P90X3 REVIEW: Day 2 (Agility X)

>>DAVE: What’s up guys? It’s Dave and today is Day 2 of P90X3. And I’m doing Agility X today. Don’t really know what to expect because I haven’t previewed this DVD. I do recommend you preview the DVDs. In particular, Total Synergistics was super tricky and there was some stuff in there that I’ve just never seen before, but I’ve been watching the Pipeline Masters on my computer. Oh, this guy just got a killer wave. Pipeline Masters on my computer so I haven’t had a chance to preview the DVD yet. I’m gonna do the workout just cold and we’ll see how it goes. One question I have been getting a lot from people is what type of shoes to wear while doing P90X3. Tony talks about it a little bit in the “How to Accelerate” DVD, which is sort of the explanation of the program and the equipment and all that type of stuff. But, you want to get shoes that are gonna be good going side-to-side. A lot of people try and wear running shoes when they’re doing a program like this. Running shoes are really made to go forward, and you want shoes that are made to go side-to-side. So, like tennis shoes or cross-training shoes. What I really recommend you to do is go to Roadrunner or, you know, Foot Locker… any good shoe retailer and tell ’em what you’re doing. You know? Tell them you’re doing P90X or P90X3 or Insanity or whatever program you’re doing. And, tell ’em you need the shoes that are gonna be good side-to-side and have some cushion ’cause you’re gonna be going up and down. Okay? And, get the right shoes. That’s the main thing. I have running shoes. I wear Brooke’s running shoes. I love those shoes. They’re just not for this type of workout. So, I’ll film a little bit of video of this workout. You can get an idea kind of what I’m talking about. I think you’ll see, it’s really more side-to-side than it is like a running motion. So, just make sure you guys get the right shoes. So, that’s it for me. I’m gonna polish of this Energy and Endurance and get after it.>>P90X3 WORKOUT NARRATOR, TONY HORTON [in the background]>>DAVE: See what I don’t want running shoes? Wow, that’s tricky. Alright, so that is Day 2 of P90X3…Agility X. Fun workout. Not anywhere near as tricky as yesterday. Yesterday, if you saw that video, there were some really tricky moves. You know, the sort of rolling over crunch side arm balance sort of things were pretty tricky. This was really pretty straight forward. Kind of like Plyometrics. Some push-ups mixed in. You saw a little bit of that. Good workout. Really fun. And, I’m gonna wrap it up now because I wanna go watch the Pipeline Masters. Mick Fanning just got in the water so, I am out! Take care!


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