Oprah Shocks Superfan Tiffany Haddish

So you let Oprah leave. She left. I heard s screaming through
my dressing room door. I was in my dressing room– Ellen. Yeah, I was like, Ellen. I was like, where’s my security? Hey, girl, hey. Uh-huh. Yeah, Oprah left. You had a business
proposition for her, and I forgot what it was. Oh, it was about vegetables. Yes, yes. Tiff and O’s vegetables,
because I know she got– I been checking out pictures
and stuff and doing my research, and I see she got a lot of land. She got a lot of garden, right? So I only got a
little bit of garden. My garden is in the hood. So I had came up with
a whole business plan, right, with mostly her
vegetables, and then some of mine. And the we just go to
different farmers markets, and we just, you know, go
ahead and do our thing. So I got the business. See how she got– she
got more vegetables. She probably got actual
farmers working at hers. [LAUGHING] [? More ?]
than farmers. It’s just me, and
my brother at mine. But we go to different farmers
markets across the country. Right? Right. And we bring our
vegetables, and we set up– Tiff and O’s. Tiff and O’s. I like that. Yeah, because I’m probably going
to be doing most of the work. Uh-huh. [LAUGHING] All right. So your name comes first. Yeah, my name’s first. Because I feel like she’s
not going to show up. Uh-huh. I see. Did you write to her? Have you written to her? OK. So let me tell you. OK. So back in the day, when I was
a professional extra and photo double– Uh-huh. Because you know, I didn’t
just come out of nowhere. No. I’ve been in this business. No, you’re an extra. Walking around in
the back, smiling. Uh-huh. And I did this movie called
Their Eyes Were Watching God, and I was an extra. And it was a movie that
Oprah was producing. And she had walked by. And I was making all the
other extras laugh and stuff. I was telling jokes. And she was like, you’re
a very funny young lady. I was like, [VOCALISED GASPING] Yeah. And she was like,
what’s your name? I said, my name is
Tiffany Haddish, and I’m a standup comedian. And she said, well, keep
me updated on your career. Write me. Let me know what
you got going on. I love comedy. I say, oh, yeah. I know. I know her. And so I would write her, right? Right. And I never got any reply. Nothing? And I think it’s because there
was a lot of misspellings or something. Because you know, I
wasn’t a good reader at that time, so definitely
not a good writer. I see. But I’m better now. Well, she– But she never wrote back. I wonder why. Let’s ask her why she
didn’t write back. Oprah, why didn’t
you write back? I didn’t write back because– [CHEERING] [SCREAMING] I love you. Oh, oh, oh. Hey, babe. She didn’t leave. Sit down. Sit down. You didn’t leave. Of course I didn’t leave. I’m so happy for you, girl. So this is the deal. I love you. Oh. [LAUGHING] You are so, so, so good. Thank you. You’re so, so, so– come on. You told me that
before in a dream. You know, it’s true. It’s true. You know, I ask questions, and
I answer them in your voice. Really? Yes. Oh. You done told me
right so many times. I’m so proud of you. I’m so proud of you. I’m so proud of you. [CRYING] No, so proud of you. This is big. This is big. You know what? I lost the letter. I never made– But I sent you, like, six. [LAUGHING] Everybody knows on my team– I love her. Everybody on my team– I don’t even write
people letters. No, this is the thing. Everybody on my team
knows, like I used to have blue cards going out. They know, don’t give me
the blue cards because I’ll stop in the bathroom, I leave
them there, I’ll lay them down. So never send a letter to me. I’ll tell you who to send it to. OK. Should I write Gayle? Cuz I sent her one. You sent her one too? Well, how you doing? I’m so happy. I’m good. It’s nothing but opportunity
in the world right now. Yes, yes, yes. Opportunity in the
world right now. You know, when I
woke up today, I just knew it was gonna be magical. It is, it is. I knew it. I looked at myself
in the mirror. I said, girl, today is
going to be a magical day. Yes. And so the Tiff and O
plan, the Tiff and O plan– Yes. [APPLAUSE] I know– I have– I hate to interrupt. Listen– we’re going
to take a break. And when we come back, we’re
doing a cooking segment with Tiff and O’s. Yes. And I’ll be there too. OK. All right? I brought vegetables. We’ll be back. You did?


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