P90X2 Yoga Review

Hey, Guys. It’s Dave. And I just finished Yoga X from the P90X2 series. This is the first workout I have done from
a P90X2. As you know, what I’m sort of doing is previewing a lot of the workouts. It’s December 12th today. So, January second is going to be when we
start X2. Get that two, it’s the second… anyway. So, I’m just kind of going through doing the
DVDs. Was on a trip to Portland to go to see some
old friends this weekend. You know, flights delayed, got home late, woke up, had to get the kids to school, feeling a little bit burned out. And I had plan to just kind of do them in
sequence and a core is the first one, but decided to go for the yoga, listening
to my body. Really, really happy, with what Tony did,
with the new yoga program. Major complaints about the yoga program from
P90X were: first of all that it was too long. So, instead of 90 minutes, this one is about
65 minutes. And then also that it was too hard. A lot of people tell me there are… there
is so much of that I can’t do, that I end up fast forwarding a lot, which is very disruptive, when you are trying
to do something like yoga, that requires you to just sort of be there and be concentrated on what you are doing. I found this was, certainly not an easy workout, but it was not as hard as yoga from the previous
yoga, from P90X. Now, I’ve done that yoga and I’ve done a lot
of other yoga classes, so, that may have factored into, sort of how
I viewed this. But I really, really, liked it. Mainly a liked is, a majority of the positions, you are doing, what’s… what this commonly
is  referred to as flow yoga. Where you are moving fairly quickly and you
are coordinating your breath with the movement. So, rather than getting into a position, holding
that position; if you’ve done a patients hummingbird, it’s
not like that. It’s much quicker movements, it flows really
nicely. A little bit of ab work, some balance stuff; a little bit of balance
stuff, like warrior or tree type poses. But just generally, good old fashioned yoga. I feel really good right now. And I am just thrilled. I’m just so happy
to have it. And be back doing yoga again. I’ve been doing… most of the workouts I’ve
been doing, have been from Shantie’s Asylum series. So, I’ve been doing a lot of bouncing around, haven’t been doing a lot of stretching. And definitely, you know, I could feel my
hamstrings, my hips, you know, the typical areas, that
you get tied in. So, super stoked to have yoga back and really
happy with X2. If you’re interesting in joining me on one
of my challenge groups, starting again on January 2nd, let me know. My email is here on the screen. [email protected] I would love to have you as the part of our
group. Thanks, guys, we’ll see you another day, with another review.


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