Oral Care Device: YAMEIDA | World’s Smallest Smart Water Flosser – Health & Fitness Gadgets And Apps

hi I’m James one of the designers of this water flosser now various water flosser products on the market there looks very heavy and I’m not convenient to be carry total cost a limited use of the most of the water flosser products here is the smallest smart water flosser in the world Yaya is what we present a delicate water flosser subvert previous products hope you can grow beyond tools become your life partner as you can see it’s the same science with common use the lipsticks you can port it into the backpack pocket handbag carry on and use it anytime yummy dog can be used so easily oh we need three snaps open the protective cover open bottom injection door hot inside part out from outside case open the side cabin door take out the spray hat ensure the spray hat into the hall turn over the device body at mouthwash water or drinking water clothes bottom injection door press one button button enter the using status the storage tank capacity army Tom we accurate to be measured investigated a large number of target users only four do the most appropriate capacity of the one mouth water spy small size of llamada water flosser but water pusher are still very strong high fishin for powerful oral clam and wit not leaked any bad angles care for your teeth in all directions your teeth need cleaning and care can take it out to use in any time in any place confidence beautiful fresh elegant delicate Yami da to your of quality learn more please search Amida give you higher quality life [Music]

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