Overview of Asana’s Culture

I think a lot of places want you to
bring this kind of cookie cutter professionalism to work we really
encourage people to bring their full selves to work with all their quirks and
many Asanas have many quirks we think that unlocks a lot of creative potential
and people also what a lot of companies you’ll get punished if you speak
uncomfortable truths here we really encourage and celebrate people doing
that another cool feature of the of the culture is autonomy so I think we’ve
probably all been at companies where decision making gets bottlenecks because
it’s all concentrated in this small number of executives at Asana we try to
push the decision-making as much as possible to the people who are actually
doing the real work and in fact to the point where when we draw our org chart
we put the CEO at the bottom rather than at the top it’s like a tree that grows
outward where the the fruit of the tree are the individual contributors who are
actually doing the real work and managers rather than being your boss or
more of these branches that people who are there to support you in doing your
best work

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