Omad Diet Results | 1500 Calories OMAD [Day 4] Weight Loss Challenge

hi it’s Mieka Fasting weight loss and
this is day four results of my fasting weight loss challenge I’m doing
different fasting methods I made out a little chart of what I’m doing and on
Fridays which was yesterday I’m supposed to do 1500 calories OMAD
OMAD one meal 1500 calories was a major fail yesterday and that’s
really embarrassing because 1500 calories of the life however I didn’t
want to eat till have to work and I woke up hungry I woke up hungry and I don’t
get hunger like that is very rare I think it’s because I had five hundred
and seventy calories on Thursday and I’ve been doing so much exercise I think
that’s why I woke up Friday from 100 so I was like okay you’re gonna be good I’m
gonna show you pictures of two things I ate I decided I’m gonna just eat two
meals and I’m still gonna had it up to 1,500 that was a huge major field too so
I went to the grocery store on the way to work and I got umm I’m tired
it’s like 851 today’s supposed to be fasting I’m not going to talk about that
but I work from 10 8 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. I just got home I’m just really tired but
I want to get this video out since I didn’t do it this morning I’m just gonna
just cut this really short I did horrible yesterday however the winds are
I did go to the gym um I don’t remember what I did like all I know is I did an
hour I did at least an hour of 45 minutes in the gym I don’t even remember
when I went I think I did go to plan of fitness
I don’t think I went to the YMCA I don’t even remember then I also went to the
gym this morning before I weighed because I didn’t want it to be
outrageous so I went this morning too and what else I did not eat any buns I
did not I didn’t go any fast food and get buns I didn’t
in my usual binge sabotage which is like two big giant ice creams a whole bunch
of different fast food I didn’t do that I did cook sweet potato which already
wanted I know I wanted a big hefty meal to carry me through the weekend of no
food so I had mozzarella stick in a kind bar that’s what I have on the way to
work at work I just wanted food so bad I got a spicy
pickle that was zero calories and then I was disappointed in myself because I had
already planned out my meal and now because I ate those things I couldn’t
have a dessert with my meal you guys I don’t know I was just being spoiled so I
just messed up but I chose I don’t think what did I have with the sweet potato
oh I did go to chick-fil-a I had um four chicken strips and I had eight Nuggets
and I had the sauces anyway I’m happy with what my weight have what happened
with my weight that’s not everything I had I just am feeling too tired to even
try to remember it and I didn’t write it down because it was bad
okay but it was a I still feel like I saved myself from a bench okay
so yesterday morning I was to nineteen point six I had lost a pound hope you
could see that and then this morning I was to twenty point two so after doing
bad yesterday I’ve only gained oh man the math how much is that – four I
gained 0.6 I’m really happy with that because I didn’t sabotage the way I
usually would if I’d be like up five pounds because I would eat so much food
so that’s what happened and here’s a few pictures and tomorrow I will see you God
willing you


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