Obliques Workout for Women (5 BEST AT HOME MOVES!!)

Hey, everybody! It’s Susan with ATHLEANXX
for women. Today we’re doing my burning oblique workout. Our first exercise is open arm bicycles.
You’re going to start on the floor with your arms laid out straight, your knees bent. You’re
going to try to raise up touching your right arm to your left bent knee, back to the ground,
and repeating on the opposite side. Our second exercise is side plank tap and
tuck. You’re going to start in an elbow side plank, you’re going to lower your hip to the
ground, raise it up, lower to the ground, and you’re going to bring your knee in toward
your face and back out. Our next exercise is side plank kick outs. You’re going to start
in a side plank, you’re going to kick out your lower leg, up to your hand and back down
again. For the fourth exercise, ab hold reach, you’re
going to be in an elbow plank. You’re going to reach your right hand over your left hand,
back to start, reaching the left over the right. Our last exercise is side plank mobiles.
You’re going to start in a plank position, you’re going to explosively jump your feet
up and off to one side, back to start, and you’re going to repeat that on both sides. Okay, you guys! I hope those obliques are
on fire. These are some of my favorite movements. I hope you guys pushed through! Keep this
in your workout. These will help build your obliques, get that nice strong core system
down. All right, you guys! Check out ATHLEANXXforwomen.com.
Hey, you want to throw in some legs, shoulders, upper body; they’ve got tons of great workouts,
different levels; beginner, intermediate, advanced, and everything you need. Check it
out! Hit that subscribe button, like button, leave
me some comments, and let me know how on fire those obliques were today. Thanks for working
out with me! Catch you guys soon!


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