on the go cardio

Hi there, fit girls and boys. I’m Aranka,
I’m founder of online community Fitgirlcode and brand ambassador of citizenM. Together with my fellow fit girls, I’ve made it my life’s
mission to make the world a healthier place, one exercise at a time. Just like you, I’m super busy and I travel a lot,
but it doesn’t mean we can’t stay fit and healthy together. I’ve created this quick cardio blast
for you to do anywhere, anytime. Do this workout with me and you’ll
feel stronger and more energized. It’s really easy, just follow my lead
and let’s get started. Let’s get warmed up with some cardio. Either sprint through the corridor or sprint
outside, or if you want to stay in your room, sprint on the spot and imagine you’re
running towards a great big doughnut. I mean, healthy smoothie, of course. Ten more seconds! Five more seconds! Three, two, one
and you’re done. Bring your feet together and
your hands at your side. Now step your right foot back
and start to bend your knees. Now pop up and bring your legs back together.
Let’s try that on the other side. The knee of your back leg should be
almost touching the ground. Don’t forget to keep your abs tight and focus forward.
Go as fast or as slow as you like… the slower, the harder it is. That’s it, just five more on each side. Only three more to go! One more! Yeah, you did it! Let’s work those abs. Start in plank position
with your shoulders straight above your wrist. Now bring your knee to your nose.
Let’s do this for 30 seconds. Keep breathing. Only 10 more seconds! Five more seconds!
Three, two, one and you’re done. Time to work your legs
and butt one more time. Start by standing with your feet hip-width apart
and your arms in front of you. Now start to squat down as if you’re going to sit on a chair.
Keep your knees above your feet. Try to get in a 90-degree angle.
Now tighten your abs on the way up. Let’s do 20. That’s it! Keep going. Yes, you made it!
Only two more exercises to go. Start in a straight position with your
legs together and arms by your side. Now jump both feet out and bring your
arms up so you’re in the form of an X. Look straight ahead and keep breathing. Okay, now as fast as you can. Ten more seconds left. Just five more seconds! You did it! Time for the final move, an ab-blaster,
the bicycle crunch. Let’s do 20 of each side.
Make sure to crunch those abs. Just five more!
Come on, you can do it. Just one more on each side.
Awesome! You made it. Wow! That’s was a tough one. Well done!
Did you manage to keep up or do you need a little more? If you do, you can do this exercise
once or twice more. I really hope that you can kick butt today
or you can get some well deserved sleep.

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