P90X3 Review, Modified, Tip – Day 39 #p90x3 X3 Yoga

Good morning friends and workout buddies! It’s more than just exercise, it’s your life!
Yes! What good is life if you’re going around being sick all the time, having joint problems,
having high blood pressure, or high cholesterol, been diabetic and on and on and on. Get busy, start exercising, start eating clean.
Get your free team #Beachbody membership. I will be assigned as your coach, put you
in my free online fitness group and I will help guide you from there. Today is #P90X3 review, modified, and tips
day 39 and #TonyHorton is having us do X3 Yoga. I love this yoga and I can tell you
right now I can feel it in some of my joints, I need it today! So let’s get going. OK I was definitely feeling it in my joints
today. Didn’t do anything as far as sweat but I definitely felt it in my bones, and
in my joints, and my sinews, and my muscles, everywhere I felt it! Please leave me some comments. Subscribe for
future exercises, modifications, tips, #Beachbodycoaching information. You all have a super fantastic
day and we’ll see you tomorrow.


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