OLYMPIA TRANSFORMATION: Ep.03 Shredding & Prep Dieting

what’s up everybody
I am so excited we are 5 weeks out from the Olympia this is already been an
amazing journey but I’m so psyched for these two weeks these are the two weeks
you are gonna see the most drastic changes in my body I’m seeing it every
single day now and I’m feeling frickin phenomenal so I’m so excited to share with
you guys my shredding tips these couple weeks were gonna talk about prep dieting, were gonna talk about all of the shredding supplements I take And just my key secrets on how are you gonna transform your body best. Man, not gonna lie, that body? you lookin’
mind-blowing. you’ve got me all the way pumped up bro yup, see you at the O so first if you have been going through this journey with me thus far and you’ve
been sticking to it these next two weeks while they are going to be the most gratifying
because you’re gonna get to see new lines you have phenomenal energy when
you’re seeing yourself seeing the transformation starting to really take
place you gotta make sure you’re always focusing on this your mind has to be
that you need to continually do the things that got you to this point you
can’t leave mind start to slip where your thinking about all the cheat foods that you’ve been missingor forgetting to contact your buddies your accountability crew all those
things have to stay in place or else you will slip and you’re gonna lose this
phenomenal momentum you’ve created Lets talk about diet, I’m gonna give you a
whole bunch of foods that are great for you while you’re trying to eat clean
these are the good carbs the good proteins and the good fats that you need
to have as the majority of your calories I want to strongly suggest you don’t go
so crazy as to eat things like boiled chicken and boring foods that you
know you can’t keep up with you know that’s not a long-term solution that is
a solution where yes you’re gonna get results the minute you start introducing
real foods back in in large amounts you can put everything back on and you’re
gonna be so upset and you’re gonna wreck your hormones
this isn’t about eating frickin’ boiled chicken every day have you seen me eat boiled chicken once? never find good sauces I’m always a huge fan of Frank’s Red Hot
Sauce Frank’s Buffalo hot sauce. Those are calorie free I pour that BLEEP on everything so again were gonna list a whole bunch of food you can eat
those should make up the majority of your calories try your best not to be
eating the ice creams and the candies and the simple sugar you get rid of those
for four weeks you will feel so much better and it’s easier to continue
without more broccoli you need to up your broccoli intake now don’t do it
raw raw broccoli yeah it feels like it rips the guts it feels like you’ve got
gas all day long blanched broccoli, that means you put it
in boiling water for 10 to 15 seconds it looks bright green all the nutrients are
activated to make a huge difference in how much you get roughage in your system
cleansing you but also keeping you satiated, that means keeping you fuller
longer so you have less cravings for the sugars you feel fuller until your next
meal so broccoli is key Hi Markus, Jamie here
I am about to meal prep for the week and naturally I thought of you when I saw
that broccoli was on the list so working hard training hard
following your lead and thank you for the constant inspiration it truly means
a lot I am so excited united with my Magnum family in a few short weeks at
the Olympia so on that note I’m gonna go cook this broccoli and get to work sup Markus Hey Markus I’m using my rest day to practice my
posing what are you doing tonight Hey Markus, Justine here. 2 of my favourite supplements that are getting me through prep this time around are Magnum Heat®
this is the best thermogenic fat burner in my opinion I love it and Magnum’s Mane Brain® this guy here is making sure that I stay focused especially when I’m in a
caloric deficit super excited because the Olympia Magnum photo shoot is only
40 days away it’s time to make things happen! so I may not be at head office
and have access to the candy shop but I’ve got a pretty decent candy shop of
my own because you cycle most Magnum products what I like to do is put
everything in a pill case for whatever I’m taking for that time so cutting
whether I’m building whether I’m just maintaining so I have all of my
supplements in here and I can take it with me wherever I go we’re finally here at the beautiful new Magnum HQ this building has been a dream
of mine for decades I’m not going to show you everything right away because
we’re still moving in I wanted to introduce you to my dream and I’m so
excited for you guys to share this experience with me thank you for making
this a reality come on so here are a couple things that have
been going so well for me and things that are so important for you to keep in
mind one key focusing on your sleep that sleep needs to be spectacular every
single night you have to get the right amount of sleep you can’t go through the
day like a zombie especially for how hard we’re pushing your body you push
your body too hard without enough sleep you’re gonna get sick you get sick you
just lost a week don’t do that let yourself relax at night if you’re having
troubles getting to sleep that means you’re too stimulated before
bed, stop with the iPhone stop with the any electronics start
reading yeah read a book it’s crazy I know with you if you are finding that
your waking up too early in the morning you’re not getting enough rest we need
to put you on the right supplements sometimes we’ve got so much going on in our body are a little bit out of whack right now cuz I’ve dropped some weight
hormones are out of whack we need something like
E-Brake® which will balance your hormones and get you crazy deep sleep G-Spring®
will put you out cold so those are two of my favourites Oh Thrust®, Thrust® is my absolute
favourite for sleep Thrust® will get you the crazy deepest sleep of your life
it’s only for dudes so sorry ladies but ladies if you take E-Brake® plus Tonic®
you’re gonna see unreal sleep pretty get nice balance hormones and you’re gonna
feel amazing so talking about supplements this week and why you’re
gonna see such crazy changes in my physique I just started E-Brake® oh my
goodness after three freaking days on this thing I got new abs you can’t expect results like that but E-Brake® does some crazy stuff huh I
started Hard Muscle Builder® only about a week ago
I feel so freakin strong I feel so alpha I feel so amazing on it Heat Accelerated®
starting to burn giving me great energy great focus feel positive all day long
on that freakin supplement and of course Mimic® in my system, Opus®, Hi-5®
Primer® I’ve got everything coursing through me right now and I’m feeling
amazing I have increased my cardio my cardio was at 50 minutes now I’m up to
60 and it feels phenomenal but no I am getting so soaked every single day and that feels
good I come into the office I’m so fired up because I got so many extra
endorphins popping at me I’ve got the heat accelerating can be obscene amounts
of energy it feels so good if you guys are liking this content
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nd at the Olympia at the parties shirt off having a great time meeting all the
amazing athletes that you met along the way you’re gonna meet in this video I
just want you to join me for all the fun Markus my friend you have an opportunity
an opportunity to impact someone’s life your choices to finish this thing out
strong can help bring people to a point of health and happiness and essentially
becoming the best version of themselves so finish this thing strong my friends
stay motivated stay intensified and get it done


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