Outdoor Agility Training : Outdoor Jump Rope for Agility Training

Basic outdoor agility drill. Interval training,
jump rope. The oldest exercise in the book. What you want to do is focus on keeping your
core engaged and only going at your own fitness level. Again, if you’re not Mohammad Ali,
I’m not expecting you to go back and forth. If you’re just a basic person just getting
back into the swing of things, you keep your body in motion. Always in motion. Chest upright,
always in motion. Now with that same jump rope, you could go, bring it down onto the
floor, make a line with it, and you could go into, over, over, over, over, just to have
a guide of what you want to do laterally. Over, over, over. Bring that jump rope back
up and go right back into that jump rope again. Because what the thing is, what you want to
focus on, is constantly keeping your body moving. So that you can stay warm and that
you get the best exercise possible.

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