P90X3 Launch Bonuses And Freebies

I know its funny Tony, I know, but the thing
its humor that’s been used for a long time, yours. Gummy, potato soup, I know that stuff
is funny but I think it is time to mix it up. Yea, yea, I’m sorry to break it to you
but it’s for some new humor especially with 30 minute workouts you are going to have to
be a little quick with the humor. I have some good stuff. I’m going to send it to you. Yes,
yes, yes. I’m going to send it to you as soon as I get done with this phone call. Alright,
bye. Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony — he’s funny. We talk all the time but no big deal.
Oh Tony you are funny. Anyhow, I’m Greg from Get Fit With Greg. And
I am here today to pass along really quickly a couple of the freebies that you are going
to get with P90X3 from purchasing through a coach. Ready? These are my exclusive offers
to you for purchasing P90X3. The first thing is a P90X3 hat. Just put a little 3 in there.
This is not the hat but it is pretty similar to this. It’s going to have the orange logo
lettering across there. As you can see I wear this way too often and it’s really starting
to be really dirty. I’m ready to put a new P90X3 hat on myself. So you get that. The second thing is a P90X3 one on one workout
from Tony Barton. Very similar — this is one of my old ones that I have, but basically
what he has is the workout that he has from his home work out gym. It is just him and
the camera and he gets a little goofy sometimes and he does air guitar and all kinds of fun
stuff. So it’s Tony being Tony. One on one with him workout and that is a free bonus
workout for you with P90X3. The third thing and last is the Challenge
Group. A lot of times people buy P90X, buy P90X3 and they put it on the shelf probably.
And they just well you know I’m going to get to it when I get to it. But we know that that
doesn’t really seem to work. Hmm, working out with it just sitting on the desk – I’m
not losing any weight, I’m not gaining any muscle, I’m not really sure why. We need accountability
and that is why I have a Facebook group all set up for you. It’s all raring to go. It
is a private group in that we are going to keep you in shape; we are going to keep you
on track. I am a P90X certified coach and we have all kinds of other certified people
in this group and all kinds of other people who have been through numerous programs that
can help push you and suggest different recipes and all kinds of different things within this
group to keep you on track because we are not going to let you fall off. So that is the accountability group but last…I
even have one other thing – the Challenge Pack people. Those of you that purchase the
Challenge Pack, which is the discounted pack option which has Shakeology, it has a 30 day
club membership and also the P90X3 program and that is even discounted for the month.
The first two days starting the 10th and the 11th if you buy a Challenge Pack through me
($30.00 value) E&E. This is the pre-workout drink. Energy and Endurance, lemon/lime, it
is excellent. You take a couple scoops of this before your workout, get all hopped up,
and you are ready to rock out some workouts. That is all the info. I’m going to include
that below this video. So check it out. If you have any questions make sure you message
me. But follow the links and it will give you all the information. We are going to get
you ready to rock and roll with a little P90X3. So I have some work to do. I’ve got to call
Tony back. Talk soon. Hey Tony, yea, what’s going on?

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