bring it on Tony, let’s go, let’s do this thing already. Make sure that you get on this
list so that I can update you. If you have any questions at all I’m a coach. I’ve been
a coach for awhile. I can answer all those questions for you. And let’s do this thing.
I’ll talk to you soon.


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